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Social media judges pregnant army wife without full story

Given my post from Friday about the group of pregnant teens posing in a bathroom mirror which got a lot people (including me) judging the girls and  getting upset over the image  with half the story, here is another example of social media and online images being misinterpreted.
The Twitter, G+, Facebook and Blogsphere were going IN on this photo of a pregnant mom, Kendra Kaplan, who was 5 MONTHS pregnant on August 18, 2009 as she joined other family members of the 4th Infantry Division returning after a 12 MONTH DEPLOYMENT in Iraq. Get it?

If Kaplan’s husband was away for 12months, who is that baby’s father? Can it be her husband Staff Sgt Joshua Kaplan‘s baby? People were saying  all sorts of mean things about the mom not knowing the whole story and going on some shoddy journalism – what we do here in the blogerverse.

But the COMPLETE STORY behind THIS PHOTO  is the baby was conceived during her husband’s mid term leave in March, as explained in the Zimbio photo caption. In her hands is an envelope with the baby’s gender that she was waiting to share with her husband when he arrived.

The dangers of social media I guess.

A picture ISN’T always worth a thousand words:
Original Photo which was co-opted and made a viral online joke.

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