Study: Women Who Don’t Take their Husband’s Last Name Seen as Less Committed to Marriage

weddingWomen who elect to not take their husband’s last name after getting married are still seen as uncommitted to the marriage and would be blamed during a divorce, a recent study showed. That was the attitude mainly among the lesser educated men surveyed in a recent report.

However, that contradicts with an even more recent study published in Gender Issues which found that most Americans don’t think women who take their husbands’ last names are any more committed to their husbands than women who do not, nor do they hold women with their own surnames to a different standard.

This newer study builds on existing research around perceptions of surname choice for women. A survey conducted in 2006 found that 50% of Americans think women should be legally obligated to take their husbands’ last names, and 70% said it would be better if a woman changed her name.

“Women have made a lot of inroads in terms of employment, but what is more stalled in terms of gender inequality is in terms of what goes on in the home,” said Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer, the study’s author.

In one survey, conducted in 2010, presented respondents with a fictitious scenario: Carol has spent extra time in the office working toward a promotion while her husband, Bill Cook, is having to do more around the house. Respondents were then randomly assigned to situations where Carol took Bill’s last name, kept her maiden name, Sherman, or hyphenated to Sherman-Cook.

The survey asked how committed Carol was to her husband, how many days each week Bill should be OK with Carol working late and how justified Bill would be in divorcing Carol. On all three questions, Shafer found that almost all respondents did not think differently of the woman regardless of surname choice. Yet men with low education did think that Carol was less committed if she kept her name and that Bill would be more justified in divorcing her.

Shafer said she included information about Carol’s job as a way to eliminate bias for people who may think they were supposed to say that they do not care whether the woman changed

The results show that women may still get push back in their personal lives once they are seen as putting themselves before their marriage or their family, Shafer said. While people may not judge a woman who keeps her surname, they might have strong opinions as to what is best for a woman, Shafer added.

While Shafer’s overall findings indicate these perceptions around surname are changing somewhat, she still thinks the issue is here to stay, a  USA Today report on the study surmised.

“Surname choice is one of those things that has really stuck,” she said. “The changes in women’s personal lives are behind those in their professional lives.”

Super Bowl: Let’s Talk What’s Hot and Trending with Ads

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With the big game one day away, the teams are focusing on their game plans and the advertisers are doing the same.  Although a Super Bowl ad is a yearly tradition for some companies, others save their entire ad budgets for the exposure.

Over the past 30 days, there have been more than 75,000 social posts related to Super Bowl Advertising, but 40,000 of those have been posted just in the past seven days, according to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

So, who’s leading the way in pre-game Super Bowl ad hype?  Over the past seven days, Snickers has been mentioned in relation to the Super Bowl 5,046 times, while Skittles comes in second at 4,444 and Mr. Clean 4,278.

Snickers is debuting what it is calling the first live Super Bowl commercial ever and the buzz around it has included more than 1.4 million YouTube views of the teaser.

In its Super Bowl ad debut, Mr. Clean has gotten a lot of buzz with its new take on cleaning, with this USA Today post claiming “Mr. Clean Gets a Little Dirty in New Ad” and garnering more than 28,000 likes.

One company that has received a lot of attention is Heinz – for choosing to not advertise in this year’s big game, but instead investing that $5 million plus that it would have spent on an ad in giving its employees the day off the Monday after the Super Bowl, using the hashtag #smunday, a campaign to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday.  Heinz may be on to something, as Super Bowl Monday as a national holiday sounds like a good idea to many Americans and the hashtag has caught on with more than 2,800 social posts in the past seven days.

With multiple ads for multiple brands, Anheuser Busch is getting a lot of mentions – but is still only in fifth place among brands mentioned.  But this trailer for its ad for Budweiser, racked up 23,000 Facebook views.

In the last 24 hours, no company has been mentioned more than Skittles, with more than 3,000 posts in just the past day, featuring Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch taking the candy to Houston, Scotland.

Among the top hashtags trending over the past week, Skittles’ #TasteTheRainbow has realized an increase of more than 4,000 percent in the past week, while Intel’s #ExperienceMore has jumped 143 percent.

Trending brands related to the Super Bowl include Mr. Clean, up 931 percent in the past week, Ford Motor Company up 274 percent and Super Bowl participant The New England Patriots, up 256 percent.

Talkwalker ( is one of the world’s leading social data intelligence companies. Its cutting edge technology provides actionable social media insights through real-time social listening and advanced social media analytics. Talkwalker helps marketers to prove the value of their social efforts and significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of business decision-making. Talkwalker’s state of the art social intelligence platform monitors and analyzes online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs, forums and more, in over 187 languages. Its 1500 servers process posts from 150 million websites every day. Talkwalker’s unique social intelligence software was selected to become a Twitter Official Partner in 2014.

National Donut Day: DIY Recipe & Where to Get A Free Donut Today

home made donuts

I cannot believe we’re back at National Donut Day again! It feels like we were just celebrating it moments ago! I picked up a couple of donuts for my eldest kid home from school after graduating from Middle School this week.  There are lots of donut shops giving away free donuts today.

USA Today has a list. Or…if you are adventurous and want to do it yourself, you can follow this recipe from

  1. 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  2. 4 Tbsp sugar
  3. 3 Tbsp butter, softened
  4. 1/2 tsp salt
  5. 1/2 cup milk or kefir
  6. 1 egg
  7. 2 tsp Active Dry Yeast
  8. 1/2 cup tangzhong (see just below-don’t worry, it’s super easy)
  9. Oil for frying
Tangzhong (also see picture above)
  1. 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  2. 1 cup water
  1. 3 cups powdered sugar
  2. 1/2 cup water or milk (I like to use water) (You can use less water if you want the glaze thicker- maybe start with 1/3 cup instead)
  3. 4 tsp vanilla
Get the rest of the Instructions Here!

Arizona Family Claims Pope Francis Cured Their Baby’s Heart Problems

pope miracle

This week, many in America on the East Coast are scrambling about for a chance to see or touch the Pope Francis during the pontif’s first official visit to the United States as the head of the Catholic Church

And now Reuters is reporting that a family in Phoenix, Arizona believes the Pope cured their ill baby with multiple health problems.

“The Pope healed our baby’s heart,” Lynn Cassidy told the service, explaining how her then 3-month old daughter, Ave, got better right after meeting the Pope.
She called the incident “as close to a miracle as we’ll ever see, I’m sure.”

Ave has Down syndrome and was born with eye problems, hearing complications and two holes in her heart.

During an Easter of 2014 family trip to Rome to see Francis in person during the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII, they got in a rope line for a chance to meet him.

“It was raining,” Cassidy said,  she tells USA Today. “We were told that if we stood on a barricade in St. Peter’s Square, the metal fences in front, the Pope would  come by in his ‘Pope’-mobile.”
They waited long before the motorcade turned into union square and Ave’s  dad held her up in the air, reports say.
“It was like the Lion King,” Cassidy said of the encounter. “The secret service person, Johnny, stopped and took her from Scott and held her up to the Pope. The Pope asked my husband, ‘How old is she?
What’s her name?’ He told [the Pope] she has two holes in her heart. When we got home in May, we went back to the cardiologist for a check-up. One of the holes was completely closed and one was half the size.”

The family has a photo of the moment in their living room.

“I mean it’s possible that it closes just over time,” she said. “But when you see the picture that the professional photographer took, his hand is here and he’s a servant of God.”

After two eye surgeries, Ave now has two hearing aids, but her heart is healthy.

Kim Kardashian’s Rocky road to pregnancy- before and after

kim kardashian getty

This week, Kim Kardashian announced she and her husband Kanye West are expecting their second child. It was big news for less than a half a day when it was overshadowed by her step dad Bruce reveal in Vanity Fair magazine of his new transgender identity as Caitlyn Jenner.

Throughout all the amplified media attention over that news, Kardashian is dealing with severe morning sickness, USA Today reports . She appeared cool and collected rocking a black sheer and stud embellished Proenza Schouler dress with her hubby on the red carpet to Monday night’s CDFA Awards at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on June 1, 2015 in New York City.

In fact, the road to pregnancy and all involved with the state of pregnancy has been rocky for Kardashian.  The reality TV star battled harsh criticism over her weight gain and choice of maternity wear for the last pregnancy, then by its end she developed preeclamsia-triggered extreme high blood pressure. She had to have an emergency pre-term c-section caused by complications from that condition, and another problem with her uterine lining.

Then, on her journey to expand her family, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast member stumbled upon complications and experienced infertility for eight months before becoming successful with the help of in vitro fertiliztion.  A source to PEOPLE  magazine reported that the business mogul had to repair the lining of her uterus which was the source of a lot of her complications to conceive.

One has to just chuckle about the amount of reporting on one woman’s reproductive organs. Phew!

The family, which includes almost 2-year old Nori West, will welcome the new addition this December.


And of course, as could be expected, the comments and tweets came flowing in joking that this baby will be named, South West.

Funny stuff!

Dad blogger starts petition to turn ‘Amazon Mom’ to ‘Amazon Family’

After dad blogger Oren Miller of A Blogger and a Father passed away this past weekend, the lung cancer victim’s dad blogger pal Daniel Pelfrey took up on of Miller’s causes.
Pelfrey launched a petition to get’s Amazon Mom discount site to become Amazon Family. 
Pelfrey, who cares for he and his wife Laura’s 5 children full time while she works, created a Change.Org petition urging the company to change the name.
“Why are you choosing Amazon Mom instead of Amazon Family,” Daniel states in his petition addressing Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos. “It’s a small change, but it is, I think a significant one that Amazon could make to be inclusive to all families.”
Currently, Pelfrey has gotten about 6,000 out the targeted 10,000 signatures.
“To only act as if moms are the caregivers always struck me as odd,” Daniel told USA Today.

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Online retailer to sell baby bottles resembling a beer bottle

An online novelty gift company is set to release a baby bottle designed like a beer bottle. It is alarming child advocacy organizations.
Perpetual Kid revealed that starting next month, it will begin selling the Chill, Baby Lil Lager Baby Bottle for $11.99. The company says it is marketing a “hilarious” way to take nursing “to a new level.”
Some consider it funny but others like director of  the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism find it alarming.
“While a baby probably would not make the association between the baby bottle and beer bottles, older children in the house might, so we would argue that this could be an indirect promotion of underage drinking,” George F. Koob wrote to USA TODAY in an e-mail.
Your thoughts? Innocent fun or dangerous prop that sends wrong message?

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Survey: Children get up to $50 per tooth from the Tooth Fairy these days

Two percent of children receive $50 from the Tooth Fairy and 6% of kids wake up to a $20 bill under their pillow the morning after placing a tooth there the night before. 
An annual Visa survey, released this past August, state that the average amount of money that parents leave under their children’s pillows when playing the fairy is $3.70.  That is a 23% increase from just $3.00 a year prior in 2012.
When added up, a child would net $74 for all her/his baby teeth! 
The Tooth Fairy tradition started in the 1800s, USA Today writes. Traditionally, and for a long time, parents usually left loose change under the pillow but these days about 1/3 leave a dollar per tooth. 
According to the survey, parents in the Northeast got an average of $4.10 per tooth. In comparison, kids in the Midwest got about $3.30 per tooth.
Interesting info! How much do you leave for your child?

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Calm Down folks: Suri Cruise is NOT getting her own fashion label

So…despite rumors and Internet buzz to the contrary, Suri Cruise ( whose mom Katie Holmes is one of our early bumpwatched moms-to-be) is NOT getting a clothes line.

Sites like Jezebel had reported that Holmes and her ex-husband Tom Cruise had filed paperwork to launch a line in Suri’s name.

USA Today reports checking in with the family rep and confirming that the rumors are not true.

However, the site did point out that Vanity Fair has recently listed Suri as one of the best dressed children.

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4 in 10 Pregnancies are Unplanned

At least 4 in 10 pregnancies in every state were unwanted or mistimed, according to the first-ever state-level analysis of unintended pregnancies. According to the analysis released today, more than half of pregnancies in 29 states and the District of Columbia were unintended; 38% to 50% were unintended in the remaining states. 

Read More in USA Today
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