Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish Babymoon in Hawaii


Eniko Parrish and actor and comedian Kevin Hart babymooned with the blended family in Hawaii last month.

The expectant parents are awaiting the arrival of their first child together, a son, and paused while enjoying down time to pose for the camera.

Both shared a sunny photo on their respective Instagram accounts, showing off their fit physiques!

Parrish also posted a solo pic in a cute black and white bikini.


Hart also took a photo of himself with his 12-year-old daughter Heaven and 9-year-old son Hendrix, whom he shares with ex Torrei Hart.

Besides the adorable bump revealing photo, Parrish has posted some other Bump progression pics along the way:


Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are Expecting A Baby Boy


Congrats to comedian -actor Kevin Hart and his wife,model Eniko Parrish, who are expecting their first child together, a boy.

The couple announced the news on their social  media accounts.

“Celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife,” Hart wrote in the caption of a series of three Instagram photos on Sunday, one of which includes Parrish showing off her baby bump in a selfie. “We are laughing at the fact that this time next year we will be celebrating her 1st actual Mother’s Day.”

Well, technically many would consider a mom-to-be qualified and worthy to celebrate Mother’s Day to the baby in her womb.

In fact, plenty celebrate Expecting moms too on that day.

Hart has a son and daughter from a previous relationship.


We Imagine These are The Euorpean Trucks for the Twin Babies Jay-Z Rapped About


During a February 2, 2017 interview, Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles suggested that Queen Bey is expecting a baby boy and baby girl this year but in DJ Khaled‘s song “Shining” that she and husband Jay-Z guest performed on a week later, Jay seemed to suggest that he didn’t know what the sex of the babies are.

Let’s back up:

Knowles, who currently is an entertainment assistant professor at Texas Southern University, learned about the pregnancy the same time we all did because Bey didn’t tell him before announcing it to the world via her artsy pregnancy announcement.

But during a sit down chat with Insider, the ex –Destiny’s Child manager shared the circumstances under which he learned/

“I was shocked,” Knowles told the site. “Let me tell you what happened. I got a first text, and I was like, ‘Why is this person saying congratulations?’ Then I get a second text from one of my students at Texas Southern, and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘Go to the web.’ I didn’t know myself.”

That might have been a good decision by  because Matthew might have accidentally spilled the beans too soon.

During the Insider interview, the talent manager and university instructor went on to possibly reveal the sex of the babies.

“And Blue Ivy is going to have some brothers and sisters. She is already excited,” he said.

When the interviewer pressed for a confirmation that Bey was going to have a girl and boy, Knowles quickly flipped the script.

He said he was just talking in general.

Mmmm hmmmm! No wonder Yonce didn’t tell dear old dad the news in advance. He plum would have revealed it too soon but he wouldn’t have been the first. In 2011, Kelly Rowland also slipped up during an interview and let people know about Blue’s gender before Bey and Jay could.

Both Rowland, who is like a sister, and of course Matthew, who is a grandfather to Mrs. Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy and Solange Knowles‘ 12-year old son, Daniel, would be forgiven.

He may be right about guessing though.

A week later, the same day Beyonce performed on the Grammy Awards, DJ Khaled released a single from his upcoming album titled, “Shining” (that’s my jam) but any way, on the song, Jay-Z has a few bars which seem to indicate that he is clueless (or was clueless back when he penned the lyrics) as to the baby’s gender. On the song, he raps:

One ain’t enough, I need two
That night I mix the Ace with the D’us’
Hit a triple-double in the Garden
I done my left wrist like I’m Harden (swish)
Ran to the dealer, bought twin Mercedes’
The European trucks for the twin babies
Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool (ooooh)
Send him to school in all my jewels
I want a boy and girl I fight for truth
Whatever God give me, I’m cool

LISTEN to the entire thing here:

We imagine what those twin European (his and hers) Mercedes would look like in the above collage, specifically, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS63. Below, check out actor-comedian Kevin Hart in front of his own Mercedes truck that he showed off his truck on social media recently. Something tells us these trucks will grow in popularity soon especially after the twin babies are born.

kevin hart

Tika Sumpter Radiates at Premiere of Obamas’ First Date movie, ‘Southside With You’


First time mom-to-be Tika Sumpter looked radiant in white while attending the Chicago premiere of her new Michelle & Barack Obama love story movie, Southside With You. The gorgeous and talented actress walked the red carpet and posed alongside her co-star Parker Sawyer who plays Barack and executive producer John Legend.

This movie could be the breakout role for the Gossip Girl alum who, up until now, has been known for supporting roles alongside Kevin Hart in the Ride Along movies or other small screen roles. She also stars on the OWN Network hit show The Haves and Have Nots.

The film is a fictional portrayal of the first date of the president and First Lady back in 1989 when President Obama was a Harvard Law Student and a community organizer and Michelle was an associate in a big Chicago law firm. And from watching the trailer, we must say that Sumpter got inflection down pack. It was part of her plan.

actors and real thing

“I wanted to make sure you heard inflections of Michelle,” she told Nylon magazine in an August feature. “I studied every word, how she curved her tongue, how she kind of sings when she talks.”  The result is a carefully drawn and recognizable portrait of Michelle Robinson, an ambitious and whip-smart lawyer who would go on to become one of the world’s most famous women, Nylon summarized.

It did well at the Sundance Film festival earlier this year. The film wasn’t sanctioned by the White House. The film’s screenwriter and producer Richard Tanne said the White House was “aware and slightly puzzled” by the existence of the film, but officials there did verify locations and the menu of their first date.

This is just but one of a plethora of untold stories of historic African American figures yet to hit the big or small screen.  Sumpter also jumped in early as one of the producers .

southside wth you

“The great part about being a producer is you’re in the room when decisions are made,” she added, especially given that good roles are so hard to come by for black female actresses. “Usually, there aren’t any black people in the room…I’m in a place where I want to create because these characters aren’t being written for me.”

And she plans to do more.

“I have stories I want to tell,” she says. “My thing is making sure women know how dope they are, regardless of what the story is.”

She didn’t reveal who her boyfriend and father of her child is to the interviewer but did say he is also a lawyer who is mature, and representing the Obamas in her new film, Sumpter says they are  “Relationship goals.” Sumpter also accidentally revealed she is having a baby girl on a radio show while promoting the film.


The New York Times did a write up recently too, revealing that, to prepare the actress worked with a vocal coach to master Mrs. Obama’s speech patterns, and watched videos to see how she walked and carried herself.

“Once we started rehearsing,” said Mr. Sawyers, “I was like, oh, that’s it! She nailed it.”

In one scene, Michelle talks about the racism she encountered at Princeton and Harvard — some subtle, some less so — and how, even at her current firm, she has to navigate between “Planet Black and Planet White.” Ms. Sumpter admitted that there were parallels in her own field. “You see the differences in the way certain movies are treated,” she said. “But once you come to terms with that, you have to go, O.K., I’m not going to allow that to hold me back. Which is what I love about Michelle. She never allowed the color of her skin and all the things she was up against to keep her from breaking through.”

A lot of that confidence came from Mrs. Obama’s family, just as it did for Ms. Sumpter, who is expecting her own daughter this fall. “Because of my mom, I never felt less than,” she said, looking back on her early days trying to make it in the business. “I never came into this world thinking, I’m a brown-skinned girl going to Hollywood. I was always like, I’m talented and I’m beautiful and I’m smart. Why wouldn’t you want me?”

The movie opens this Friday, August, 26 nationwide. Date night movie for sure!

Photos: Miramax, Twitter, Starcast

Actor Michael Ealy reveals he and wife had secret baby

While promoting his latest film About Last Night which opens today on the Steve Harvey Show, hunky actor Michael Ealy revealed for the first time publicly that he is already a father.
Ealy, who stars in the 1986 Rob Lowe/Demi Moore chick flick remake, replied to Harvey’s question about married life replied, “We have a son.”
“I never understand why people announce the birth of their children,” the actor who currently stars in the action TV show Almost Human added. 
Um… because there is a very active, alive and interested following of people who love and follow these things, son. ugh!
Ealy and wife Khatira Rafiqzada quietly married in October 2012 to no fanfare and announcement so  it should come as no surprise. 
Not to name drop but to name drop, I was born the same year as Ealy and attended college with him at the University of Maryland at the same time and vividly remember him hanging out in our student union building. He is close friends with some of my friends. He was a very quiet character back then too so…. 
Congrats! Aint parenthood grande? And yes, he told Steve that it has changed him tremendously. 
Awwww. Ealy starred in the hit movie Act Like a Man Think Like a Woman which was an adaptation of Harvey’s best selling book. Loved Sleeper Cell, the Showtime mini-series which earned Ealy a Golden Globe nomination in playing an undercover cop who thwarts a major terrorist plot.
About Last Night  also stars Joy Bryant (who I LOVE and who starts in one of my favorite shows Parenthood) and the “it” comedian and star  Kevin Hart.

Just leaving THIS here in case you’d like to stalk Ealy videos on YouTube promoting the movie and previous projects.

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