Rumi and Sir Carter Confirmed: And Now Us Peons Try Decoding Their Sex (An Exercise)


Just because Beyonce has revealed the names of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, early this morning doesn’t mean she is done dangling Swarovski –encrusted carrots in our faces.

We still don’t know the sex of the babies.

Now when TMZ revealed earlier this month  that Beyonce’s trademark holding company BGK Trademark Holdings (Beyonce Gisele Knowles) sought to claim Rumi and Sir Carter, TMZ also assumed then the babies were a girl and boy.


Perhaps they jumped the shark and we all joined in! Hmmmm. * side eye emoji *

The name Rumi appears to be homage to a 13th century Persian poet by that name — and Sir happens to be referenced in one of his most famous poems:

“Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we’ll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.”

Sir is a very masculine name as knighted men are called Sir and as we know in formal chatter men are called sir and women are called madame.


The trademarks are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls, rattles and novelty items.

Hair ribbons?! Girl no?!

Thus Boy & Girl. Right!?


It is still not clear and apparently, people are fighting about it in social media.

A friend of mine and I had a lengthy convo this morning about this very subject when she asked me to confirm the sex of the babies.



She pointed out the fact that it looks like the  emoji’s on her caption are two boys.

img_8465But the baby emoji is gender neutral.


And she pointed out that Bey is wearing a purple and blue robe and purple is a color often associated with girls as well,  so there is that also.


And I learn from the Internet that the clothing is from a Spanish designer Paloma Spain who is known for androgynous clothing

Is this an ode to the late great Prince or something?


Long story short, no, Bey is not done messing with us.


I agree with Sarran at this point:


And here, take my hashtags to commemorate and celebrate this moment. Feel free to grab any to accompany your photos sharing the occasion today.

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Beyonce and Jay Z have Already Trademarked These Names of the Twins


Apparently, Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins may be named Rumi Carter and Sir Carter, or a derivative of  those names.

This would likely confirm that they are a baby boy and girl. Reportedly, the couple has already filed trademark protection claims for the names.

According to CNN, a company that has registered other marks for the famous duo recently filed paperwork to protect those names.

Recall after they welcomed 5-year old Blue Ivy, Beyonce Knowles Carter and husband Shawn Carter attempted to claim her name for purposes of future marketing Baby-related products  but lost to an event planner who had already secured the name and had been using it in the stream of commerce for a while.

It would be interesting to know if they did advance research before settling on a name.

Similar with the first claim, the new one also asserts the names would be used to sell an array of goods, including skin and hair products, key chains, DVDs, CDs,teething rings, baby carriages and strollers.

Speaking of Shawn Carter, he dropped his last album, “4:44”  yesterday which is supposedly autobiographical and responds to cheating allegations that have encircled the couple since that infamous elevator Solange beat down and  Beyonce’s Lemonade album. The entire project seemed to be about the road from infidelity to redemption in their marriage but who knows.

They both could be just yanking our chain.

Beyonce SwItches Up with a Maternity Mini Dress


Beyonce is like us: use Flashback  Friday on social media as a excuse to share not -so-old cute pics just because..

This Friday, the second time mom-to-be shared photos of the outfit she wore to Jessica Alba‘s MJ & Prince– themed party that was held on April 28.

In the photo series, the mega star sported an Any Old Iron and a super cute Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti Mini dress accented by a Saint Laurent bag, and Chloe shoes with a Gladys Tamez hat and rings by XIV Karats.

Bey and husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter are expecting their second and third child, twins!

I prefer the mini dresses but have enjoyed all her maternity looks so far.


Easter’s Over But We’re Not Over Beyonce’s New Easter Baby Bump Pics


Speaking of Beyonce [See earlier post today], Easter may be over but that hasn’t stopped the Queen Bey from sharing pics that she took from her and her family’s Easter adventure. The videos and pics include photos of herself in a white dress matching with her daughter Blue Ivy. The duo are wearing matching braided cornrows with beads on the end. Blue wears real bunny ears and the pop star uses her two fingers to simulate rabbit ears.

Beyonce Knowles Carter and her husband, rapper and biz mogul Shawn “Jay Z” Carter are expecting a pair of twins later this year. They are parents to 5-year old Blue, the first child for them both. Unlike with Blue Ivy, she has been taking and sharing a lot more photos of her pregnancy and herself out and about at events. It’s refreshing and perfect for the BumpWatch Brigade like this blog! (ha!) Enjoy the pics!



Savannah Brinson James is not preggers, rep says but signs say otherwise

The other Savannah on our bump watch list (not Savannah Guthrie) is Savannah Brinson James, recently wed wife of Miami Heat NBA star LeBron James.
A rep for the Heat contends that she is not with child, however, rumor has been circulating for several months that the multi-year NBA MVP’s high school sweetheart in expecting the couple’s first girl.
They are parents to sons 6-year old Bryce and 9-year old LeBron Jr. 
The two only married last September 2013 after James proposed on New Year’s Eve 2012. Beyonce Knowles reportedly sang at the lavish wedding. Her hubby Shawn “Jay Z” Carter attended the 3-day weekend affair that took place at the historic Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego before 200 guests. 
wedding which was attended by Jay Z 
Time will tell. If true, Congrats!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blue Ivy (“Blue” VIDEO & STILLS)

After Suri Cruise came Blue Ivy to top the reign as the most famous baby in Show biz.  The super cute curly-haired daughter to pop singer Beyonce Knowles Carter and her husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter turns 2 today. 
Happy Birthday!

And appropriately, here are stills and a 30 seconds snippet from of the video to a tribute song, aptly titled “Blue”  to her by her mama from her latest album “Beyonce.”

And another thing, when will someone blog a Blue version of Suri’s Burn Book?  Call us so we can collaborate! We’ll host it here! Thanks!


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REVIEW: Beyonce – Sensual, Female Empowerment & An Ode to Married Sex

So, I am coming clean. After feigning impartiality for as long as I could, yesterday, I came out the proverbial Beyonce stan closet. In the wee hours of Friday the 13th in the year Two Thousand Thirteen,  I joined the scores of fans of the R&B and Pop Queen in the Internet frenzy that followed after she blessed us with an unannounced gift to her devoted BeyHive (the name for her fan base):  Not one single, but 15 songs and 17 videos, all in one delicious album choc-full of goodies to last our greedy souls hours and hours of listening glee! We salivated as the songs downloaded. We did a little dance in our seats in anticipation.  
We were a little mad cause we weren’t forewarned but quickly got over that ish!
Then we might have thought, Pure genius!
Why not drop it unannounced with no pre-release  marketing & hype? Why not release it on your own terms and announce it via your Instagram account? Why not? You’re Beyonce. Oh yeah, speaking of which, why not just call the album that and be done with the darn thing!
And so it was done.
We had waited since the 2011’s album 4, which featured the hits “Love On Top,“Run the World (Girls),” and “Best Thing I Never Had.”  She had released “Bow Down” (called “Flawless” on this album and featuring the feminist challenge poem as spoken by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie during a talk at TEDxEuston in London earlier this year titled, “We Should All Be Feminists.” ) and “Grown Woman” before. Each appear on the album. Her song and one of my personal favese “Standing on the Sun” was an accompaniment to her H & M swimwear campaign  earlier in the year but didn’t make it on the album. Pooh!
And even though it was around midnight, and I was editing my awesome eBook that I’m about to drop on you lovely readers soon, AND my 11-year old had to rise at the crack of dawn to make his bus for some field trip he was going on in the morning, I did the irresponsible thing that any Stan (fanatical fan) would do:
Kill iTunes.
I mean totally crash it.
And then when I finished serving as an accomplice to the murder of iTunes. (Somebody resuscitated it later, don’t worry there’s plenty Beyonce left for you too. Calm down.) I put the coffee maker on, grabbed my husband’s wallet & commenced to gift myself an early Christmas gift from him to me. I plotted to  listen and/or watch all 33 downloads in order that Bey wanted it. It was the only right thing to do.
After all, she was bucking all conventional customs and marketing practices. Traditionally, artists tease fans with albums and drop singles one, by one, and buckle to the whims and wishes of their label and record execs as to what order to release and what video to make and/or release. 
But Blue Ivy’s mom must have said to herself, “wait a minute. I’m Beyonce. I’m a grown woman. I do whatever I want.”
And so she did. And I get it. I didn’t even need her to explain it (though she did here). As a visual and musical person, when she reaches in the recesses of her creative being to birth music, there are sights around and a visual imagery that color the experience. Often times, the video is what really sells a song or helps a listener “get” the message the artist wanted to relay in her or his creative work. Sounds can’t exist without visual imagery. So that’s why she released a “visual album”. Get it, now? 
And I guess Mrs. Carter wanted us to see the landscape as she envisioned and created it from top to bottom, complete, and thru her lens. By giving us the Full Monty all at once, she empowered her fans and audiences to decide for themselves what they will repeat and keep on constant rotation on their iPods – not the radio stations. Just as she didn’t want to be restrained by industry standards and rules, she didn’t want us to either. 
Oh..yeah…I totally get it, ma!
And with that I tried but couldn’t decide which one of the ballads, love songs, and eclectic mix of old school R&B, world music, soul pop, rhythmic hip hop was my favorite. I felt a little Prince, a little Teena Marie, some Michael Jackson. and James Brown. And the videos! Oh the videos!
These were not the three backup singers in front of a backdrop in some Brooklyn studio as we’ve seen her release for past projects. Each of the seventeen videos was well thought out artistic masterpieces,  filmed on location in Cuba, at Carnivals and a variety of exotic locations, likely during her world travels these past two years. Here we thought she was just having a baby, living and touring and doing Pepsi commercials. Heck, while changing the music industry, why not redefine Supermomdom too? 
And how?

How did she manage to squeeze in all these glorious mini-movies in the schedule? Each of them was directed by some of the greats in the music video industry. And in an unprecedented freak-of-naturish way, nothing leaked! Only the woman formerly known and Beyonce Knowles could pull off the ultimate secret bomb — definitely changing the game and raising the bar so high, it isn’t certain any other current artist can even see it through the thick clouds in the sky, let alone reach it. Yup, that bad baby is in the stratosphere, it is!

And as a person who is also totally in love with her husband after 20 years together (this December 23) with 14 years married, I could really dig her letting us in on all these sexy love letters and conversations she was having with her husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.  Most of the songs were personal foreplay sessions. The videos to them were equally orgasmic and I’m here to predict that we will be seeing some Beyonce Album 5 babies in about 9 months because oh my! Those videos are certain to accomplish at least two things: 1.  make a prude blush; and 2. help anyone with an inner freak break free. um…yeah.  The video for “Pretty Hurts” had a female empowerment message in it too. Very thought-provoking take on beauty standards & women’s struggle to meet them.
And the cinematography, the choreography, the editing, the film direction, and wardrobing of each video were tops. You can definitively tell she put her back and pocketbook  into this project. She was not settling for mediocre or “just okay.” We Virgos rule are wired like that. This was a major undertaking and my girl pulled it off!
I told myself, she must have done all this work so she could go rest and make another baby. God knows she’s got plenty baby-making music on that album to choose from. 
Yasss! We love babies here! The song “Blue” and the video to it is quite precious and speaks to the unconditional love a mom has to a child. And THE subject of the song makes a cameo singing in the song. That’s right. Train them from young.
But alas, the spirit was willing but the eyelids were weak. And I had gotten thru half the album. It was about 3 o clock in the morning and I’d done like 4 lines in the document I was editing. (* Note to self: NEVER try to edit while listening/watching Beyonce again. EVER*)
And I succumbed to the draw of my bed sheets but went there reluctantly with visions of song and/or video 13-33 dancing in my head. 
When I  awoke, I planned to drop my kids off to school then planned a day like this lady’s:
And yes I did. I canceled all scheduled Twitter beefs too and got into the rest of the project.  I can honestly say afterwards that I was not disappointed with much of anything. This is a solid project. The lyrical and the musical genius within  it is undeniable. And I’m not just saying that because of my confession at the beginning of this review either. 
What a fitting way to Book End our 2013. We started with her rocking the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show in January and Ended the year with this masterfully produced and thoughtful project!
Kudos Beyonce!
1) Pretty Hurts
2) Haunted
3) Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)
4) Blow
5) No Angel
6) Partition
7) Jealous
8) Rocket
9) Mine (feat. Drake)
10) XO
11) ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
12) Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
13) Heaven
14) Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

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Thandie Newton can relate to Beyonce-Blue Ivy hair criticism

Our past Bellyitch Blog mom Beyonce Carter and her husband JayZ have gotten more than their fair share of criticism over the appearance of their daughter Blue Ivy‘s hair. Many have come to the Carters’ defense though the two have never addressed it publically.
Our current Bumpwatch mom, Thandie Newton, addressed being criticized for having her hair out and wild when she moved from Europe to America. Newton is the British-born daughter of a Zimbabwean  health care worker and a Brit lab tech.
“The stigma with some black women seems to be that ‘nappy hair’ is almost as bad as loo roll trailing from your shoe,” the Pursuit of Happyness star told Vogue  in a past interview. “I have always let my daughter’s hair be wild and scruffy. I love the shapes and fluffy halo. But when they were ‘papped‘ in the States I had remarks about how I don’t take care of their hair. The truth is I choose to keep it that way. When I see hair that’s been pulled, stretched, brushed till bullet smooth I just think ‘ouch‘..”
And in a recent post on her blog, the Crash actress who also starred in Tylyer Perry‘s For Colored Girlsshows readers how to weave in the perfect pony tail in their hair for a long-lasting style. The technique is great for those who are growing out their hair or want an easy style they can keep their hair and go because unlike Caucasian women, many women of color or with coarser ethnic hair have limited ability to rock “shake and go” styles. Weaves are a wonderful alternative. 
In a prelude to the post, another biracial blogger on Newton’s site explains her own personal experience and awareness of the culture of mixed and black hair :

Hair is a ritual and a whole culture within the black community. For any of us with even a hint of Sub-Saharan African blood, ‘wash ‘n go’ is simply not an option. 

‘What lovely hair you have’ people might kindly say to me when it’s been ‘done enough for a hair-down moment’. Little did they know how much trial, error and product ‘bespokery’ had gone into it so yes,  I have high maintenance hair. But apart from a mild fear of rain post blow-dry and the fact that due to time consumption, hair wash day is diary-worthy,  it’s not been so hard. 

I say this because when I was a child I used to watch my Jamaican friends endure their weekly hot comb/Dax Pomade and cane row routine (in West London’s West Indian community it was called ‘cane’ not ‘corn’ row) that only lasted the week and longer if it was rather painfully plaited. So I guess my (Caucasian) mother cutting off my hair to Starsky (as in Hutch) -style curls made sense

Insightful! Check out the full tutorial HERE!

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No DNA Test Needed Meme: Jay-Z and Blue Ivy version

This Wednesday, July 17,  Beyonce Knowle‘s baby Blue Ivy was photographed in her papa Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter‘s arms as the family left Trattoria, an Italian restaurant in Toronto, Canada. 

And lips are flapping about how precisely identical the little two year R&B/Hip Hop royalty princess looks like her dad.

Needless to say, it inspired us to add this image to the ongoing “No DNA Test” needed meme that is circulating the “Internets”!  If you have a photo of a kid looking just like his/her dad, you can create your own meme by going HERE and see if it goes viral like these below from our past post summarizing the meme:

One of the latest and endearing “memes” to go around is the “No DNA Test Needed” meme which typically features a kid and his/her dad, usually asleep in the same pose. It has taken off. Here are a few of our favorites and then a few silly ones that could give you a good chuckle!

If you have a photo that fits in with the theme, consider creating your own at  the What’s Meme Meme Maker website. Easy and free. You could go viral!

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