Lent: Activities and Other Ways to Engage Children All Season Long


Today begins the season of Lent for Catholics, Christians and others who use the period of reflection, charity and reconciliation. Young children associate Lent with giving up something but it is much more. There are ways to engage kids all through out the season and we’ve curated a few creative resources for parents below:

Easter composition of colorful eggs and sheaf of wheat card

Easter composition of colorful eggs and sheaf of wheat card

How to Celebrate Lent with Kids

In celebrating 13 years of Lent with kids, here’s the things we’ve learned. Maybe they’ll be helpful to you, too.

  1. Be reasonable. You can’t go all drill sergeant on your kids and start making demands of a completely reformed lifestyle during these 40 days. Trust me, I’ve tried. I believe we call that a #parentingfail
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Use the Jellybean Jar to help them along Source

40 Lenten Activities for Kids

  1. Make a Prayer Chain: List 40 intentions or people on 40 slips of paper. Link them together into a chain. Rip one off each morning of Lent and pray for that need.
  2. Bury the Hallelujah: Explain why we don’t proclaim hallelujah during Lent. To symbolize, write out hallelujah on paper and bury it in the yard or put it away in a box.

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Free Lenten Activities for Kids printable

Print out this guide of things children can do during Lent. Source

photo: Cassidy Lancaster