Review: Here’s Another Very Cute Baby Shower Gift Book


Novelty books are always a great gift to give a first time mom or a woman who has just announced she is expecting her first kid. I was sent a copy of Norweigian illustrator and animator Line Severinsen‘s new graphic book, “I’m So Pregnant” to check out (retail: $14.99US). It’s a humorous take on all the common and untold unpleasantness of pregnancy.

In the intro to the hard cover book of over 50 pages of illustrations, Severinsen explains, “Like many women, when I became pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited to have the experience of carrying a child…but then, not long into my first trimester, I started noticing how the media and blogosphere continuously painted pregnancy in such a glorious light, completely leaving out the negative things that many pregnant women experienced.”

She said that’s when she grabbed her pencils to start telling her “pregnancy story in an honest way.” But with all the “keepin’ it real” in between the pages of her new book, Severinsen acknowledges it all ends well.

“I like to think that these drawings show that while pregnancy is not always easy (or pretty, or comfortable, or fun),in the end, when you see your baby for the first time, it is completely worth it,” she writes.

I found the illustrations about the sudden appearance of stretch marks, the asinine question one gets at the end, “You’re still pregnant?!”, the screaming for an epidural, the delivery selfie, and the unexpected bowel movement during the pushing stage to be the BEST and funniest parts!”

Overall, the short read is a pleasurable and fun take on pregnancy-hood. It’s on sale now! Grab your copy from our partners at

Meanwhile, the title reminded me of this parody of rapper Iggy Azalea‘s song “Fancy” called “I’m so pregnant. WATCH:

Back to School: 8 Ways to Get Deals on Electronics

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It’s back to school time again and parents are scraping their pennies in anticipation for shopping to send their kids off to school. Electronics can make up a substantial part of the budget. Kiplinger’s editor Cameron Huddleston offers parents 8 suggestions on easing the burden:

  1. Shop on sales tax holidays—seventeen states will have sales tax holidays in July and August that will allow consumers to purchase back-to-school items, such as clothing, computers and school supplies, tax free. If you live in these states, plan to do you electronics shopping on a sales tax holiday—it could help you save 4% to 10% depending on your state.
  2. Shop online—shopping online makes it easy to compare prices from several retailers. And there are plenty of sites that do the bargain hunting for you. has a page devoted to the best computer deals; Amazon and PriceGrabber are good sources for comparing prices.
  3. Take advantage of price-match policies—if you find a good deal online but don’t want to pay shipping costs, you might be able to get the same price in a brick-and-mortar store if it has a price-match policy. For example, Best Buy and Target will match Amazon prices.
  4. Buy refurbished—you can save a lot by purchasing refurbished tech items, which are used but restored to like-new condition and usually have a one-year warranty. Try,,, and to find refurbished electronics.
  5. Take advantage of trade-in programs—one way to pay less for new tech items is to trade in a used item. A number of retailers, including Best Buy and Radio Shack, have trade-in programs that offer cash, a gift card or credit that can be applied toward the purchase of a new item.
  6. lLook for bundles—look for bundle deals, which are popular back-to-school promotions among tech retailers. The deals typically include a gift card, printer, gaming console or other accessory along with a laptop—at a price near what you would expect to pay for the laptop alone.
  7. Get a free phone—mobile phone service providers, such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, often offer free smart phones when you sign up for a two-year service plan. Considering smart phones usually cost $200 or more, this can be a major savings. Or you could buy an unlocked phone and cut the cost of a service plan by more than half by opting for a prepaid wireless provider.
  8. Don’t splurge on features you won’t use—when buying a laptop for your child, look for systems with a dual-core processor (not a pricey quad-core setup). And you’ll spend about $270 less if you opt for Intel’s Ivy Bridge system—which should meet a student’s needs—rather than its new Haswell system. Also, say no to tech support and retailers’ extended warranties—your credit card might offer an extended warranty.

Bellyitch’s Favorite Thing: Get fit with Kristin McGee’s 2-DVD Prenatal Yoga & Pilates Set ( WIN IT! $38.98)

Celebrity trainer and new mom Kristin McGee, who has trained some of our past Bellyitch Bumpwatch moms like Bethenny Frankel, Tina Fey and Adrianna Lima among other celebs, has released a 2-Disc yoga and Pilates prenatal DVD set for expecting mothers.
McGee’s Prenatal Yoga and Pilates set offers
moms-to-be 5 workouts to select from: Prenatal Power Flow Yoga,
Prenatal Breathing and Meditation, Prenatal Pilates Tone and Sculpt,
Prenatal Peaceful Flow Yoga and Prenatal Express Workout for when you’re
in a rush but want to get it in.
them, she also shares tips and nutrition secrets that she did to stay
in shape pre baby and after as she worked her way back to pre-pregnancy

 “Don’t be afraid to be a sexy mom,”  McGee advises to clients, including those she has  assisted through healthy pregnancies.
only does she inspire expectant moms to embrace their inner sexy, the
DVDs also include instructions on prepping for labor and delivery,
bonding with baby in utero and getting used to and in tune with a
changing pregnant body!
The Prenatal Yoga & Pilates DVD retails for $28.98 and can be purchased at  

The Kristin McGee Prenatal Yoga and Pilates 2DVD Set is one of the 
Bellyitch’s Favorite Things of 2013!
WIN The SET!  ENTER BELOW… now thru midnight, December 15, 2013.

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And in the meantime…check
out McGee in action in the below  YouTube post-pregnancy workout which
features the beautiful and super flexible mom working out with her
infant son, Timothy, who was just born July 31!

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