VA Dad Who Wore Fake Belly to Gym to Empathize with Wife Welcomes Son!


One Virginia dad-to-be took pregnancy empathy to another level when he decided to don a fake baby belly while working out with his wife at their Virginia Cross Fit gym.

When 9-months pregnant, Kristin Milchuck headed out to the gym every morning six days a week with her husband Blake Milchuck. One day, one of the couple’s coaches at at CrossFit Krypton in their hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia, suggested that Blake sport a faux belly to really see what it’s like for his wife at the gym.

He strapped a 14-pound medicine ball with duct tape and began their work out, which included running, modified burpees, rowing and biking.

 “It was different,” Blake Milchuck told ABC News. “You definitely feel the frontal load, so things that I can normally do pretty easily weren’t as easy.”

The gym made a video of Blake’s workout which quickly went viral on Instagram with more than 18,000 people watching the funny video.

 Blake said the experiment helped him appreciate his wife and it helped her laugh, which “was the main purpose,” he added.

 “It’s different at times to understand where your wife is coming from with the pregnancy … so doing something like this makes it a little bit more fun for her, which makes it fun for me,” Blake Milchuck added.

The couple welcomed a baby boy they named Brayden.

“Its a Boy….Were a little tired after our first day with Brayden but have loved every second of the experience,” Blake captioned a joyful photo of the family yesterday evening. “@kmilchuck killed the pregnancy game and is already killing the mom game. #fullheadofhair #doinggreat”

By now the couple should have welcomed their newest addition which is due around this time. Sweet story!

photo: Remy Biase/Remy Photography

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The View Mixes up New Season Cast w/plenty Bellyitch Bumpwatch Alums

the view news

After a very bumpy and rocky Season 18, the ABC round table daytime talk show The View returns  for Season 19 this September with several of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums in signature positions.

Full House  star Candace Cameron Bure, who will reprieve her role as DJ Tanner in a much-anticipated Netflix b revival of the 90s show, will be one of the main panelists.

She will join a returning Joy Behar along with cast regular Whoopie Goldberg, Michelle Collins, and Raven-Symone and another new member Paula Faris of ABC News.

Other Bumpwatch alums include former host Sherri Shepherd, Top Chef’Padma Lakshmi and actress model Molly Sims, who will fill in occasionally as a rotating team of contributors. Also rotating will be What Not to Wear vet host Stacy London, Republican strategist Ana Navarro.

What a diverse cast!

Season 18 cast members Jenny McCarthy, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace never lasted the entire season either because they left or was asked to leave (McCarthy).


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Viral: Parents discover baby girl is a boy

What’s buzzing in baby-related news?

A Michigan couple, told after a sonogram to expect a baby girl, were surprised to discover on the birth day that the baby was actually a boy.

Twenty weeks prior, Danielle Williams obstetrician had told her and husband Kyle Williams.

“When the doctor poked his head up and finally announced it was a boy, she thought it was a joke,” Kyle Williams told ABC News.

Danielle’s doc, Dr. Laura Corio, a gynecologist with Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York told the station she had never seen a mistake like that with any of her patients.

“The technology is so good nowadays you can really see the baby — especially if it’s a boy” she said. “The point of the sonogram at about 20 weeks is to check for the important stuff like brain development and the chambers of the heart…Sex is impossible to confirm without a test like an amniocentesis that looks at chromosomes.”

However, studies show that between 11 and 14 weeks, there is an 80 to 97 accuracy  of such tests and by 13 weeks none of the subjects in two separate studies had their fetus incorrectly identified.

The entire surprise moment was captured on video and has gone viral and made its way through several news channels who shared it.

Watch the surprise moment captured on video when they later surprised the grandmother by asking her to change the diaper of their new baby:

World News Videos | US News Videos

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Women giving birth not knowing they were pregnant is common

The news that a Boston area woman gave birth one hour after discovering she was pregnant isn’t that surprising. Not when you consider that the hospital where she gave birth in, South Shore Hospital in Massachusetts, stated that it happens once or twice a year there.
It’s common for overweight or obese women to miss pains of pregnancy and weight gain, ABC News senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton said.  
In fact, that was the case here. 
New mom Katherine Kropas told reporters that she thought she was just a little bit heaver from holiday indulging. 
A  2002 Berlin study discovered that 1 in 475 women did not realize they were pregnant until they are 4 months along in their pregnancy and one in 2,455 didn’t realize it until they went into labor.
Intense back pains brought Kropas to the hospital this past Tuesday, January 7, and an ultrasound solved the mystery.
“They took one look, and they rushed me off into labor,” she told ABC’s Boston station WCVB. “I found out that I was having a baby at 10:15. She was born at 11:06 p.m.” 
Amazing and sad because in these situations, the babies lack crucial pre-natal care.
h/t: USA Today

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Parents and Critics call Israeli Diaper commercial too sexual (VIDEO)

A new Huggies Denim diapers ad is causing stir in Israel where a commercial for the product airs.
In the commercial, diaper-clad babies are seen posing with guitars, playfully paired up and bopping around, only some say the poses appear too sexual and are inappropriate for babies.
The diapers have been sold in Israel since 2007 and Huggies started marketing and selling them in the US in 2010.
“This video is in a long string of similar ads,” Alan E. Lawrence Kazdin, a professor of psychology and child psychiatry at Yale University told Good Morning America.
“Twenty years ago, we would have thought this ad was weird and bad,” he told “Think about the context. There are greeting cards with children dressed up as adults kissing each other in a romantic way. Dolls are provocative and children as young as 4 and 5 wear over-the-shoulder fashions. On TV, high school students have children. Shows have sex in the title. Who’s watching these? There is huge sexualization all over the place.”
Learn more from this ABC News video:

ABC US News | ABC International News

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Sofia Vergara said she froze her eggs for future baby (VIDEO)

Last week, singer and The Game actress Brandy Norwood told Queen Latifah she planned to freeze her eggs for a baby in the future.
And on this anniversary today of the tragic Boston bombings, we are reminded that it was last year around this time that Modern Family  actress described the process of freezing her eggs in an interview on Good Morning America.
Vergara, who is currently 41 and dating a guy who is three years younger than she is and who never had a child said last year she wanted to preserve the opportunity to bear him a child. 
“I just wanted to plan ahead,” Vergara told ABC News of the possibility of more children. 
“I have my son, Manolo,” she said of her 21-year old son from a previous marriage who was studying in Boston at the time of the incident. “It’s not an emergency for me to have another kid, but for Nicky, he’s never had a baby.”
She admitted to consulting a fertility specialist. 
“Nothing happens that naturally anymore,” she said of her options for having more kids at her age. “I wanted to take advantage of science. Why not?”
She added, “I wanted to make sure I already froze my eggs. I wanted to take advantage of science,” adding, “I took them out already. They’re in the refrigerators. Hopefully, they’ll be fresh by the time I use them.”
Watch the clip:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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Mom-to-be Kim Fields was shocked her baby news went viral

Clearly actress and director Kim Fields was unaware of the celebrity Bumpwatch phenomenon as the star, most known for her role as Tootie  on the 70s and 80s show The Facts of Life, said she was surprised to see news about her second pregnancy go viral.

The 44-year old mom-to-be told Luchina Fisher of ABC News that she was shocked to learn so many people were interested in her baby news.  She announced it  this summer on the Fox summer talk show The Real this past July.

The Living Single alum and her actor husband Christopher Morgan are expecting their next son, who they have decided to name Quincy Alexander, before Christmas, December 25.  They are already parents to 6-year old  Sebastian Alexander

Fields, who opened up about suffering through two miscarriages before this surprise unexpected pregnancy,  has just wrapped starring in, directing and producing  her latest one-hour family-friendly holiday special.  Previous projects she worked on were aired on the TV One network.

And while some celebrities known for popular roles from past decades resent being known for that role, Fields embraces her most famous role.

“Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, I always loved seeing my favorite celebrities interacting with their celebrity friends in a way that was out of their norm,” she told ABC news. “It’s such a huge compliment when people tell me that my specials took them back to their childhood.”

These days, she has settled behind the scenes having directed shows like Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and Black Entertainment Network (BET)’s Let’s Stay Together.

“I have done so many other things [since Tootie], whether comedy, dramas, spoken word, appearing in films and directing, and people are still following my career,” she said. “That’s a blessing. I don’t take that for granted, and I’m grateful every day.”

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Womb Tubers: More expectant parents sharing 1st news of pregnancy on YouTube

Traditionally, many know the unspoken rule about not sharing pregnancy news  until at least 3 months, the time when an OB can usually audibly hear the fetus’ heartbeat via a Ultrasound Doppler. 
Over the past few years, some new parents have bucked the trend, choosing to share the news of their pregnancy with the entire WORLD the moment they discover they are pregnant, usually at 6-8 weeks. They are called Womb Tubers! Slate wrote about it back in 2011 and recently ABC news did a segment on it:

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Top docs recommend IUDs to prevent teen pregnancy (VIDEO)

A leading women’s health group says teens should be given an intrauterine device or an  IUDs as a first choice for preventing birth. 
A doctor told ABC News

More than one third of young people ages 15 to 19 are sexually active, yet most teens are not using, and may not even know about, these birth control methods, according to statistics from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. 

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) issued a paper Thursday evening containing new guidelines to offer IUDs and implants as first-line birth control options for teens. 

 he paper explains that over 80 percent of teen pregnancies are unintended, and although most teens report having used some form of birth control, they are usually put on short-acting methods, like the birth control pill, patch, ring or shot. All of these short-acting methods have higher failure rates than long-acting methods, often due to incorrect use. Teens are also likely to stop using the short-acting methods. 

“This recommendation is timely and essential,” says Dr. Ellen Rome, head of the Center for Adolescent Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. “Long-acting reversible contraceptive methods are twice as effective as shorter acting contraceptive methods at reducing teen pregnancy and could make a significant impact in preventing the 750,000 teen pregnancies occurring annually in the United States alone.”

What are your thoughts? Should girls use an invasive form or birth control over condoms which have about the same effectiveness rate and is not as invasive?  Or is the teen birth rate so high that something like an IUD which is reversible best?

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What do you think about the term “Gaybies”?

Ham Steven and Roger of Phoenix Arizona & their 12 adopted kids. Source
I was talking with a friend who made reference to the children of a gay couple as “Gaybies” and my initial visceral reaction was “errrrrrrr”? I’m not sure how to feel about that term. It comes off as a bit derogatory and as if they’re illegitimate.  I looked it up and it’s in the Urban Dictionary and it’s used in pop culture. Not all people consider it an epithet. did a story about the GayBy Baby Boom in 2009 and also said the offsprings of gay couples call themselves affectionately “gaybies” or “queer spawn.”  There is even a Facebook group. Some have “blogged” on the issue. Late night talk show comedians have referenced it, albeit ones in India.
I think the “Gaybies” of the world need to send the world a memo and let us know if that is really a cool term or not. Thanks!

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