Dads Let Loose: Prince William Skipped Royal Duties to Chill With His Boys in Switzerland


Dads get to let their hair down too!

Prince William is such a dad who decide to do just that recently. The British Royal and Duchess Catherine nee Kate Middleton’s hubby opted to skip the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, one of the big to-dos on the royal calendar recently. Instead,  he hit the slopes with his boys in Verbier, Switzerland.

During the weekend’s raucous activities, one club goer captured the eldest son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles cutting loose on the dance floor and doing what looks like an awkward dad dance but he looks so cute doing it! Of course, the sleuths at got their mitts on it and broadcast it widely.

The palace isn’t happy with the tabloid fodder and William needs to confiscate mobile phones at clubs and parties when he cuts loose to avoid this but we love it!

Kate Middleton gives birth to a Girl!

It’s a girl!!
Duchess Catherine and Prince William welcomed their second child this morning at Saint Mary’s Hospital, a bouncing baby girl, Kensington Palace announced. 
Now Royal Baby number 2 watchers can catch some sleep after waiting on baited breathe to discover whether the royal couple’s 21-month old son, Prince George would be a big brother to a girl or boy. 
The new baby bounces ahead in line in succession to the throne ahead of her uncle Prince Harry! She follows her grandfather Prince Charles, dad and brother.
The former Kate Middleton reportedly wil be taking a longer maternity leave from her Royal duties to be with both babies. William will take two weeks leave from his job as a military emergency helicopter pilot. 

Update on the Royal Baby: Prince George’s First Days

It’s been several weeks since our non-stop Royal Baby Prince George coverage so we figure it’s time for an update on the now 3-week old.

The  People magazine special collector’s edition with a cover of the Royal Couple in front of St. Mary‘s hospital the day the new Prince of Cambridge was released to his parents brought in an estimated over one million sales!

And People didn’t even need to pay a lick for a shot of the top of that baby’s head to win all those sales. Chaching!

Allison Cathcart holds copy of birth register -Oregon
The Westminster City Council registrar, Allison Catchcart, revealed the original official birth register entry of the Prince’s birth revealing all sorts of information: that father and son shared a middle name in Louis, that the Prince’s official occupation is Prince of the United Kingdom, and other nuggets.
Duchess Catherine and Will have decided against getting official professional photos taken and instead would like the first photography session to be of the prince looking natural and not posed just being a baby. How sweet and down to earth of them.
But they are not shaking all tradition, George is going to be Christened in the official Christening gown that his dad and ancestors wore, E! Online reports. The gown is 167 years old.
They are also going to drag out William’s nanny, Jessie Webb, out of retirement and have her be the official Nanny, the UK Mirror reports.
However, unlike tradition, the first few days were spent with Kate’s parents, The Middletons. 
It also reports that granddad Prince Charles has decided to nickname his first grandson, Georgie. 

It looks like he will be raised with a mix of traditional and modern parenting. Good show!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William debut new baby, reveal car seat fail

Today, the world awaited Kate Middleton and Prince William to emerge from St. Mary‘s hospital in Central London where the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the couple’s first child, a son whose name is yet to be revealed.

Around mid afternoon, after Kate’s parents, Prince Charles and step-grandmom Camila Parker-Bowles and other relatives got to see the baby, the royal couple emerged from the hospital to a jubilant crowd that had gathered outside the exclusive $4,000+ per night private Lindo Wing.

Introducing, their Prince.

Kate looked strikingly beautiful and so not how most women who have just labored over 7 hours and delivered would look the day after having a vaginal birth.  Ugh!  So lucky!

And William cradled his baby like a proud papa…

…only screeeecch!!!! 

A friend of mine catching the scene online pointed out this:

Check out the unsafe and awkward way they strapped that little Prince, Future King of England in his infant seat! So not how it is supposed to be done.

First, they should have a neck brace or rest to support his head and the seat shoulder straps should be adjusted to the lowest setting so it rests snugly against his teenie tiny shoulders.  Parents put babies at risk of death when they position them unsafely in their carseats while traveling. And celebrities, in particular, who are already subject to being distracted by chasing paparazzi, really need to be extra cautious. 

Second, there shouldn’t be blankets and such separating the baby’s clothes from his safety harness as they interfere with the functions that secure the baby snug and securely in his seat as in this photo.

A popular cure for this problem is the Kiddopotamus Complete Head and Body Support Snuzzler 

As baby grows, he also grows into the seat and parents need to adjust the straps to the higher positions until he eventually outgrows his infant car seat and can fit into a convertible or a toddler seat.

For super tiny and preemie babies, there is also a travel car seat that is a safe alternative for rides in the car, an Infant Car Bed for Preemies

…but at 8 pounds 6 ounces, that tiny Prince should be good to go with a Snuzzler and/or a seat adjustment.

Oy! By now, they have made it safely home. Hopefully, someone else took notice and will give these two some carseat training soon for future car rides. 

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Kate Middleton Gives Birth To A Boy!

We’ve got a new ROYAL!

Congratulations to the Duke of Cambridge,  Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first child today.  The Palace posted the news that the new royal, third in line to the thrown after dad William and grandad Prince Charles.

weiged 8lbs 6oz and was born at 4:24 pm. at St. Mary’s Hospital in Central London, England. 

Royal aides posted the news on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England today after Kate Middleton gave birth and her mom-in-law Queen Elizabeth II got the news first.

Now we await the name. The date, time and hour of birth and baby’s name have all been the subject of bookies speculation for a while now.  The baby’s birth is expected to help boost England’s economy.

Talk about pressure at minutes old!
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Buckingham Palace will tweet out when Kate Middleton gives birth

Buckingham Palace plans to tweet when Kate Middleton (Catherine Duchess of Cambridge) has given birth to her and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge‘s first child. 

The Palace confirmed that the Duke and Duchess arrived in a car unescorted by police to St. Mary’s hospital in Central London around  6am in the morning-UK time, last night in East Coast United States, and  is currently in the early stages of labor.  Her doctor is the same one that delivered William.  

Per protocol, Middleton’s mom-in-law Queen Elizabeth II must get the news first when she ultimately gives birth in the Lindo Wing of the historic hospital. 

Those on the ground may know before it’s officially released when they see Royal aides leave the hospital to deliver the news on official doctor-signed Buckingham letterhead  to post it on an easel in public view in front of the Palace gates about 2 and a half, just as was done when the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948 and when Lady Diana gave birth to William in 1982 and his brother Harry later. Simultaneously, the Palace will Tweet the news out and release it to the Media. 

We’ll know the gender of the baby at that point, and its weight and time of birth, but maybe not the name. The Palace didn’t release William’s name until a full week after he was born and no one knew Charles’ name for an entire month after he was born. 

But that was long before our  new digital and new social media online age. It’s doubtful the Palace would willingly wait too long because it is at high risk to be leaked anyway.  They couldn’t even keep Middleton’s pregnancy under wraps for three months as required, partially due to the Duchess hospital admission for extreme morning sickness early on in the pregnancy.

Talk about pressure! Oy! Who’d want that many people all concerned over when a newborn will emerge from their nether regions?  Yikes!

Keep Track of Royal Baby Watch with ABC News Live updates

VIDEO of Developments

Watch the latest video at

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Kate Middleton is on the way to the hospital for scheduled birth, Camila was right!

The Royal Baby is on its way!

Sky News just reported that Kate Middleton has left her parents home for London in a helicopter. Most likely she is on her way to the hospital to deliver on her due date. How perfect! 

Or…perhaps it is a scheduled induction if she is past due or a scheduled C-Section!

We do know that her mother-in-law Camila Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles’ wife already spilled the beans to expect the baby by the end of the week so we’re betting this is a planned date.

Come on baby!!!


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Kate Middleton hasn’t yet delivered, Camilla says expect baby this week

Kate Middleton may give birth by the end of this week, says Camilla, wife to her the Duchess of Cambridge‘s father in law Prince Charles.
During a visit to a children’s hospice near St. Austell, Cornwall, Camilla told well wishers inquiring about the birth to expect baby news soon, the Daily Mail reports. 
There is already a wing of the St. Mary‘s hospital in london reserved for the arrival of the new Royal. Meanwhile, bookies are having a field day speculating on how close to the due date to expect the newest heir to the royal throne.  
Stay tuned…

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Bump Watch: Kate Middleton’s exotic tea hat steals the show

Kate Middleton‘s Jane Corbett hat captured much of the attention away from her growing tummy while the Duchess of Cambridge attended the Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea yesterday, May 22.  She donned her fave coat designer Emelia Wickstead‘s tweed “Marella” coat. She carried the  Russell & BromleyPark Avenue” clutch in beige patent leather.  Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and 8,000 Olympians and paralympians also attended the event that took place at Buckingham palace. 
photo: Zimbio

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