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Top 10 signs that you are the parent to a toddler

Amber of The YeYo Diaries offers these ten signs that you know you’re the parent of a toddler from a past post in the blog she launched to document her journey into motherhood for the first time back in 2010. She says, since then, her readers have grown with her as her little family of three grew over the past two years.
And here are Amber’s Top 10 signs that you are a parent to a toddler:
1. You let them talk to themselves in their crib or bed for at least ten minutes or longer after a nap, while you try to savor your last few moments of freedom.
2. You sing their t.v. show theme songs even when they’re not around.
3. You use their kiddie prayers to bless your own food.
4. You think everybody you’re connected to on social media wants to see pictures of your little angel.
5. You have said out loud to yourself, “I gotta go pee-pee!”
6. You have scoured the floor and aisles of a store (sometimes on your hands and knees), in search of a missing shoe.
7. You have employed the “5 Second Rule” after they’ve dropped their snack on the kitchen floor on numerous occasions.
8. You pretend you don’t smell their diaper or pull up, as a form of denial that they need changing.
9. You feel like a linguistic anthropologist trying to decode their foreign language.
10. You’ve caught yourself staring at them, fascinated by the fact that you created a real person.

Find more gems like this one over at The Ye Yo Diaries. Thanks Amber for submitting this hilariously funny post!

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