The Top 10 Names Millennials Parents May Give Their Babies This Year

photo: Danielle MacInnes

photo: Danielle MacInnes

Earlier this year, Nameberry came out with its list of top 100 Trending baby names that the popular baby naming site predicts will be most used. Just getting around now, albeit 6 months later, to check out the list and I like a lot of the names on it.

After combing through it, I picked the top 10 Millennial friendly names I think will be most attractive to young couples under 30 and the reasons why I think so:


  •  Because that new Avengers movie is coming out and it will inspire all the Superhero geeks out there.


  • The actress, Black’ish‘s Yara Shahidi, is beautiful, smart and on every magazine cover and red carpet looking powerful and smart; and she’s going to Harvard. Nice legacy to want your little girl to aspire to.


  • This name just screams Millennial friendly to me!


  • Rapper Remy Ma famously feuded with Nicki Minaj this year and for all her effort in breaking the internet after her diss tape came out, she won a coveted Best Female Rapper Award at this year’s BET Awards besting lots of great vet rappers including her arch nemesis Minaj herself. For everyone who wants their daughter to overcome tough times and take on Goliath of the world, yes to Remy.
photo Jenna Norman

photo Jenna Norman


  • Like Royal but less douchey. Also, it is unique and has tons of personality.


  • Because who doesn’t love a competitor to Siri. Besides is taking over the world and naming your kid after one of its newest signature devices will make you feel invincible too, maybe.
photo: Chien Pham

photo: Chien Pham


  • Classic yet not too pretentious.


  • For a boy and similar reason.


  • Because reality TV housewives competed over Cash and Cassius sounds maganaminous. Also, anyone nostalgic and want to remember Mohammed Ali may want to pay homage to him this way by naming their kid after Ali’s birth name.


  • Another superhero fan’s dream name.

Check out the complete list at Nameberry here!

What are the Top Baby Names in Your State? Find Out with This Tool

baby names 2

The list of the top baby names from the US Social Security office is out and the usual names made the top ten, but there were state by state variances. The number one girl name was Olivia in Maryland but was Genesis in Washington, DC and Florida had Isabella as its to name. Emma was tops in over 10 states and by far is the most popular girl name in America.

For boys, Noah, William and Liam were tops among most states. Noah was most popular in Maryland while William was tops in DC and Wisconsin stood with Oliver as a top boy name.

Use the visualizations below to uncover what the top names were in your state.

The Hunger Games, The Affleck girls & DjangoUnchained inspire top baby names

No Aden or Marla here. 
Nameberry released its list of top baby names of 2013 and suprisingly a bunch of names out of Hollywood – think movies and characters- popped up.
Atop the list for boys:  Django! Wow. Um yeah. And Harper, the name of Victoria Beckham‘s daughter is #3 of girl’s names. But it didn’t top Imogen, the name of a popular British singer, Imoden Heap, which is number 1.  There were some average and traditional names like Eleanor (#4) and Amelia (#6) thrown in the mix among common celebrity names like Violet (#5) and Seraphina (7) which are the names of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughters.  
And sneaking in the top 10 was Katniss. Yup as in Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games book and movie. 
Nameberry’s cofounder Pamela Redmond Satran told Today that the reason why these names aren’t on the list of names the Social Security Administration releases based on births is because Nameberry tracks more recent trends. It takes a while for the government to get those names. 
“The top names on our lists may not even rank right now in the national top 1,000, but are likely to show up among the top names of the next decade.,” Satran said. 
The top unisex names are cool and reminiscent of the past as well:  Quinn, Rowan, and Sawyer.
Here are Nameberry’s top baby names for the first half of 2013:
1. Imogen
2. Charlotte
3. Harper
4. Eleanor
5. Violet
6. Amelia
7. Seraphina
8. Isla
9. Penelope
10. Katniss
1. Asher
2. Finn
3. Declan
4. Django
5. James
6. Oliver
7. Henry
8. Atticus
9. Owen

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Top Baby Names of 2012

The name to give your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Some people want a unique name, some people want a common name.  Most parents consult baby name books, or websites at some point in the decision making process looking for a little inspiration. But what may just be a statistical compiling for the folks who keep the annual lists of most popular names, it is a point of curiosity for the rest of us, expecting or not.
While the Social Security Administration (SSA) has not yet released its report of top most popular baby names of 2012, but there are other groups that track names that have already weighed in on which names topped the lists for little ones who have joined us this year. BabyCenter is the top group reporting their name results for the year. While these results are based solely on the names of babies born to the 450,000 moms registered with BabyCenter, they give us a picture of where the naming trends for 2012 lay.
So was the name you chose one of this year’s most popular names?
Rank        Girls                       Boys
1              Sophia                 Aiden
2              Emma                  Jackson
3              Olivia                   Ethan
4              Isabella                Liam
5              Ava                      Mason
6              Lily                       Noah
7              Zoe                      Lucas
8              Chloe                   Jacob
9              Mia                      Jayden
10            Madison                Jack
It’s been a long ride for Sophia in the both BabyCenter and the SSA’s top 10, landing a spot there every year since 2006. In comparison, Aiden is a relative newcomer, making the top 10 in both lists only twice before.
As evidenced by this list, books and film can be strong influencers when it comes to baby names. Isabella and Jacob both saw spikes as Twilight mania took hold. Olivia has been a strong contender for years, being brought back to popularity by the Law & Order SVU character Olivia Benson. Sci-fi was an influential genre this year. Star Wars, The Fifth Element, and Tron even made an appearance this year with a babies being named Jedi, Leeloo and Tron. Baby Center also reports a 50 Shades of Grey bump, as the names Anastasia increased in popularity by 10% and Grey increased 20%.
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Twilight Stars Isabella & Jacob are top names for US babies

What’s in a name? A nationwide obsession with “Twilight,” Teen Mom and celebrities, it seems.
The most popular baby names of 2010 are Jacob and Isabella – both lead characters in the hit romantic vampire novels-turned-movie.
The names topped the charts for the second year in a row, the Social Security Administration revealed yesterday.
Jayden, one of Britney Spears’ sons, is the fourth favorite name in the U.S.  And the nation’s fascination with reality television has propelled Maci and Bentley, the mom and son characters from the hit show “Teen Mom,” to become the fastest trending names.
“‘Teen Mom’ is the winner of this year’s baby name wars,” said Laura Wattenberg, creator of “It’s amazing to think that one teenage girl and her baby are changing America’s baby names.” 
Other favorites for boys include Ethan, Michael and William.
Sophia, Emma and Olivia are among the most popular for girls.
Kellan, the name shared by the “Twilight” actor Kellan Lutz who plays Emmett Cullen, has also surged in popularity. It’s the second-biggest trending boys’ name.
Read more at NY Daily News

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