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No Gym Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Whether you’re expecting, just had a baby or finally thinking of getting in shape, you don’t have to worry about not having the time or money for the gym. There are many low to no costs exercises you can do at home to get into better shape. Some exercises you can do while watching TV or multitasking like going over drills with your kid for homework or to prep for a test.

Everyday Health came up with 8 exercises you can do at home to get fit, here are three of my faves:

Create Your Own dumbbells

Strength training is an important part of anyone’s fitness routine. Ideally, you should work all your major muscle groups at least two days per week. If you don’t have any dumbbells or traditional weights on hand, use plastic bottles or jugs filled with sand or water for an easy workout. Experiment with the size and fullness of the bottles until you find a weight that’s right for you.

Climb Stairs

Climb Stairs

According to the New York Times, running up steps might be the single best exercise of all. So channel your inner Rocky and use stairs in nearby buildings, stadiums, or in your own home for an easy workout. Climbing stairs causes you to lift your body weight, so you’ll strengthen your legs and hips and get cardio exercise at the same time. To get started with this at-home exercise, climb up a flight of stairs and then back down, going a little faster on the way down to keep up intensity. Build up to 10 minutes of nonstop stair-climbing.

Use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, which look like long, wide rubber bands or cords, are inexpensive, portable, and a great way to add strengthening practice to your home workout. You can use them for chest presses, arm curls, squats, and many other moves, and they come in different tensions. To purchase resistance bands, check your local sporting-goods store or online fitness supply sites.


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10 iPhone Apps to Help You Lose Baby Weight Fast



Having a baby is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that you’ll ever have. Unfortunately, the joys of motherhood are often accompanied by stubborn baby weight gained during pregnancy. Using the powerful and popular iPhone device in your pocket, you can actually manage your weight-loss efforts in a rational, reasonable way that adheres to your hectic schedule. Post-delivery weight loss is never easy, but it can be greatly simplified by the efforts of the developers of these 10 powerful and useful apps.

1. Post Pregnancy Weight Loss – Unlike general weight-loss and fitness apps, this $4.99 app is designed specifically with the needs of post-delivery new moms in mind. Based upon the concept of hypnotherapy for weight loss, this app from i-mobilize, incorporated may help you reach your post-baby weight loss goals.

2. Lose It! – Very highly rated by App Store users, this free app has been featured by such prominent media outlets as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. With an extensive database of foods and exercises, you can keep up with your diet and manage your weight loss goals reasonably.

3.Weightbot  – Tracking your weight with this $1.99 app is fun and easy, thanks to the clever interface and powerful functionality. Weightbot tracks your BMI and progress towards a set goal, showing real results for post-partum mommies in need of reassurance.

4. Prêt-à-Yoga – Juggling a new baby is difficult enough. Managing to fit in time to go to a yoga class is another story entirely. Bring yoga class to the comfort of your own home with this $0.99 app, which will allow you to get in some relaxing exercise while your new bundle of joy slumbers away.

5. Nike Training Club – Designed to be an all-inclusive fitness app, the free Nike Fitness Club is like carrying a personal trainer around in your pocket. In fact, you can even unlock exclusive workouts from celebrity trainer Ary Nuñez and from famous athletes. You can also work out to music in your own library while audio guidance provides you with the motivation you need to get your pre-baby body back.

6. 40•30•30 – Part of losing your baby weight is managing your diet properly. With this free app, you can maintain a 40%-30%-30% ratio of carbs, protein and fat. Balancing macronutrients is a snap with this app, which eliminates the need for complex equations while you’re caring for a new baby.

7. CrunchFu – With this $0.99 app, you can be sure that you’re doing crunches right without coaching from a personal trainer. Hold your iPhone to your chest, and CrunchFu will track your motion and provide relevant feedback. Before starting a workout regimen that includes crunches, however, you should consult with your obstetrician to be sure that you’re fully recovered and ready for abdominal exercise.

8. Digifit iCardio – With the capability to integrate with some of the most popular fitness apps available, the free Digifit iCardio app is a must-have tool for new moms who are ready to take back their pre-pregnancy body. Map runs and bike rides and record your time, distance and speed to get an accurate picture of how much you’re actually accomplishing when you work out.

9. Fast Food Calorie Counter – Parenthood is hectic, and doesn’t always leave time for a perfectly balanced meal. With the $0.99 Fast Food Calorie Counter, you can make sure that your drive-through options are the healthiest possible choices and keep up with the impact that a fast-food meal has on your diet. Count your calories, carbs and fat easily so that you can adjust your intake accordingly throughout the rest of the day.

10. Meal Snap – Calorie Counting Magic – When you’re navigating the unfamiliar territory of new parenthood, you’re not likely to have time for entering complex food items into a more complex nutrition app. With this $2.99 offering from DailyBurn, all you have to do is take a picture of your food and let Meal Snap do all the work. You’ll instantly receive the nutritional breakdown of what you’re about to eat. Meal Snap even helps you log your meals, so that you can keep track of your dietary habits over time.

8 Effective Post-Natal Exercises to help Drop Baby Weight Fast


If you’ve recently had a baby and have gotten the okay from your doctor to finally start exercising again, you still may find it tough to escape to a gym or maybe you don’t have a gym membership.

Maybe, you have exercise DVDs but no motivation to do them or want to mix up your routine. There are ways to get fit with your baby nearby or napping and while watching your fave TV shows .

These are 8 of my favorite old-school weight-bearing routines.

1. Push-ups – I find Push-ups are the BEST for getting toned arms. You don’t even need barbells. It’s great because it works out your deltoids, biceps and triceps all at once. Doing at least 3 sets of 10 reps each time you work out will get you sculpted Michelle Obama arms in no time.  To do them, start in plank position and then engage your core as you lower and raise your body.

2. Burpees – Everyone I know absolutely HATE this total body exercise. You basically have to engage every muscle in your body to perform it and that is why they are so effective. Start in a standing position, then drop down to a deep squat with your hands outside your feet. From there, jump your legs back and get into a plank then return to the deep squat. Then pop back up into a standing postion and with your arms in the air, jump straight up. They can also be a cardio exercise if you do at least 10 in a row without stopping too long in between.

3. Squats – This move is relatively simple to do and is perfect for lifting and getting a tone butt. Tgey also works your quads and hamstrings. I find they are great lower body exercise to do in front of the TV too. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Lower down into a sitting postion before standing  back up. Repeat for 10-15 reps for three sets.

4. Jumping Jacks – Speaking of cardio, the best way to get it in without any treadmill, stairclimber, spin bike or other exercise machine is by doing between 30-100 of these in one session continuously or straight for 2 minutes.

5. Lunges – Another power lower body workout are lunges. These too are popular for getting tight and sculpted legs. Start with your legs shoulder with apart with your hands on your hips. Then, step forward out about 90 degrees with one leg but be careful not to let your knees go beyond your feet. Alternate legs. Do 20 reps and 3 sets per session. You can do reverse lunges next by stepping back if you like

6. Running in place – To also get a good cardio work out, simply run in place for 1-2 minutes straight. Keep your knees high. You’ll work up a sweat and get your heart pumping

7. Planks – Another dreaded move are the planks, but these are the quickest way to work all the muscles in your abdominal area in one move. Start like you are going to do a push up, then lowerself down to your elbows and stay in that position for 30 seconds to a minute and work yourself up to a minute. You’ll definitely feel these the next day.

8. Mountain climbers – Finally, another good cardio and toning exercise are mountain climbers. Start in a plank position, then alternate each foot up toward your hand, right under your chest. The quicker you alternate, the more cardio the work out you’ll get. While in the plank postion, you are also working your upper body as well.

If you squeeze these moves in for about 20 to 30 minutes a day, or every other day, you’ll see the weight start to drop especially if you are breastfeeding or watching your caloric intake at the same time. On alternate days, go for a walk or short jog outdoors or do an exercise DVD. You need to mix up your workout to drop pounds and not plateau.

Good luck!

Kate Middleton maternity fave Madderson London hits a US store

One of the designers that Kate Middleton wore while pregnant with her daughter has hit the US shores!
Luxury British label Madderson London will be sold in US maternity apparel designer and retailer A Pea in the Pod starting next month. 
The store will start by stocking five Madderson styles including an exclusive version of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge‘s  Naomi shift dress (above). The A Pea in the Pod version is made of navy jersey, updated with new French tweed in green, gold and white statement accents on the pockets and hemline.
The label was founded in 2012 by Sara Madderson and Helen Hughes and features maternity and womenswear targeting style-conscious fashion mavens. 
The initial collection will also feature a silk dress, solk tops and a navy cardigan ranging in price from $155 to $299. It will also be available at select Destination Maternity stores. 
New styles will stock in the Fall.

A Pea in the Pod is a fave and has been worn by many of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums including Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie, Amy Adams, Busy Philipps and others.

Here are the other styles:

Silk Adjustable  Bow Neck Maternity Top

Button Embellished Maternity Cardigan

Elbow Sleeve Pleated Maternity Dress

Elbow Sleeve Pocket Maternity dress, a version of Kate Middleton fave “Naomi” dress

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Maternity Styling Tips for a Chic Pregnancy

Online family clothing retailer Zulily.com is having its Maternity Week and has released its second annual best dressed bump list which includes some of the celebrity moms we cover here in Bellyitchblog: Carrie Underwood, Tamera Mowry Housley and Zooey Deschanel, among others. 
To commemorate the week of specialized looks for less showcased on the site this week and award season, its Maternity Fashion Expert Robin Otto offers these great styling tips and tricks for expecting mothers everywhere:
#1- Invest in a great pair of maternity jeans. 
Purchase a pair of over-the-belly denim when you are about 13-16 weeks along.  It may seem unnecessary in the early stages, but you will be grateful that you have them once you hit the 6-month mark. 
*Style Tip: you can fold over the belly to create an underbelly jean if you do not fill out the belly band or if you need added support at the hip area.  You can also do the same thing after pregnancy, stretching (pun intended!) the life of your jeans.
#2- Look for side-ruched tops
“Side ruched” tops are great because they hide the early pregnancy belly when you haven’t quite popped yet, as well as camouflage any problem areas after baby has arrived. 
*Style Tip: Look out for tees like that are 100% cotton.  They do not hold their shape as well as tops with a spandex blend.

#3 Buy true maternity wear instead of just going up a size. 
Maternity clothes are fit to a pregnant model and designed with a drape to accommodate a growing baby bump. Invest in key pieces to get you comfortably through pregnancy. 
*Style Tip: If you want to utilize some of your pre-pregnancy wear, put on your pre-pregnancy blazers and cardigans open and pair them with a fitted maternity tee and maternity pants.

Following these suggestions should get you well on your way to a stylish pregnancy.

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How to get your ‘Date Night’ groove back

Today’s modern parents aren’t prioritizing their romance any longer.  According to a Care.com poll, more than 1 in 3 parents said that their last date night was so long ago…they don’t even remember when it happened.  In fact, Care.com also found that nearly half of parents said they took less than three date nights in 2014 (15% took zero!).

Couples that have children need to make dating one another a priority. So if running an errand together was the closest thing to a date night you’ve had in a while, then it’s time to bring back date night.

Schedule  it in: 

Just like you schedule your kid’s soccer practice and play dates, it’s important to schedule (and prioritize!) a date night to reconnect with your partner. By physically entering it into your calendar, it’s more likely to happen too. You So start by having the conversation. Sit down and say, we need this. I need this. I think it can make us an even stronger couple to get out of the house without the distraction of laundry.. And Shark Tank!

Spice and Mix it Up: 

According to recent studies on the longevity of romantic love, couples need to do something novel to keep things spicy.So instead of the typical dinner and a movie, think about going art gallery hopping and guessing what that abstract really means. Or take advantage of all the New Year gym deals and get creative with a cardio class…after all, someone’s bound to be sore the next day and that’s a great excuse for a massage.

Of course, if you haven’t gone out in a while, start w a restaurant you are dying to try. And then work your way up to double dates and more unique outings.

Quick Date Night Suggestions: 

Some alone time is better than never having any alone time! So if you need to rush back home to your little ones, there are a bunch of different ways to have a “quickie date night”.

Consider making just a date night dessert run to your local cupcake shop to satisfy your sweet tooth and to have some quality one-on-one time. It’s the perfect way to cap night.

We get it – you want to rush home after work to your kids. But sometimes, it’s important to take a moment to spend some time with your partner before getting back to the chaos of little ones. After work, consider doing a “happy hour” (or even “happy half hour”) at a local wine bar to catch up on the day. Bonus – you get to spend some QT on the commute home.

After the kids are tucked in bed, resist plopping on the couch and watching TV! Instead, open a bottle of wine and catch up on the day’s highlights now that there’s some quiet in the house. You can even try your hand at a puzzle as a soothing activity before bed.

Another great idea is to hit the road. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, visiting a local park or hiking a trail, being outdoors can have a refreshing impact on your relationship. Bonus? You burn calories too!

Guest post by Katie Bugbee, Care.com Senior Managing Editor & Global Parenting Expert

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Trend Alert: Swap parties let moms get new wardrobe for FREE!

Bellyitch Rewind
A few years ago, during the early stages of the worldwide downturn in the global economy, a new trend emerged where women of various age ranges and demographics would get together and exchange clothes, accessories, shoes, coats and more. Swap parties were all the rage because they were a very easy way to get a new wardrobe of gently worn clothes for FREE! It’s a great place to get transition clothes too for new moms working on getting back down to their pre-pregnancy size.
I attended my second swap party this weekend after scoring BIG during my first one this past spring.  Before attending, I went through my drawer, closets and storage containers and assembled a barrel of clothes and accessories I don’t wear any longer, don’t think will fit me or I haven’t been able to make work in my wardrobe fashion-wise. About a dozen of  us met at a mutual friend’s home. We arranged clothes by season, style and garment.  There was a pile of work pants, a pile of party tops, a clothes rack for dresses and coats, a section for shoes and handbags etc. Some items came with the price tags still attached. You know how women tend to purchase items and then never wear them ever and they just hang out in their closet for months or years?

It was great that all the women made sure to bring their top designer or high quality clothes and items that they managed to maintain in tip top condition. I saw Christian Dior saddle bags, Cole Haan boots, and a variety of other fab pieces I had my eye on and prayed would fit me and still be around during my turn to pick.
The way it works is we drew numbers and took turns going around the room and selected several pieces to try on and got to keep one item until the next round when we could get two items. The final rounds were a free for all.  It was better than shopping at a consignment shop or a thrift store because even at those places you have to pay something, even if it is a steeply discounted something.
It made me happy to see others delight in my beloved garments. I didn’t but could’ve brought along all of my fab expensive maternity designer clothes that I purchased for my pregnancies for one particular mom-to-be who was nice enough to send all of her exquisite Kate Spades, Jimmy Choos and Nine West boots that she could no longer fit and decided would not wear after her feet got swollen during her last two pregnancies.  Too bad no one could fit in her tiny size 5 1/2 -6 feet.  
Boy did I clean up. I got:

  • A tweed cropped jacket by Zara
  • A suede trenchcoat by Guess
  • A corduroy faux fur collar and cuff lined coatjacket by Zara
  • A grey corduroy blazer by Tulle
  • A black wool coat by Banana Republic
  • A cream-colored pashmina
  • A pair of purple fishnets
  • A pair of mauve patent leather ballet shoes by MeToo
  • A low back black and gold patterened peasant top by Guess
  • A patterened minidress by BCBG Maxazria
  • A pair of boot cut denim jeans by GAP
  • Black running pants by Nike
  • Brown pinstripe slacks by Banana Republic
  • Plum colored cappe sleeve turtleneck by French Connection
  • A silk blend brown and tan striped turtleneck by Banana Republic
  • A handcrafted cloth hobo resort bag with wooden handle and accents
  • A tomato colored button down chunky cardigan by Tulle
All for FREE!

The key is to get women in varying sizes with similar style aesthetic as you and from different social circles together. Keep it intimate so you’re not there forever waiting to go around. You’re bound to come home with a big bag of great new clothes and your husband won’t cringe over your shopping bill because there won’t be one!
I highly recommend swap parties to circles of friends who want a new wardrobe for 100% off!  Guests can bring wine, desserts and drinks for the host and a good time can be had by all. You never can go wrong with free! 

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International Bump Watch: Bollywood’s Sameera Reddy at the airport

The bump watch phenomenon isn’t unique to the United States and Western nations. Nope, anywhere there is an active movie and music industry (Nigeria, South Africa, India, Phillipines, Pakistan, etc), there is a corps of celebrities who get married and have babies.
The buzz this weekend was about a sighting of Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy being spotted at the airport recently.
The starlet, who married entrepreneur Akshai Varde in a very private wedding last January 2014, has been keeping low key, according to Indian gossip blogs.  
Sameera was last seen onscreen in the Kannada film Varadhanayaka, but remained private and cautious about the pregnancy, and is staying off radar for a spell. 
She looked cool, stylish and comfy in a striped t-shirt, framed with a black cardigan and worn with black tights and ballet flats. That’s the perfect airport and pregnant lady look, if you ask us. 
photo: IndiaTV News

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National Yoga Month: Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga Fitness Guide

September is National Yoga Month. Expecting moms too, once cleared by their docs, can use yoga to stay fit and after to peel off the weight.

These tips from yoga instructor and fitness instructor Julie Wilcox  from her latest blog post , reprinted with permission, provide pretty comprehensive guide, including dietary suggestions for the yoga-loving moms-to-be.

Pre-Natal Tips

The first trimester is the most sensitive time for the baby’s development (the brain and nervous system are forming), which means you must always approach your exercise with extra caution.
Buy exercise and yoga clothes that make you feel both comfortable and sexy with your baby bump.
Buy a heart rate monitor so that you can stay within the limit advised by your doctor. General guidelines used to recommend that all pregnant women keep their heart rate below 140 beats per minute however, today there are no specific heart rate limits: The Department Of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for healthy pregnant women-preferably spread throughout the week without any specific heart rate limits.
Choose safe yet effective workout options such as walking, the elliptical machine, slow jogging, moderate biking (not spinning, unless you are super careful about heart rate elevation), stair master, tai chi, hiking, yoga and swimming. 
Other than during the first trimester when it’s okay to do light abdominal crunches, avoid sit-ups in the second and third trimesters. 
Cat/cows and planks are nice core strengtheners you can do safely throughout your pregnancy. 
The key is to stay off your back because the weight of the uterus when reclined can decrease blood flow to the fetus.  

Establish your weekly cardio/strength training and yoga schedule, alternating between the two day-to-day.

An effective program might look like this:

  • Cardio and Strength Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Pre-Natal Yoga Tuesdays and Saturdays. Follow these guidelines in your yoga practice:
  • Always keep your legs far apart enough to make room for your baby bump
  • Avoid deep back bending
  • Avoid deep twists
  • Avoid inversions
  • Incorporate restorative yoga in your yoga practice to reduce stress if you are particularly anxious during your pregnancy

Your muscles are more flexible when pregnant due to hormonal changes (more oxytocin). 

Always exercise and practice yoga with this in mind, being extra careful not to stretch too far. It is easy to pull and tear muscles, tendons and ligaments due to their increased elasticity. 
Avoid excessive external environmental heat as well because it too increases the elasticity of soft tissue.

 Lift light weights to keep your muscles strong and toned.  Heavy weights come with the risk of excessive strain on the body. It’s best to do more repetitions with lighter weights during pregnancy.

Make sure to get enough sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, learn Yoga Nidra, which is the yoga of sleep.

Meditate: Meditation will help keep you and your baby calm.

Make sure to eat healthy and nutritious foods remembering that general guidelines explain that pregnancy only requires approximately 300 more calories per day. According to the NIH, the right amount of calories to eat for most pregnant women is 18000 during the first trimester, 2200 during the second and 2400 during the third.


Below are examples of some great meal options


  • Egg White Omelet (with veggies)
  • Homemade Muesli
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal With Walnuts, Maple Syrup and Cardamom
  • Smoothie (organic all natural fruits with low-fat milk or almond milk) topped With Low-Fat Granola


  • Salads With Protein (stay away from high mercury fish)
  • Vegan Soups (legumes add extra protein) With Whole Grain Toast And Nut Butter


  • Carrots with hummus
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Kind Bars
  • Green Juice


  • Fish And Lean Meats With Veggies
  • Vegetarian Protein Mains With Vegetable Sides
  • Whole Grains

It’s important to get enough Folic Acid in your diet. Ask your doctor if you need supplements.


Want to get in to incredible post-birth shape? Once your doctor says that you are ready to get back to your ideal body, you can do the following:

1.     Increase the intensity and duration of your cardio workouts (1 hour is a good amount of time for weight loss) as well as the frequency to 5-6 days a week. You can add back more vigorous, various and challenging forms of exercise including spinning, dance classes and HIIT.

2.     Establish a serious abdominal strengthening program, 4 days a week, working all of the different abdominal groups.

3.     Add weight to your strength and toning exercises to maintain and enhance muscle definition.

4.     Get back to regular yoga classes and try flow yoga, which burns more calories than more static forms of yoga (and if you are intermediate to advanced in your practice). Core yoga classes are also great for the post-natal period.

5.     Continue to eat healthy and balanced nutritious foods, again only allowing for about 300 extra calories per day – only if you are breast feeding.

6.     Make sure to use the proper muscles to pick up your baby and make sure to use your muscles evenly (switch sides regularly). This will help avoid low back, neck and shoulder tweaks.

7.     Continue to work on your flexibility. The more flexibly you are, the more you can prevent injury due to new movements your baby will require.

8.     Continue to meditate, practice restorative yoga and yoga nidra, especially if you are sleep deprived. Research shows that meditation can be as effective as sleep in providing rest. Each of these forms of yoga reduces stress and will help you deal with all of your new parenting challenges.

9.     Get weekly bodywork. You deserve regular massages! Bodywork helps reduce stress and also any aches and pains due to your new mommy movements.

Good luck, mamas!

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Back to School: 5 Superfoods breakfast to fuel your day

As the school year starts, getting a healthy nutritious breakfast to keep one going becomes more and more important for kids and parents. 
Nutritionist offers these tips of 5 nutrient-rich breakfast items that can fuel your day. 
  1. Soothing Sips 
    Green tea usually gets all the attention, but black tea is packed with theaflavins, antioxidants that a study from Rutgers University in New Jersey suggests may speed up recovery from muscle soreness after exercise. Drinking a cup of any brand of black team may also reduce risk of heart attack – plus it’s a great way to warm up on a chilly fall morning.
  2. Go with Grains:
    If you’re looking for a heartier breakfast choice, go with the powerful superfood combo of Oats and Greek yogurt. The oats are a source of soluble fiber which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, in addition to lowering cholesterol. Greek Yogurt has double the amount of protein as regular yogurt, in addition to probiotics that aid digestion and boost the immune system. However, regular yogurt has roughly 10% more calcium than Greek yogurt, so if calcium is your focus, you might want to stick with regular yogurt.

    To add some color and antioxidants to your bowl, add some blueberries. In addition to antioxidants, this popular superfood contains potassium and Vitamin C. It also has a high water content, which makes them a great source of hydration for your skin and entire body.
  3. Pile on the Protein
    If you’re looking for extra protein in your breakfast, an omelet is a great choice. I recommend Egg Whites, which have a high amount of lean protein that will keep you fuller, longer. They also help you maintain strong bones, muscles, nails, and hair. Along with your eggs,Spinach is a leafy-green packed with antioxidants that will make a great addition to your dish. Just one cup of Spinach provides about twice the daily requirement of Vitamin K, which plays an important role in cardiovascular and bone health. Toss in some sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta cheese and your omelet will be filled with enough nutrients to get you through the day.
  4. Fresh, Flavorful Fruit
    Fruit is a great addition to any breakfast – especially Grapefruit. It’s packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C that provide anti-aging benefits, boost immunity, as well as help in lowering cholesterol. All you need is a half of grapefruit to get all its nutrients – and feel free to sprinkle a little sugar on top for added flavor
Michele McRae, MS, CN – Certified Nutritionist at Rainbow Light:

Michele McRae is a nutritional counselor, certified nutritionist and formulator at Rainbow Light. With 18 years in the Nutrition field, Michele’s firm belief in holistic, natural health has allowed her to understand and perfect her formula for health success with patients in the form of eating organic, healthy whole-foods and partnering a clean diet with natural supplements and vitamins.