Beyonce and Jay-Z Found out the Sex of Twins But Are Staying Mum


We are closer than ever to meeting Beyoncé‘s twin bundles of joy.

E! News has an exclusive update about the music superstar’s second pregnancy, and how she’s embracing every aspect along the way. A source admits that although Bey is having a “harder time this pregnancy with keeping up her energy,” she isn’t letting it ruin the experience.

“She loves being pregnant,” our insider adds.

The Lemonade artist has maintained her typically health-conscious diet, but the source tells E! News, “She splurges when she wants to and hasn’t taken her weight gain as a negative thing. She is a confident women in her skin whatever size she is [and] embraces it.”

And yes, the Carter family knows the sex of their babies-to-be but (as expected) are staying mum. That hasn’t stopped the Beyhive from diving deep into a few conspiracy theories, though…

On her marriage to Jay Z, our insider explains the all-star couple is still in the best place. “The love [between Jay Z and Beyoncé] is authentic and real,” the source shares, adding, “Jay is a good dad and husband. He’d do anything for Bey.”

For those heading to the desert for Coachella next month, we have some new insight into the reason why the pregnant star pulled out of headlining the music festival.

We’re told Bey “wanted to play Coachella,” but because her doctors advised to not push herself, as our source explained she “always” does, she delayed her performance until 2018.

Besides, we might have two Carter mini-me’s to gush over by that time anyway!

reprinted with permission of E!

We Imagine These are The Euorpean Trucks for the Twin Babies Jay-Z Rapped About


During a February 2, 2017 interview, Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles suggested that Queen Bey is expecting a baby boy and baby girl this year but in DJ Khaled‘s song “Shining” that she and husband Jay-Z guest performed on a week later, Jay seemed to suggest that he didn’t know what the sex of the babies are.

Let’s back up:

Knowles, who currently is an entertainment assistant professor at Texas Southern University, learned about the pregnancy the same time we all did because Bey didn’t tell him before announcing it to the world via her artsy pregnancy announcement.

But during a sit down chat with Insider, the ex –Destiny’s Child manager shared the circumstances under which he learned/

“I was shocked,” Knowles told the site. “Let me tell you what happened. I got a first text, and I was like, ‘Why is this person saying congratulations?’ Then I get a second text from one of my students at Texas Southern, and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘Go to the web.’ I didn’t know myself.”

That might have been a good decision by  because Matthew might have accidentally spilled the beans too soon.

During the Insider interview, the talent manager and university instructor went on to possibly reveal the sex of the babies.

“And Blue Ivy is going to have some brothers and sisters. She is already excited,” he said.

When the interviewer pressed for a confirmation that Bey was going to have a girl and boy, Knowles quickly flipped the script.

He said he was just talking in general.

Mmmm hmmmm! No wonder Yonce didn’t tell dear old dad the news in advance. He plum would have revealed it too soon but he wouldn’t have been the first. In 2011, Kelly Rowland also slipped up during an interview and let people know about Blue’s gender before Bey and Jay could.

Both Rowland, who is like a sister, and of course Matthew, who is a grandfather to Mrs. Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy and Solange Knowles‘ 12-year old son, Daniel, would be forgiven.

He may be right about guessing though.

A week later, the same day Beyonce performed on the Grammy Awards, DJ Khaled released a single from his upcoming album titled, “Shining” (that’s my jam) but any way, on the song, Jay-Z has a few bars which seem to indicate that he is clueless (or was clueless back when he penned the lyrics) as to the baby’s gender. On the song, he raps:

One ain’t enough, I need two
That night I mix the Ace with the D’us’
Hit a triple-double in the Garden
I done my left wrist like I’m Harden (swish)
Ran to the dealer, bought twin Mercedes’
The European trucks for the twin babies
Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool (ooooh)
Send him to school in all my jewels
I want a boy and girl I fight for truth
Whatever God give me, I’m cool

LISTEN to the entire thing here:

We imagine what those twin European (his and hers) Mercedes would look like in the above collage, specifically, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS63. Below, check out actor-comedian Kevin Hart in front of his own Mercedes truck that he showed off his truck on social media recently. Something tells us these trucks will grow in popularity soon especially after the twin babies are born.

kevin hart

Bump Watch: Beyonce and Family Hit Up ‘The Beauty and The Beast’ Premiere

beyonceThe Carter-Knowles family hit up the premiere of the new live action Beauty and The Beast Disney movie last week.

The trio, consisting of Beyonce, husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy entered the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood Thursday night with the rest of the cast also attending the opening night of the film.

Queen Bey was outfitted in an emerald green flowy empire-waist Gucci gown with a plunging neckline. Daughter Blue had a matching tiered frock that some sites say is a custom-made riff on a $26,ooo Gucci frock from their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. After the event, an impromptu photo shoot was in order, of course.

The pop icon shared photos on her social media account which has been re-shared by various Beygency affiliates.

Mrs. Carter is expecting a pair of twins later this year.

Check out the pics from the event:

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

The Carters Got More Applause at the All-Star Game than some Players


When you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z, you can just stroll down to your court side seats with your adorable 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy at the National Basketball Association‘s All-Star game in New Orleans and get more applause than the players during the calling of the starting line up.

And if you’re Queen Bey, it doesn’t matter that you’re carrying twins, likely have swollen feet and get overheated, you’re Beyonce and you look fabulous and deserve it all. I’m sure the detractors would not agree but oh well. (smile)

Here are the un-sourced photos from tonight’s game at the Smoothie King Arena circulating in social media.



img_2657 img_2660

Beyoncé Bumped it Up at Sis Solange’s Post-Grammy Party

There’s nothing better than an intimate party to celebrate a Grammy win!
Solange Knowles won her first Grammy ever for her song “Cranes in The Sky” and got to toast it up at a post-Grammy party she hosted a post-award show party in a private residence near Los Angeles, California.
Among the guests that attended the party Solange co-hosted with her husband Alan Ferguson was her expecting sister Beyonce in a white gown with a plunging neckline and deep split.


Other guests included another one of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums, Kelly Rowland,  Tracee Ellis Ross and Janelle Monáe.

“There were lot of A-list stars in attendance, a source told E!  “Beyoncé was sitting down in a beautiful white long dress, and Jay Z stood by her side, head bobbing to the music. Solange was very hospitable and chatted with all her guests.”


The source said that Bey spent most of the night sitting down but was kind and gracious to everyone who came up to her.

Bey and her husband Jay-Z are expecting their  second and third child, a pair of twin. They are parents to 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy, who they welcomed on January 7, 2012.

More Twin News: Madonna Adopts 4-year Old Girls from Malawi


One week: three celebrity twin news! Beyonce and Jay-Z; Amal and George Clooney and now….

This time, pop icon Madonna recently announced that she has officially adopted twin girls from Malawi, the land of birth of her 11-year old adopted daughter  and son Mercy and David Blanda.

She posted an Instagram photo of herself holding her 4-year old girls’ hands, she in a yellow frock under a light cardigan and they in matching blue polka dot dresses.

“I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family,” the Material Girl captioned the photo.  “I am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible, and I ask the media please to respect our privacy during this transitional time. Thank you also to my friends, family and my very large team for all your support and Love!”

On Tuesday, Malawi Judiciary Spokesperson Mlenga Mvula confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the “Ray of Light” singer had been granted an adoption order so that she can proceed with her adoption in the African country.

“The father is still alive but the mother died a week later after delivering the little kids on 29 August 2012,” the Judiciary Spokesperson also told ET about the girls’ background. “Madonna came to the court on Tuesday with her lawyer Mr. Mvalo. The father of the children was also in court together with the uncle of the little girls. She looked very happy in court. She left with her two new daughters.”

In addition to her now four adopted children, the singer also has two biological children, 20-year-old Lourdes Leon and 16-year-old Rocco Ritchie with ex husband Guy Ritchie.

This news comes after revelation that Amal and George Clooney and Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z Carter are expecting biological twins.

h/t MSN

Insider: Beyonce Struggled for a Long Time to Conceive Again


Editor’s Note: I know. I know. Enough Beyonce coverage. Soon. I cannot help myself as I am a big fan. Now this….

It feels like the world stopped spinning on its axis for a moment after we found out Beyoncé is not only pregnant, but that she and Jay Z are expecting twins!

She’s already released a slew of gorgeous photos in honor of the exciting news, and now E! News has learned the whole process has been quite a “miracle.”

An insider tells us exclusively, “[Bey and Jay] have been trying for sometime, and it has not been very easy conceiving this time around, so when they did it was a miracle. They always wanted more kids, and they are doing really well as a couple so the timing is on point.”

As for Queen B’s health, our source explains, “Beyoncé is feeling OK. She had some morning sickness early on and her energy level is slower then usual, [but she] is taking good care of her body and has good doctors that are making sure she is on track.”

The rest of the family, including 5-year-old Blue Ivy, is ecstatic.

“Blue is excited to be a big sister,” our insider reveals. “And Jay Z has expressed his excitement to some of his very close friends.”

For now, the insider adds, “Jay Z has new music, and Beyoncé will take some time for herself now and after she has the babies.”

Meanwhile, Bey announced the news on her Instagram Wednesday, releasing a joint statement with her family beside a Virgin Mary-esq photo.

“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes,” she wrote.

The announcement broke Selena Gomez‘s record by becoming the most-liked Instagram ever.

Then, on Thursday, the excitement only continued when she released even more photos as a part of the announcement in which she’s seen posing node, sitting atop an old car and and swimming in a pool.

originally printed and reprinted with permission from E!

Beyonce Will Join This Growing List of Celebrities with Twins


Another celebrity diva is expecting twins! Beyonce announced on her Instagram page today  that she and her husband Jay-Z are expecting twins. She posted an artistic photo of herself in bra and undies wearing a veil sitting in a bed of flowers and roses.

She joins fellow singing diva Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez in twin motherhood and others like WNBA player Glory Johnson; celebrity spouses (or ex) Adrienne Bosh, Kayte Grammar, Kim Porter; Actresses Angelina Jolie,  Geena Davis, Anna PaquinDaya Vaidya, Garcelle Beauvais, Molly Ringwald, Mo’Nique, Sherri Saum, Holly Robinson-Peete, Rebecca Romijn,  Marcia Cross, Lisa Marie Presley, including via surrogates as with Sarah Jessica ParkerAngela Basset, Julie Bowen, Neil Patrick HarrisRicky Martin, among others. 


“We would like to share our love and happiness,” the 20-time Grammy winner captioned the baby bump photo which has been shared 2M times as of this posting. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”



Also, there is something about Grammy Awards  when it comes to Beyonce announcing a pregnancy. She shared the news of her pregnancy with her first child, Blue Ivy following a performance in 2011 (arguably starting the red carpet reveal trend) and today, a couple weeks before the Grammy’s, here she is again to with baby news.

For the most part, the singer-songwriter has kept a lay profile for a while now since wrapping up her world tour last year. [side bar: I was just thinking about how Adele ended her tour by announcing she would be off to try to get pregnant again]

There has been a lot of speculation about a second child for several years now. And also, for the record, this is her third pregnancy.  In 2013, the multi-platinum selling artist revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage prior to the arrival of her daughter.

 “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time,” she revealed in a self-produced HBO documentary. “And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.

“I picked out names. I envisioned what my child would look like. I was feeling very maternal.

“I flew back to New York to get my check up – and no heartbeat. Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.

“I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life. And it was actually the first song I wrote for my album. And it was the best form of therapy for me, because it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.”

I am excited for her and Blue Ivy, her daughter with Jay-Z. I am also looking forward to the bump watch and checking out what she will wear to this year’s Grammy red carpet on February 12.

This news comes the same week we learned about Pharrell Williams‘ triplets. 

Multiples are the new singleton.  lol

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blue Ivy (“Blue” VIDEO & STILLS)

After Suri Cruise came Blue Ivy to top the reign as the most famous baby in Show biz.  The super cute curly-haired daughter to pop singer Beyonce Knowles Carter and her husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter turns 2 today. 
Happy Birthday!

And appropriately, here are stills and a 30 seconds snippet from of the video to a tribute song, aptly titled “Blue”  to her by her mama from her latest album “Beyonce.”

And another thing, when will someone blog a Blue version of Suri’s Burn Book?  Call us so we can collaborate! We’ll host it here! Thanks!


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REVIEW: Beyonce – Sensual, Female Empowerment & An Ode to Married Sex

So, I am coming clean. After feigning impartiality for as long as I could, yesterday, I came out the proverbial Beyonce stan closet. In the wee hours of Friday the 13th in the year Two Thousand Thirteen,  I joined the scores of fans of the R&B and Pop Queen in the Internet frenzy that followed after she blessed us with an unannounced gift to her devoted BeyHive (the name for her fan base):  Not one single, but 15 songs and 17 videos, all in one delicious album choc-full of goodies to last our greedy souls hours and hours of listening glee! We salivated as the songs downloaded. We did a little dance in our seats in anticipation.  
We were a little mad cause we weren’t forewarned but quickly got over that ish!
Then we might have thought, Pure genius!
Why not drop it unannounced with no pre-release  marketing & hype? Why not release it on your own terms and announce it via your Instagram account? Why not? You’re Beyonce. Oh yeah, speaking of which, why not just call the album that and be done with the darn thing!
And so it was done.
We had waited since the 2011’s album 4, which featured the hits “Love On Top,“Run the World (Girls),” and “Best Thing I Never Had.”  She had released “Bow Down” (called “Flawless” on this album and featuring the feminist challenge poem as spoken by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie during a talk at TEDxEuston in London earlier this year titled, “We Should All Be Feminists.” ) and “Grown Woman” before. Each appear on the album. Her song and one of my personal favese “Standing on the Sun” was an accompaniment to her H & M swimwear campaign  earlier in the year but didn’t make it on the album. Pooh!
And even though it was around midnight, and I was editing my awesome eBook that I’m about to drop on you lovely readers soon, AND my 11-year old had to rise at the crack of dawn to make his bus for some field trip he was going on in the morning, I did the irresponsible thing that any Stan (fanatical fan) would do:
Kill iTunes.
I mean totally crash it.
And then when I finished serving as an accomplice to the murder of iTunes. (Somebody resuscitated it later, don’t worry there’s plenty Beyonce left for you too. Calm down.) I put the coffee maker on, grabbed my husband’s wallet & commenced to gift myself an early Christmas gift from him to me. I plotted to  listen and/or watch all 33 downloads in order that Bey wanted it. It was the only right thing to do.
After all, she was bucking all conventional customs and marketing practices. Traditionally, artists tease fans with albums and drop singles one, by one, and buckle to the whims and wishes of their label and record execs as to what order to release and what video to make and/or release. 
But Blue Ivy’s mom must have said to herself, “wait a minute. I’m Beyonce. I’m a grown woman. I do whatever I want.”
And so she did. And I get it. I didn’t even need her to explain it (though she did here). As a visual and musical person, when she reaches in the recesses of her creative being to birth music, there are sights around and a visual imagery that color the experience. Often times, the video is what really sells a song or helps a listener “get” the message the artist wanted to relay in her or his creative work. Sounds can’t exist without visual imagery. So that’s why she released a “visual album”. Get it, now? 
And I guess Mrs. Carter wanted us to see the landscape as she envisioned and created it from top to bottom, complete, and thru her lens. By giving us the Full Monty all at once, she empowered her fans and audiences to decide for themselves what they will repeat and keep on constant rotation on their iPods – not the radio stations. Just as she didn’t want to be restrained by industry standards and rules, she didn’t want us to either. 
Oh..yeah…I totally get it, ma!
And with that I tried but couldn’t decide which one of the ballads, love songs, and eclectic mix of old school R&B, world music, soul pop, rhythmic hip hop was my favorite. I felt a little Prince, a little Teena Marie, some Michael Jackson. and James Brown. And the videos! Oh the videos!
These were not the three backup singers in front of a backdrop in some Brooklyn studio as we’ve seen her release for past projects. Each of the seventeen videos was well thought out artistic masterpieces,  filmed on location in Cuba, at Carnivals and a variety of exotic locations, likely during her world travels these past two years. Here we thought she was just having a baby, living and touring and doing Pepsi commercials. Heck, while changing the music industry, why not redefine Supermomdom too? 
And how?

How did she manage to squeeze in all these glorious mini-movies in the schedule? Each of them was directed by some of the greats in the music video industry. And in an unprecedented freak-of-naturish way, nothing leaked! Only the woman formerly known and Beyonce Knowles could pull off the ultimate secret bomb — definitely changing the game and raising the bar so high, it isn’t certain any other current artist can even see it through the thick clouds in the sky, let alone reach it. Yup, that bad baby is in the stratosphere, it is!

And as a person who is also totally in love with her husband after 20 years together (this December 23) with 14 years married, I could really dig her letting us in on all these sexy love letters and conversations she was having with her husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.  Most of the songs were personal foreplay sessions. The videos to them were equally orgasmic and I’m here to predict that we will be seeing some Beyonce Album 5 babies in about 9 months because oh my! Those videos are certain to accomplish at least two things: 1.  make a prude blush; and 2. help anyone with an inner freak break free. um…yeah.  The video for “Pretty Hurts” had a female empowerment message in it too. Very thought-provoking take on beauty standards & women’s struggle to meet them.
And the cinematography, the choreography, the editing, the film direction, and wardrobing of each video were tops. You can definitively tell she put her back and pocketbook  into this project. She was not settling for mediocre or “just okay.” We Virgos rule are wired like that. This was a major undertaking and my girl pulled it off!
I told myself, she must have done all this work so she could go rest and make another baby. God knows she’s got plenty baby-making music on that album to choose from. 
Yasss! We love babies here! The song “Blue” and the video to it is quite precious and speaks to the unconditional love a mom has to a child. And THE subject of the song makes a cameo singing in the song. That’s right. Train them from young.
But alas, the spirit was willing but the eyelids were weak. And I had gotten thru half the album. It was about 3 o clock in the morning and I’d done like 4 lines in the document I was editing. (* Note to self: NEVER try to edit while listening/watching Beyonce again. EVER*)
And I succumbed to the draw of my bed sheets but went there reluctantly with visions of song and/or video 13-33 dancing in my head. 
When I  awoke, I planned to drop my kids off to school then planned a day like this lady’s:
And yes I did. I canceled all scheduled Twitter beefs too and got into the rest of the project.  I can honestly say afterwards that I was not disappointed with much of anything. This is a solid project. The lyrical and the musical genius within  it is undeniable. And I’m not just saying that because of my confession at the beginning of this review either. 
What a fitting way to Book End our 2013. We started with her rocking the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show in January and Ended the year with this masterfully produced and thoughtful project!
Kudos Beyonce!
1) Pretty Hurts
2) Haunted
3) Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)
4) Blow
5) No Angel
6) Partition
7) Jealous
8) Rocket
9) Mine (feat. Drake)
10) XO
11) ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
12) Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
13) Heaven
14) Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

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