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A Pregnant Natalie Portman Swims Bare Belly in James Blake’s Newest Video


Days before giving birth, Natalie Portman starred in the recently released music video for James Blake’s  song “My Willing Heart,” released on Monday.

In the black and white video which Anna Rose Holmer directed, the Jackie and The Black Swan actress floats in a swimming pool and is later seen in a room caressing her bare baby belly to the melodic but haunting song.

The Oscar- winning actress and her choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied welcomed daughter Amala days after wrapping up shooting of the video. The couple also have a 5-year-old son, Aleph.

The song appears on the British singer/songwriter’s critically acclaimed 2016 album, “The Colour in Anything.” He is famous for experimenting with different styles of music, including electronic and rap.

Natalie may have been one of the first celeb women to appear in a music video so close to delivery but she wasn’t the first to shoot a video while heavily pregnant.

In 2011, Beyonce was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy in her Countdown Video. That year, P!nk was also visibly pregnant with her daughter Willow in her girls empowerment song “F*&>Perfect”.

Before then, Canadian -born artist Deborah Cox showed off her 3rd trimester belly in the later frames of her “Beautiful U R” video” which is also about female empowerment and self esteem.  Finally, Whitney Houston, was also uplifting women in her remake of Chaka Khan‘s “I’m Every Woman” and was pregnant with her daughter Bobbi Kristina. (RIP to both of them)


Ashley Tisdale Becomes the Latest False Celeb Bump Speculation Victim


In 2009, we did a piece on the celebrity bump watch speculation which is often times fueled by the public’s new found obsession with celeb pregnancy.

The”bump watch” also causes many in the media and public to falsely believe that a usually svelte female star is expecting if she shows up on a red carpet even slightly heavier than usual or if she is spotted by paparazzi with a tiny post-big meal tummy

It has happened to P!nk, Tia Mowry, Lady Gaga and more recently High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale

A photo of the actress and director on the arrival carpet of Elton John’s annual star-studded Oscar viewing party on Sunday night was released on social media

After various folks commented asking if she was expecting, Tisdale took notice and clapped back on Twitter.

“The pressure to being perfect is a struggle. No im not pregnant, I’m just happy and haven’t been strict on my diet but thanks for the reminder,” she tweeted.

The sleek royal purple dress she wore accented a beautiful and slightly curvy frame.

The 31-year old has been married to husband Christopher French since 2014 and recently said she feels no pressure to become a mom.

“Oh no, no,” Ashley told Access Hollywood. “I’m obviously married. But I don’t feel any pressure. For me and my husband, we just want to be together and travel. And we’re really focused on work right now, so there is no pressure. I’m just really loving life right now.”



Kandi Burruss’ 1-Year Old has 300+K Instagram Followers and His Own Baby Products Line


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss‘ son Ace Wells Tucker turned one yesterday and at that tender age, the young squire has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and a successful baby product line named for him, Raising Ace.

Burruss, who made millions penning chart-topping platinum hits for pops acts like TLC, Mariah Carey, P!nk, N’Sync, Destiny’s Child, Usher and Alicia Keys, is a sophisticated business mogul who runs a direct sales adult toy line called Bedroom Kandi, an online talk show, Kandi Coated Nights, her own record label and is working on opening up a restaurant in Atlanta with husband Todd Tucker, a freelance producer who met Burruss while working production for Bravo  TV.

It was a no-brainer to convert all those adoring fans of their infant son into potential buyers. The line focuses on three iconic animals; the panda bear who just like a baby eats and sleeps all day; the giraffe who with its long neck represents the growing baby into toddlerhood; and the fox who represents the transformation into a clever young child, the About page reads. “Building on this theme, the Raising Ace designs are represented in both iconic and illustrative vintage inspired forms throughout the collection,” it concludes.


Because social good is always a great way to do biz, they promise to donate a percentage of the profits from sales to non-profit organizations that support single parents, parents struggling to get by, and organizations that promote parenting education. Todd Tucker, Kandi’s husband,  was raised by a single mom and has a daughter Kaela from a previous relationship who lives with him and his step daughter Riley, who Burruss raised as a single mom, herself.

Designer Mathieu Pung is the brains behind the high quality unisex children’s products with a unique design style. Items range from $5.99 to $39.99 and are of a modest and affordable price point for the cute designs and top quality product you receive. Good stuff! Go get it, Ace!

To celebrate his birthday, he offered his followers 20% off his line! Cute and marketing savvy!

For Ace’s birthday we giving 20% off of all #RaisingAce products! RaisingAce.com @shopraisingace

A photo posted by Ace Wells Tucker (@acewellstucker) on

Your Breakfast News Roundup is Here! ICYMI Posts


Season’s Greetings Bellyitch Friends!

We figure that you were probably busy with your family, Christmas shopping, Hanukkah prep and therefore, probably missed a few Bellyitch Posts. So, we’ve rounded them up for you.

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12 Celebrity Women Who Didn’t Rush to Peel Off Pregnancy Weight

celeb post baby weight

clockwise: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Simmons, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Reese Witherspoon, Shakira, Kerry Washington, Hilary Duff, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jessica Simpson and Kristen Bell, all took their time to shed pregnancy weight gain.

There is tremendous pressure on women to get back to pre-pregnancy size after having a baby. Celebrities who make their living by looking a certain way are under even more pressure. Many succumb and take extreme measures to peel off the weight. We’ve heard rumors about post-C-section liposuction, stomach stapling and other tactics being used. It doesn’t help that many gossip magazines love to flaunt post-baby celebs on their covers, sort of tauntingly telling other women they should be able to do the same.

Then there are those who do not buckle to the same exceptions and take their time. Christina Aguilera embraced her post baby curves but then was slammed heavily by the public and critics who were used to seeing her 100 lb frame from when she first launched her music career a decade earlier. She eventually dropped most of the weight but still remained an advocate for women to take care of themselves first.

“Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers, the givers, the providers of a comfortable home,” she told  Women’s Health magazine. “We’re expected to be pregnant, have the kids, breastfeed once we have the babies. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby, right? Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested – because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. There’s such a long list.”

The platinum-album selling powerhouse singer added that deprivation is not the thing.

“I’m not into deprivation; I’m not into suffering into getting a great body or the body that you want,” The Voice coach said. “I’m into enjoying life, being conscious and aware, but also breathing into yourself and owning what you got.”

It was not the first time she had to get active  and defend her weight.

Before she even became a mother, back in 2002, during the promotion of her album “Stripped” in 2002, she told Billboard magazine,” I got tired of being a skinny, white girl.”  She added after gaining 15 pounds and returning for a break browner and with piercings, the label lost it and told her if she didn’t lose the weight people, some people would be out of a job because she wouldn’t sell albums any longer. Aguilera buckled but later, older reclaimed her confidence and didn’t let them control her body any longer.

“I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl,” the Daily Mail reported her saying. ‘You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it.’They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t belong to them. It’s my body…My body can’t put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore—my body is just not on the table that way anymore.”

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt also didn’t rush to shed the baby weight. She acknowledged it takes a lot of time to recover after a baby.

“I’ve been doing Zumba, and I’ve worked it out so the baby’s been doing Zumba with me,” Hewitt told US Weekly in 2014. “We dance together, and I carry her as a weight so we’ve been having fun that way. The body takes about six months to fully come back so I haven’t wanted to injure myself so I’ve been swimming because it’s low impact on my system.”

Hilary Duff kept it real with her fans when she shared how tough she had it trying to get back into shape. “’20 minutes on the elliptical seems like an eternity!!! What the hell…’,she shared in a tweet.

Kristen Bell famously told Redbook magazine after giving birth to her first child, daughter Lincoln, in 2013.

“I’d like to get back down to where I was before the baby,” she said. “But if this is where my body wants to be, so be it. I’m not going to make myself miserable for the rest of my life trying to get back to where I was before.”

In 2011, Tisha Campbell-Martin opened up about working hard to unpeel 40 extra pounds she gained during her second pregnancy. Her post baby weight gain was actually worked into the plot while she was on My Wife & Kids.

In 2015, P!nk too had to call out social media critics of her weight gain. “I feel beautiful,” she clapped back at them. “So, my good and concerned peoples, please don’t worry about me (sic). I’m not worried about me. And I’m not worried about you either. I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off.”

Last year, Kerry Washington also opened up about not rushing to get back to pre-baby size. “I’ve been really focused on not being ‘back’ to anything, but being the best version of myself right now,” she said in an issue of Self magazine. My body is the site of a miracle now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle.”

Jessica Simpson, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Reese Witherspoon and Vanessa Simmons all looked beautiful carrying the extra pounds and didn’t let the noisy body-shaming critics get to them. Bravo ladies! It’s wonderful to see influential women being healthy body role models.

Ayesha Curry, Kim K & Amber Rose: Can Social Media Please Just Let Celeb Moms Live? Let’s Recap…

celeb moms

The Internet is back at it again pitting various celebrity moms against one another and putting them in boxes to be judged, analyzed, picked a part and torn down.

This round, after Kim Kardashian infamously posted a nude selfie this week, she got support from the likes of Sharon Osbourne (who posted her own nude selfie) and Christina Milian (who retweeted Kim K’s second nude selfie with the caption “Love Yourself”), but then also criticized by Bette Midler, Piers Morgan and others, including another one of our blog faves P!nk. Conservative media jumped right on it.

In comes a  fellow Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Amber Rose  who jumped into the fray to call out P!nk for “slut shaming” Kim and of course because Blac Chyna (who recently reportedly broke up with Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian) is ex-besties with Kim and current bffs with Amber, she got dragged into it the mix.

Well we knew that another blog fave, chef and business entrepreneur Ayesha Curry who is married to NBA Basketball star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors wouldn’t be far behind.

Ayesha trended this morning after someone shared a mini video of her greeting her husband with confetti in the arena tunnel after a tough loss.


And needless to say, people couldn’t handle all that wholesomeness. It was perfect timing with all the Kim K stuff that folks resurrected one of Ayesha’s old tweet from last December where she criticized clothing (not any person), tweeting,” Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matter” and adding, “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week. #saturdaynightinsight” Now folks are back at it comparing Ayesha Curry with Kim K. le sigh The social media memes have been off the Richter these past weeks.  Young women are declaring whether they are Kim Kardashian, Ayesha Curry or Amber Rose as if…. The common thread in much of this all is that people (mainly men) are characterizing these celeb moms based on their choice of clothing and how they present themselves in the mass or social media and a few choice words they may have tweeted or captioned in a photo.

sexist men
Current mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen even chimed in:


No one knows much about these women, their parenting styles, their intimate thoughts and their personal inside relationships with the people closest to them. We only know what they choose to put out there in the media and share with the world. Granted being a celebrity and major influential figure like these women are, their every move is scrutinized and over analyzed to the point of exhaustion every day.

Nonetheless, from what I see, they each care for their children, show them love often and prioritize them highly, irrespective of any other parts of their lives, they all seem to be great moms. Of course,  I don’t know if the nanny spends more time with their children but it doesn’t appear that way to me, and even if so, who are we to judge?

I do not mean to suggest that the role of mother supersedes all else but it is a very important one that sits high on top of all their other duties, jobs and responsibilities, even as public figures.

I am totally over the penchant of social media and especially misogynistic male bloggers to reduce these four individuals down to carefully crafted caricatures of what makes a model woman/wife/mom to be placed inside a glass box and used as a tool to criticize other women, black feminism, and put their own spin on things.

Meanwhile, Bette, P!nk and any one else critical of Kim K drew the ire of feminist writers. 

But at the end of the day (what a cliché thing to say), it really boils down to labels and boxes that we as a society insist on slapping on women and mothers. It’s not done in a same negative way to men or fathers and that is unfair.

All of this is occurring during the same week of International Women’s Day and smack dab in the middle of Women’s History Month. 

Can’t we all just lay off and live and let live?

I think the website Blavity did a good job summarizing this when the staff wrote in a recent piece, “the lesson of the day is that women are human beings, not adjectives, and not clones of who men deem worthy of their attention. Fall in love with who you fall in love with, and if you haven’t yet, keep your bitterness to yourself.”



Tia Mowry says People Asking Her if She’s Pregnant are ‘Body-Shaming’


Well here is another case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”

Back in 2013, when Tia Mowry Hardrict  lost a ton  of weight after having her first child and became vegan, her fans all complained that she was too thin. Some begged her to gain more weight.

Now that the Instant Mom actress has put on a few pounds while shooting episodes of her Cooking Channel show, she’s getting trolled again.

This time, many are suggesting that perhaps the Rosewood star is pregnant.

The constant comments caused The Game alum to address the insinuations recently on an appearance on HuffPostLive

“I just looked at my Instagram […] and someone was insinuating that I’m pregnant again,” she said. “Guys, I’m not pregnant, I am just happy, and I’ve gained these extra 10, 15 lbs. because of my cooking show!”

The Tia Mowry at Home cooking show host added that she’ll drop the weight when she’s ready but until then, leave her be.

“I’m just enjoying life, and when I want to drop the pounds I will, but right now I’m happy with who I am,” she said.

She called the comments a form of body shaming.

“It’s pretty unfortunate,” she told the site. “We live in a society that is so obsessed with being perfect. Why can’t we just be us? Someone even wrote on my Instagram today, ‘Looks like you’ve picked up a little weight. I hope you lose it. I want you to lose it.’ It’s like, really? Why would you say that? Why do you feel the need to say that?”

Excellent point. The former star of the nowdefunct Style channel reality TV show Tia and Tamera also called for more body acceptance generally.

“We need to be more supportive with body images, especially women, showing that all sizes are beautiful,” she said. “I’m talking about in magazines, advertisements, in regards to what’s sexy and not sexy. We all need to be a little more supportive of each other.”

Another Bellyitch alum who loves to cook, P!nk, also had to shut down haters in April when people in social media going on and on about her post-tour weight gain.

“Here’s the issue: I don’t change my eating when I get home,” she told  US Magazine. “So everyone always asks me, ‘What are you going to do after?’ And I say, ‘Get really fat and happy.'”

She set them straight on Instagram  and Twitter.

“I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern,” Pink tweeted to fat-shamers in April 2015 after she got slammed for looking curvy at an event. She signed her note, “Love, cheesecake.”

Bravo! We agree!

Watch the video from Tia’s appearance here:

Good for you Mowry!

22 Sexy & Fashionable Virgo Celebs 

 Early Adopter

As this month is a fashionable one with all the various designers unveiling their Spring 2016 and Fall 2015 collections on runways at various cities’ respective Fashion Weeks, and it being Virgo season, I thought I would highlight all the fashionable celebrity moms and designers we’ve covered in Bellyitch over the years.

Tom Ford also infamously said, “You know, the world might be a very scary place if it were only run by Virgos.” True, but every organization needs a Virgo in it to keep it running smoothly. So does the world!


I admit I am biased given my birthday was on September 6 and I myself am a proud Virgo and share a birthday with at least one spouse of a Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum  and the sign with other alums (above) including the Queen Bee Beyonce (Sept. 4), Country singer Jennifer Nettles, (Sept. 12), TV host and former model Padma Lakshmi (Sept. 1) , Songstress P!nk (Sept. 8) and powerhouse singer and actress Jennifer Hudson (Sept. 12).

Our Virgo Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums who are actual designers include Stella McCartney (Sept. 13), Nicole Richie (Sept. 21), and Rachel Zoe (Sept.1)

Male Fashion Icons and Designers I love and admire (either for their fashion sense, work ethic or a combo of both) include: my birthday mate and alum Idris Elba (Sept. 6), Tom Ford (Aug. 27), Karl Lagerfeld (Sept. 10); and guys whose S.O. we recently covered Wiz Khalifa, ex to Amber Rose (Sept. 8) and Evan Ross, spouse to Ashlee Simpson (Aug. 26).

Young and/other influential in-demand Fashionable women I enjoy seeing dressed up as fashion muses for several designers: Taraji P. Henson (Sept. 11), KeKe Palmer (Aug. 26), Misty Copeland (Sept. 10), Zendaya Coleman (Sept 1) and Angela Simmons (Sept 18).

Finally, fashion forward and super sexy Salma Hayek (Setp. 2), Jada Pinkett Smith (Sept 18) and Sanaa Lathen (Sept. 19) also rock the Virgo Virgin sign well.

And of course Ludacris (Sept 14), rounding up for pops of recent alum Eudoxie.

Happy Birthday, Virgos!

For the #VMA’s, Dove Reminds Women to #SpeakBeautiful About Other Women

speak beautiful

Tomorrow is the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) and in an effort to combat all the negativity shared by and between young girls and women in social media, Dove wants to shift the dialogue from all the recent controversial headlines related to Miley vs. Nicki, Nicki vs. Taylor, Taylor vs. Katy, or any combination of the three.

They recognize that loads of real girls and even celebs like P!nk and Selena Gomez have recently been the victims of social media attacks based on their looks alone.

During the VMAs this weekend, Dove is encouraging women and girls to #SpeakBeautiful when posting comments about other women on Twitter.  The #SpeakBeautiful campaign launched earlier this year on Oscar night and we’re taking it to the next big event, the VMAs, to help change the social media conversation that affects our self-esteem.

In fact, we know 8 out of 10 women encounter negativity on social media that is hurtful/destructive to their self-esteem and it’s time for a change.

Since it launched the campaign, Dove states it has seen  69% more positive Tweets pertaining to how women talk about their own appearance, versus the previous year.

Tomorrow, @Dove on Twitter plans to monitor the language said about women by other women.

Join in and Be Kind.







Our 2015 Pop Mom Style Icon is Kourtney Kardashian


It’s been over a year since we named a Bellyitch Blog Pop Mom Style Icon.

We’ve noticed mom-to-three Kourtney Kardashian has trimmed down and has also shed her Bohemian hipster styling for a more edgy sexy look. She has also been experimenting with more fab fashion choices, on top of balancing three kiddos on her hip.

The eldest of the Kardashian girls can thank a collection of Gianvito Rossi pumps and booties, her signature Saint Laurent fringe bag, distressed jeans, smart cut-off denim One Teaspoon shorts revealing super toned legs and fitted t-shirts for the makeover.

For the transformation, we’re giving the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV star the award this year.

kourt pop mom

It has been over a year since we acknowledged a fashion-forward celebrity mom worthy to receive our elusive Posh Mom Style Icon designation.

The last mominista recognized with the honor was Jennifer Hudson.

The designation acknowledges and recognizes fashionable celebrity moms  who are effortlessly stylish with or without the help of a celebrity stylist.

We acknowledged songstress P!nk in 2012. Before her, First Lady Michelle Obama was dubbed an icon in 2011.

Other designees include Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa, Victoria Beckham, Tichina Arnold and  Christina Milian.






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