Celeb Couples That CoHabitate and Remain a Family Unit After Breaking Up


Co-parenting with an ex can be hard but some, make it work. And then there are some who manage to retain their strong familial bond despite the break up that they confuse people.

I can think of three celebrity couples who take co-parenting to another level by co-habitating, remaining close-knit and vacationing together while broken up for the sake of the children.

More recently, I think of Bravo docu-series Real Housewives of Potomac housewife Robyn Dixon and her ex Juan Dixon, basketball coach and former NBA player. A big part of their storyline on the two-season show is the fact that they live in the same home for convenience and financial reasons, according to Robyn. The couple have two 7 and 9 year old-sons, Corey and Carter.

“We sleep in the same bed,” Robyn confessed to OK! Magazine. “If you didn’t know, if I didn’t tell you, you would assume we are married just because we function as a couple kind of as we have always known each other.”

She has said they are working it out and may reunite romantically.

Similarly, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been photographed vacationing together in Hawaii this year, very much looking like a nuclear family with their 7-year old son Mason, 4-year old daughter Penelope and 2-year old son Reign in tow. The on-again-off again couple are part of a very public TV family so perhaps that makes it easier to keep close.

Not long ago, we hear that Ben Affleck reportedly slept in the room next door to Jennifer Garner after they split because it was just easier to keep the family unit together during those precarious times after the break up. Affleck and Garner co-parent 11-year old Violet, 8-year old Seraphina and 5-year old Samuel.

They are friends and have had amicable break ups and are adult enough to move past what ever caused the split and move forward together while they figure things out.

Naturally, these types of arrangements confuse people who are used to seeing couples go at each other’s throats after breaking up.

courtesy Britne

courtesy Destiny Green for Romper

Blogger Destiny Green shared her story in Romper in a post titled “Here’s What That Beautiful Instagram Post Of My Family Doesn’t Tell You“.

In it, she relays that the perfect family people see on her social media feed is actually not even what it seems.

“I think it’s still strange for other people to see us acting as a traditional family, and with no conventional explanation behind our decision to part ways, it often feels hard to justify to people who ask about my relationship with Honor’s dad,” she wrote about her situation with her daughter’s dad Ibrahim with whom she is no longer in a relationship with.

It’s unconventional and sometimes criticized by onlookers but if it works for the couple for the sake of the children, who are we, as society to judge, right?

Green sums it up best:

My hope for every other mama who comes across my blog or Instagram page is for them to know that it’s OK for their journey to not look like mine and Honor’s — that whatever story is unfolding in their journey through motherhood is just as valid and important as anyone else’s. This is your life and what you are doing is right for you. At the end of the day, whether you are married and parenting with a spouse, single-parenting, or co-parenting and going to the museum for family days like my family does, only you can set your standards. Whatever your story is, I hope you’re able to embrace it, and I hope you know that you’re doing a great job.


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I’m Not Sure If I Agree With This Author’s Assessment about the Evil of Celebrity ‘Bump Watch’


The Atlantic interviewed the Drake University professor who wrote a book about the celebrity baby bump watch craze. In the October 2015 book,  Pregnant with Stars, Watching and Wanting the Celebrity Baby Bump (The Cultural Lives of Law), Renée Ann Cramer, an Associate Professor and Chair of Law, Politics and Society at Drake, examines the American fascination with, and judgment of, celebrity pregnancy.

The piece launches with Cramer’s response to Beyonce‘s twin pregnancy. Cramer gives her perspective that the celebrity bump watch phenomenon is part of a proverbial “pregnancy industrial complex.”  Cramer analyzed Beyonce’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy in her book.

According to the description of Cramer’s  book in Amazon, Kramer “exposes how our seemingly innocent interest in “baby bumps” actually reinforces troubling standards about femininity, race, and class, while increasing the surveillance and regulation of all women in our society.”

To do so, she compares media coverage of pregnant celebrities, including Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé Knowles, Kristen Bell, M.I.A., Jodie Foster, and Mila Kunis, and then applies sociology pedagogy to criticize said media coverage.

Essentially, she blames bump watch articles for promoting unattainable post-baby bodies, something I’ve blogged about often over the past few years. But Cramer goes further. She actually makes a tremendous leap to link bump coverage with government control of women’s bodies, I suppose via social and legal regulations surrounding access to birth control and abortions, and the like.

It seems to me to be a tenuous connection to say “frivolous celebrity gossip” is part of a larger, and perhaps, covert strategy to control survey, commodification of and control women’s bodies.

I disagree.

I think pop culture and society’s obsession with celebrity pregnancy is just part of the admiration and hero-worship of stars, in general.  It’s just among the newest aspect of celebrity life to become enamored with, nothing more. The media cover what the people want to see. And when we see them click more links on bump watch, guess what, we post more.

The people express interest in it and they click articles about baby bumps, and the gossip rags and blogs, including this one, report on what the people want. It’s symbiotic.

In the Atlantic article, Cramer makes racial distinctions in the coverage and suggests that pregnancies of women of color are hypersexualized and less favorable than of white celebrities.

As a person who has covered celebrities and monitored the other sites coverage, I question that  assessment.  The media coverage is the same for the most part, in my opinion.

What is different is how the pubic reacts. It may be different because a lot of members of the general population already view Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, for example, as sexual people. These women are sexy and their performance on stage and their clothing is revealing and we talk a lot about their bodies as their bodies are part of their image, their craft and their public persona.

Mila Kunis and Jennifer Garner are not known for that.

Also, celebrities of color aren’t given that much mainstream gossip press that is why niche sites like this one, Black Celeb Kids and Latina magazine fill in the void and the coverage of celebrity pregnancy in our sites are usually more positive.

I do agree that societal views of pregnancy are shaped by what people see when they read media articles about celebrity pregnancies, but I am not wholly convinced that there is a connection with control over women’s bodies. Perhaps, I will read the book and see if there is more to the analysis but from the synopsis and the Atlantic interview, I’m not buying it.



Celebs that Do Co-Parenting Well and Dig Each Other Too


There are new generation of celebrity broken up couples being excellent examples for co-parenting. Some are even still secretly into each other and dating.

Trending this weekend was Kourtney Kardsashian who was rumored to be back with her ex beau and dad to her three kids, Scott Disick. TMZ clarified today that the couple are on friendly terms and travel together for co-parenting reasons though Kourt is open to rekindling their relationship now that Disick has remained clean and sober consistently for a long period of time! The couple co-parent their children together, 6-year old Mason, 4-year old Penelope and 1-year old son, Reign.

Good for them!

Also, rumored to be back together are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who parents to 11-year old Violet, 7-year old Seraphine and  4-year old Samuel. Some reports state that they are actually planning to add on to their brood and some say Jen is already expecting. Who knows? Time will tell, for sure!

This weekend, a long-since divorced couple showed some cordial friendly behavior: Madonna and Sean Penn co-presented at an annual charity and had playful antics on stage. Penn even joked about handcuffing Madonna on stage after he took up her challenge to bid $150,000 for a necklace in exchange for her agreeing to marry him again.

Also, during the Latin Grammy Awards in November, Marc Anthony and ex wife Jennifer Lopez  gave each other a kiss after he presented her the Person of the Year award. He has since said that he is still in love with his ex wife and mom to their twins Emme and Max, according to US Weekly.

Sean “Diddy” Comb‘s relationship with his ex Kim Porter‘s son Quincy with 80s R&B recording artist Al B. Sure is ideal because he calls Quincy his son even though he is no longer with Porter and Quincy’s dad is very much alive and around.

Another great co-parenting role model is Jada Pinkett-Smith, who has helped her husband Will Smith raise his son, Trey, with ex Sheree Fletcher. They are great examples of blended families that get along.

Ask Alicia Keys, whose latest hit song is dedicated to blended families!


Celeb Men who Left their Wives & Married the Nanny

There is a lot of buzz these days over actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s break up with reports circulating that the Gone Girl actor cheated on his wife with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

We probably heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jude Law‘s infamous trysts with their nanny and it turns out there is a little history in Hollywood of several celebrity men leaving their wives for their nanny.

Comedic actor Joe Piscopo, for example, was married to his first wife Nancy Jones when he met his second wife Kimberly Driscoll. She was his 18 year old nanny at the time. He married Driscoll a year after divorcing Jones. Their marriage lasted 10-years.

Actor Ethan Hawke denied cheating on his then wife Uma Thurman while married but 4 years after Hawke and Thurman divorced, Hawke married their nanny  Ryan Shawhughes. He and Shawhughes are atill together and have two children.

Marsha Garces was working as a nanny for the late Robin Williams and his wife Valerie Velardi when he started having an affair with her. A year after Williams and Velardi divorced, he married Garces. They were married for 19 years before divorcing in 2010.

And there is Tiger Woods who married a nanny, but he started his cheating after marrying the nanny. *snark*

Happy Birthday Halle Berry!

Happy Birthday Halle Berry! She turns 47 today. The mom-to-be was spotted taking her daughter Nahla to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, last week, August 6. Recently, fellow actress Jennifer Gardner joined her fight to get the state of California to expand its harassment laws to cover paparazzi photographers that take photos of celebrity children. The two testified before the state Assembly Tuesday, August 13. Berry testified before a hearing before a state legislature committee this Junesharing her personal experiences. If passed, the law would subject photogs who violate the rules to strict penalties and a jail sentence.

A couple days before the Univeral Studios outing, Berry was spotted in an asymettrical dress and silver wedge sandals while lunching with pals in Brentwood on August 4.
photos: Zimbio
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Isabella Oliver, celeb favorite maternity designer -clues on how you can win a wardrobe from the line

Jennifer Garner, seen above in an Isabella Oliver maternity denim skirt, has said she loves the brand. It shows as she was seen wearing a number of the UK brand’s pieces throughout her latest pregnancy. The line is a favorite of several celebrities, and has been seen on Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vargara, Naomi Watts, Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Minnie Driver, and those shown below. Starting this Monday, Bellyitch readers will get a chance to take home an entire Isabella Oliver wardrobe to last an entire pregnancy during a very exciting campaign that will require entrants to tune into their inner fashionista. Stay tuned….details will be announced this Monday. “Like” the Bellyitch Facebook page to see clues today on how you can win. You’ll see tips on things you can do to give yourself a head start on others before the contest is announced on Monday. 
Tiffani Amber Thiessen in the belted wrap dress 

Ali Larter in the ruched midi dress in caviar black 

Bethenny Frankel in the ruched one-shoulder dress

Sara Drew in its layering cap scoop top 

Alyssa Milano in the fully ruched cami

Also worn by Gwen Stefani

Natalie Portman in the woollen trench coat 

Garcelle Beauvais in the satin bow dress

Myleene Klass in the ruched tank dress

Also worn by Angelina Jolie

Selma Blair in its wrap dress

Heidi Klum  in the sleeveless ruched dress

Bryce Dallas Howard in the print silk maternity dress 

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Trend Alert: The Assymetrical Dress, pregginista style

Kate Hudson was positively radiant at the Chanel Benefit Dinner For The Natural Resources Benefit in a draped asymmetrical dress.
So it seems this season’s trend, the Assymetrical dress, is nothing new to a pregnant woman well into her second or third trimester of her pregnancy. Most dresses will naturally rise in the front on account of her bulbous belly anyway! So you, my fair pregnant style maven, are in style without even trying. But just to humor ourselves, let’s take a look at various asymmetrical dresses available now that a pregginista could possibly rock effortlessly with style and flare.

Jennifer Garner attended a special screening of Butter at the 2o11 AFI FEST in Hollywood last November 2011.

ASOS Maternity

January Jones in an asymmetrical dress last September 2011.


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Gold Lindt Celeb-mom signed bunnies to benefit Autism Speaks

Grammy-winner Toni Braxton opened bidding at 2011 auction in NYC
Today, is the launch of Autism Speaks and marks its 3rd year auctioning off porcelain Lindt Gold Bunnies, signed and autographed by 70 celebrities.
This year, celeb moms Jennifer Garner, Katherine Heigl, Kelly Rutherford, Brooke Burke and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few, have participated.  From today until March 18, supporters can bid on these bunnies at the Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction site at ebay.   One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction benefits Autism Speaks.  Since 2009, Lindt has raised over $325,000 for the cause. 
Jennifer Garner autographed a gold Lindt bunny on auction now
“Early diagnosis makes a lifetime of difference,”  Toni Braxton, who contributed one of the bunnies on auction and whose son Diezel has autism, told She Knows.  “We have him in occupational therapy, speech therapy, he’s being mainstreamed [and] he’s in public school. He does have his special therapies, but we are very, very lucky
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Lindt chocolate bunny which has been a hallmark sweet treat to eat during Easter.
I just bid! It’s at $25.00 so far this morning! It would be great if a Bellyitch reader won one of the gold autographed bunnies signed by one of our celeb favorite moms, including our most recent Bump Watch favorite, J. Garner.
If you do, please let us know so we can highlight you on the site! Good luck! Happy bidding!

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Jennifer Garner welcomes baby boy!

Power A-list couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed third child, a son, reports US Weekly and People. Baby boy Affleck joins his big sisters Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose. No word on the baby’s name yet! Congrats! 

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Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner and Violet at The Grove

Wearing a sheer black belly revealing top, Jennifer Garner was spotted with daughter Violet Affleck leaving a toy store at The Grove near Los Angeles, California Friday.

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