The Science Behind the Bad and Good in Peer Pressure


By now parents are aware that peer pressure can impact a child negatively. In the digital era, children are pressured behind screens, sometimes by people they have never even met before.

It’s essential to try to be open with your child and create an open pathway of communication so they feel comfortable approaching you should they feel undue pressure to do something or engage in behavior that they would rather not.

Peer pressure can also be a good thing. It can work in the opposite way for a child who is friends among very competitive friends. Our son felt pressured to study hard and work on his biology class thesis after learning that all of his friends in class announce how they’ll be doing nothing the weekend before it was do. We, his parents, didn’t have the same effect of getting him to hunker down and polish off his project.

There is also a lot of research and science behind the influence others can have on us, and in this infographic, we look at how you can help your child navigate the demands of these everyday pressures.

Armed with helpful knowledge about how peer pressure can influence decisions, how to recognize these situations and how to work out the best decision for you is a skill that can be learned.

This infographic will give you ideas on how to set your child on the right path and make you more comfortable when peer pressure arises.

The Science of Peer Pressure
The Science of Peer Pressure by Wooden Toy Shop

Spencer Pratt Wasn’t Waiting Til Baby is Born to Celebrate Heidi Montag on Mother’s Day


This week, we saw a pregnancy announcement where  Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish announced excitement tp celebrating Parrish’s her first Mother’s Day next year.

Meanwhile, first-time mom-to-be reality TV show stars Heidi Pratt and her husband Spencer Pratt are celebrating the holiday this year in advance of welcoming their first child together.

“So excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day,” the former reality star of  MTV’The Hills and a few other shows wrote alongside a photo of her cradling her stomach. “Thank you to all you beautiful amazing moms for your endless love and dedication! Missing my mommy!”

She also shared a photo of the floral arrangements that her husband sent to her on the occasion.
“Thank you @spencerpratt for the stunning flowers from @passionroses!” Montag gushed. “Best Mother’s Day!!!!”

10 Healthy Summer Snacks to Make For Your Family



Summer break is on the horizon.

During the long, hot days of summer, heavy snacks can leave kids feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Pre-packaged snacks can be filled with additives, coloring agents, and preservatives, not to mention they’re more expensive than their wholesome, homemade counterparts.

Also, during  hectic days, parents and caregivers may not have much time to devote to concocting elaborate snacks, but that doesn’t mean you have to go the pre-packaged route.

Here are ten warm-weather treats that are sure to be a hit with your little ones during the hottest of summer days.
1Fruit Kabobs – Spearing fruit and cheese cubes onto skewers makes for a wholesome snack thats assembled in a snap; this recipe works with any seasonal fruit you have on hand. Apples and cheese are always a favorite pairing; tart, sweet apples and calcium-rich cheese satisfy little ones and parents alike.

2. Parfaits – Layering yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola into glasses requires next to no time, and makes for a light, healthy snack on a hot summer day. Kids love the pretty layered effect, but may not be coordinated enough to keep glass intact; if your little ones are on the clumsy side, opt for unbreakable, transparent plastic. Dont forget the long-handled spoons!

3. Frozen Yogurt Pops – Frozen yogurt pops are readily available in the freezer section of any grocery store; however, they can be laden with preservatives and artificial flavorings. Springing for an inexpensive Popsicle mold is one of the smartest summer-snack investments you can make; simply mix your kids favorite flavor of yogurt with roughly chopped, lightly mashed fruit, pour into molds, and freeze overnight. Enjoy all-natural frozen yogurt pops, naturally sweetened by the fruit and free of preservatives and chemicals.

4. Coconut Water Popsicles – High in potassium and minerals, coconut water is the liquid found inside young coconuts. The coconut flavor is mild and understated, and very low in sugar; to make these coconut water popsicles palatable to kids, mix with chopped fruit and pour into your trusty Popsicle molds.

5. Fruit Pizza – While traditional recipes for fruit pizza call for a sugar cookie crust, parents looking to keep sugar content to a minimum may prefer a traditional pizza crust sweetened with a pinch of brown sugar and cinnamon. Bake crust according to package instructions, and allow it to cool. Spread with a fruit-flavored cream cheese such as strawberry or pineapple, then top with sliced fruit. Drizzle with a puree of strawberries or raspberries, slice, and serve.

6. Graham Cracker Sandwiches – Potassium-rich bananas and peanut butter are a classic pairing; adding graham crackers creates a kid-favorite snack in the blink of an eye. Simply mash a sliced banana with a fork, and mix with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter. Spread the gooey mixture between two graham crackers and serve.

7. Ants on a Log – Crisp, cool celery pairs so beautifully with peanut butter that this classic snack is the stuff of legend. Quickly assembled and loved by kids, Ants on a Log are one of the greatest summertime snacks; just spread a healthy layer of peanut butter onto a celery stick and top with raisins.

8. Smoothies – Frozen fruit, milk, and yogurt can be thrown into a blender to create a snack thats high in calcium and full of fruity goodness. For ultimate kid approval, serve with a whimsical twisty straw in a colorful cup. Experiment with fruits and yogurt flavors; there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to delightful combinations.

9. Watermelon “Cookies” – Nothing says “summer” quite like the red, juicy flesh of a watermelon. To make these watermelon “cookies,” slice a watermelon into one inch slabs, and then use cookie cutters to make interesting shapes. For those that feel like icing is an essential part of a cookies makeup, a layer of thick vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt provides a calcium and protein boost while maintaining its consistency against the juice of the watermelon.

10. Trail Mix – Bagged trail mix can be full of unnecessary calories and fat, while the all-natural, preservative-free variety gets quite pricey. To make your own healthy mix without breaking the bank, mix any dried fruit, like cranberries or raisins, with assorted nuts and pretzel sticks. For the highest kid approval rating, let them join in the fun. Because it contains no dairy or perishable items, this trail mix can be tucked into a beach bag for poolside snacking, tossed in a backpack to provide sustenance on a long hike, or stuck in a pocket for portable munching at the park.

Fresh fruit is the cornerstone of healthy summer snacks, so be sure to keep as much on hand as possible.

Local farmers markets can be less expensive than chain grocery store produce, so keep your eyes peeled for such facilities. These markets also tend to be fun for kids, so dont hesitate to bring them along for the fruit shopping adventure!

Hope your kids enjoy these healthy alternatives!

NFL’s Antonio Cromartie is Expecting His Third Post-Vasectomy Child


A few few years ago, NFL free-agent Antonio Cromartie had a vasectomy but since then he fathered his and his wife Terricka’s twins, Jynx Nayve and J’Adore Jevell last May.

And over the weekend, they announced they are expecting their six child together.

“In the up an coming CROMARTIE DRAFT of 2017, with the 6th OverAll Pick,” Terricka wrote online. “Will the Cromartie’s Draft a Boy or a Girl,” she asked. “J6 coming soon.”

According to WebMD, a vasectomy is an 99.85% effective birth control method. Only one to two women out of 1,000 will have an unplanned pregnancy in the first year after their partner has had a vasectomy, the site said.


This would be the former New Jersey Jets cornerback’s 13th child. In addition to the twins, they share a son, 3-year old son Jagger and daughter, 5-year old Jurzie. And Terricka has a daughter named Jordynn (another spin on the name commonly spelled Jordan).

He also has 8 other children from 8 different women. 

This would be the third miracle bc he reportedly got her pregnant in 2012 and 2016 after a reported vasectomy, the most fertile man of earth.

Get Cash Working These 12 Legit Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms


We are fortunate to live in a digital era where there are a lot of opportunities for stay-at-home moms to earn extra money from the comfort of their own hope. Indeed, there are a ton of  legitimate ways moms can earn money while their kids are in school, at play days or doing extracurricular activities.

To find a work-at-home job that suits you, check out the following tips and ideas:

1. Turn Your Hobby Into an Income

Turn one of your talents or hobbies into a supplemental income. For example, if you’re routinely asked to bring your camera to parties because you take such amazing photos, consider dabbling in freelance photography. Start small with people you know and build up your portfolio. With some word-of-mouth referrals, you could transform this hobby into a profitable job. Other ideas of hobbies include baking, catering, sewing custom kids outfits, ceramics and jewelry making. Consider opening up an ETSY shop and selling your items there. Listings only cost $.20 and you pay a small percentage of your sales when someone buys.

You can also find people looking to hire someone with your skills for a small project or need they have at PeoplePerHour.

2. Tutor

Although not necessary, a background in education, tutoring, or instruction is desired. Tutors work from home providing virtual tutoring services for a number of different subjects. They also work with people of all ages: children, youth, college students, and/or adults.

To get students, consider doing traditional marketing like putting up index cards with your info and offer up at your local coffee shops. Ask a school if you can advertise in their online or in person bulletin board. Put up notices at your local library. Go to the local college and put up your ads on bulletin boards outside the classes or in the building where classes you’re an expert in are taught. Get a  FREE Google Voice phone number so you don’t give strangers access to your personal phone.

3. Look Into Contractual Work

Another great option for work-at-home moms is contractual positions. These combine the security of working for an established company with the freedom to set your own hours and telecommute. To find a position that works for you, think about what you are passionate about and research available opportunities.  You can find contract opps at

4. Deliver Food

You might not want to drive around the city picking up passengers but how about delivering food via Uber’s newest venture, Uber Eats? Take trips for a few hours in the mornings, every night, or just on weekends—it’s up to you. You are your own boss and you can choose when and how much you work. Depending on the rules in your city, you may be able to deliver with your car, bike or scooter. Sign up and start earning extra cash tomorrow!

5. Customer Service Representative

Inbound and outbound calling is typically required for customer service representatives. These flexible jobs provide a range of options, including working from home, flexible schedules, part-time schedules, and seasonal arrangements. If you like talking to people and are decent on the computer, you can get between $8 and $18 per hour for part time and full time work.  These jobs are also called Customer Service Associate, Call Center Representative, Call Center Associate, Customer Care Specialist and Customer Support Agent.

If you are the consummate people person, like talking on the phone and are pretty good on the computer, an at-home customer service representative job is a great option. These positions pay between $8 and $18 an hour, and there are typically part-time and full-time positions available that can be done from a quiet home office You might be surprised how many major companies hire at-home CSRs. Some of these include major hotel chains like Hilton and Best Western and retail companies like 1-800-FLOWERS and Spiegel. To find these positions, check out companies like Alpine Access and LiveOps to see what they have available.

6. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is a great work-at-home option for stay-at-home moms. These workers transcribe audio files for multiple industries, including healthcare, legal, and entertainment. Those with bilingual skills are in high demand. has tons of opportunities to check out

7. Be an Ebay or Other Commercial Reseller

Whether you have a bunch of stuff at home or live in a community with a very good quality thrift or second hand store, you can turn those unwanted items into cash. Buy them and then spruce the items up and list them on eBay or Facebook’s new community sales application.  There are also a lot of apps that will let you sell your personal unwanted items by simply taking a photo of them and listing them. It couldn’t get any easier. You can find some of those apps here.  Be careful about delivering items however. There is risk there in personal reselling, whereas eBay would just require you to ship the items to the customer.

8. Freelance Blogger

Freelance, flexible, and part-time writing positions are great for stay-at-home moms looking to make money on the side. Writers create online content, articles, or blogs for public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Beyond Your Blog has a great listing of publications that pay writers.  Job titles for writers are also called Content Specialist, Copywriter, Web Reporter

9. Virtual Assistant

Help overworked entrepreneurs or small companies and startups by working as a virtual assistant. You can find an awesome blog post about this type of work here. 

10. Proofreader

If you have editing or proofreading skills or experience, many writers and organizations want your knowledge to provide final touches to their nearly published content, articles, and blogs. Many proofreading jobs offer the ability to work flexibly and from home. You can pick up some quick cash you may need to pay a sitter, for a date night, to go on a weekender by applying for one of the Proofreader jobs in Upwork.  They are also called Editor, Copy editor, Content Editor, or Quality Assurance Tester.

11. Be a DropShip Merchant

It’s never been easier to open up an online shop and sell. You don’t even have to house merchandise. The hard work will be figuring out something to sell. Find a passionate market (like horse lovers, Greek Pan-Hellenic organizations, golfers, sneaker heads) and sell items that group would buy in heartbeat without thinking twice. Find reputable and popular simple shops and open up a Shopify account and use one of its templates to create your own shop. Order items from AliExpress or some other overseas wholesaler that will ship directly to your customers after they purchase. There are people making thousands of dollars in sales from items they never see or store.

12. T-Shirt, Mugs of Pillows Merchant

There are a lot of places now that will let you sell customized products to customers on an as needed basis or in small batches. Teespring is among one of the popular ones. Amazon lets you design and sell too from its new service. Cute and quirky sayings demand a premium price in today’s world where people want to be cool and different.

 Watch out for Scams

While there are plenty of legitimate and reasonably lucrative ways to make money at home, there are some scammers who are out to take your money. As you look for work, watch for red flags like companies or websites with no contact information. Some other signs of trouble are if a company asks you to pay them a fee to get started or if a position seems too good to be true. Once you find a company that you like, research them to see if anything pops up about scams or bad business practices.

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are Expecting A Baby Boy


Congrats to comedian -actor Kevin Hart and his wife,model Eniko Parrish, who are expecting their first child together, a boy.

The couple announced the news on their social  media accounts.

“Celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife,” Hart wrote in the caption of a series of three Instagram photos on Sunday, one of which includes Parrish showing off her baby bump in a selfie. “We are laughing at the fact that this time next year we will be celebrating her 1st actual Mother’s Day.”

Well, technically many would consider a mom-to-be qualified and worthy to celebrate Mother’s Day to the baby in her womb.

In fact, plenty celebrate Expecting moms too on that day.

Hart has a son and daughter from a previous relationship.


Consider These 10 Alternatives to Summer Camp for Your Kids


Even though Summer Camp slots have already started filling up, there are plenty alternatives out there for parents to consider.

Can you believe it is already time to start scoping for and signing up your little ones for summer camps already?

Yup! By the middle of February, most of the best and most popular camps are already filled and only taking children for the wait list.

Here is a website that attempts to curate all the camps nationwide for you to peruse: Get on it, parents!

If you are thinking of alternatives, and or if you are on a tight budget and camp may be out of the question this year, there are plenty of alternatives for you to consider.

Here are 10 we posted previously, shared again for your convenience:

  1. Volunteer Programs – Older children can learn a sense of civic responsibility and the importance of helping others by spending part of their summer participating in a local volunteer program. Animal lovers among the smaller set may be thrilled with the idea of helping at a local animal shelter, while others may enjoy working with a local charity or visiting a local retirement community.

  2. Community Day Camps – Community centers in most cities offer summer day camp programs, allowing kids to enjoy all of the fun activities that are a part of a sleep-away camp without the stress of spending weeks away from the familiarity of home.

3. Religious Summer Programs – Many places of worship offer vacation workshops and other similar programs with a theme of religious instruction during summertime, which may be an ideal choice for devout families. Kids can spend the summer among peers who share their spirituality, learning about their family’s belief system through arts and crafts, story time, and other kid-friendly activities.

4. Arts Workshops – Many art museums offer programs specifically tailored to budding art aficionados; local universities may also host summer programs for children staffed by students with education or arts majors. University programs may include visual art, musical instruction, or theater programs, depending upon your area.

  1. Sports Clinics – Pint-sized athletes are sure to love spending the summer honing their skills,which makes a local sports clinic the ideal choice. These programs keep kids physically active, which is a huge plus for parents who are concerned about the sedentary lifestyle that many children adopt when school ends. Rather than spending hours in front of the television or the computer, kids who participate in a sports clinic can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and exercise while becoming stronger and more skilled athletes.

6. Academic Programs – During summer vacation many school systems still offer programs for academically gifted children. Some programs even focus on peer-tutoring, allowing more advanced students to offer assistance to classmates who struggle in some areas, which can build a sense of social consciousness. Alternatively, many programs feature an emphasis on building and expanding gifted kids’ already-impressive knowledge base.

  1. Scouting – While the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America do have summer camps for their troop members scattered across the country, plenty of troops stay home during summer vacation to participate in locally-based scouting activities. School and vacations provide active scouts with the opportunity to earn merit badges and other achievements, which can be difficult to do during the hectic school year.

8. Family Day Trips – Families can spend their summer vacation taking a series of fun and exciting day trips. Visiting the zoo, the park, or a children’s center during the dog days of summer are surefire cures for the boredom and inertia that often sets in around mid-July.

  1. Visiting Extended Family – Today’s families tend to be more spread out than in previous generations, so kids might not get to spend as much time with members of their extended family as they would like. While spending a few weeks at summer camp might be daunting for some kids, visiting a favorite family member during summer vacation might not be as stressful.

  2. Family Camping Trips – Skipping a sleep-away summer camp doesn’t mean that kids have to forgo the camping experience altogether; outdoorsy families can plan a camping trip that keeps everyone together and costs far less than sleep-away camp fees.

Have it your way! Good luck parents.

How Celebrity Moms Spent Their Mother’s Day 2017 (PHOTOS)


This Mother’s Day as with all, a lot of the celebrity moms that we’ve featured on the blog in the past shared photos of their moms and themselves with their kids. We loved our partners at PopSugar‘s roundup and plucked our fave moms from their slideshow of celebrity Mother’s Day photos.

I’ll add some more including some of the sisters we’ve showcased in the past.

Photos: Instagram

Check them out.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as a child with her mom

Mothers Day!!! 🌺🌺🌺#proud mama #grateful Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mamas!!

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Michelle Obama with Sasha and Malia at the Great Wall.


Carrie Underwood as a child with her mom.


Snooki and her two kids.


Heidi Klum sleeping peacefully with her brood.


Kris Jenner saluted her kids who are moms and her own relationship as a mom to her famous kids.

Proud. Me and my mom. On Mother’s Day!

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Chrissy Teigen shared this regal photo of her self with daughter, Luna.

my greatest mother’s day gift of all 💞💞 #axljack

A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on

Happy Mother’s Day!

A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

My mama. Simply the BEST. ❤

A post shared by Eva Mendes (@evamendes) on

Happy Mother’s Day. Today and everyday, I honor all mothers for their strength, patience, and grace.

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

Happy Mother’s Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl. ❤️❤️

A post shared by Hoda Kotb (@hodakotb) on

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!! #blessed 💕💕💕💕💕 @georginachapmanmarchesa

A post shared by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

#happymothersday 💕💕💕💕💕💕

A post shared by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

Happy Mother’s Day to Luna’s awesome grandmothers too!!

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7 Mother’s Day Songs to Dedicate to Moms Today


Thinking of a song to dedicate to or play for your mom today, here are a few classics to consider playing for or dedicating to your mom today. Enjoy!

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‘New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel Welcomes Son, Charlie Wolf


New Girl  star Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik have welcomed their second child together, a baby boy!

The couple named the new arrival Charlie Wolf, TODAY reports. According PEOPLE the baby was born sometime last week. He joins big sister Elsie Otter, who turns 2 in July. Like big sister, Charlie’s middle name is an animal.

Deschanel told TODAY‘s Willie Geist back in October 2015 that they named her after the animal which her and her husband both like


“We just really liked the name Elsie, and then we both love otters because they’re so sweet and also smart,” said Deschanel, laughing.

“They use tools, they keep their favorite tools, they hold hands while they sleep. There are so many amazing things about otters,” she added. “They’re wonderful animals.”

Congrats to the family!