What Hot Moms Named J.Lo Wear on Weekends


It’s weekend! Time for kids activities, practices and games, trips to the mall, hikes and journeys to visit friends and family or join in celebration. It’s highly likely that you’ll be spending your downtime in sweats, yoga pants, comfy jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

But will you be looking like Jennifer Lopez? At 47-years young, she has a sick body, and a long list of boy toys (though the current one is retired major league baseball player Alex Rodriguez we hear).

We spotted the hot mama in a cropped white top showing off her insanely ripped and toned abs, a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and Neon Green Nike trainers, oh and of course, naturally, carrying a $ 7,000 white Hermes Birkin bag, the ultimate luxury tote for a woman of means, wealth and influence.

If only…right? Well, actually, if you can, why not!? Look! SHOP!

Celebrity Pregginista showdown: Hilary Duff v. Beyonce v. Jennifer Garner

Which celebrity rocked the fashionable pregginista look best?

Red carpet showdown between Jennifer Garner at the November 6 AFI premiere of Butter or  Hilary Duff at the Launch of The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer event on Sunday, November 13. Both are exposing legs in fashion-forward mini dresses.
Casual street fashion showdown between Beyonce after meetings in New York on November 10 v. Hilary Duff earlier that day shopping in Beverly Hills. Bey’s rocking the 4 inch leopard print Louboutins and they each have competing Hermes Birkin bags in hand. 

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