Say What? Studies Say We’ve Been Doing Parenting Wrong All These Years?


You think you should be helping your child with his homework or making your daughter finish her meal, right? How about washing your baby every day or talking baby talk to her  because you think it will help her with her future vocal skills?

Yeah, those are the things all the books and parenting theories tell us.

Well, like with a lot of social science studies that give us conflicting data year after year, what if these theories are false? hypothesizes that as the new millennia tries to figure out how to raise children to be conscientious and not little monsters, it turns out that our “well-meaning habits are in fact making things worse.”

Think not-so-smart parents steering their kids wrong. Think scrubbing away good bacteria. Think contributing to negative emotions to food. sigh  Yeah.

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Did you know babies have telepathic abilities?

From Cracked:

When deprived of one sense or a skill, a person usually compensates for it in some other way. That’s why blind people have amazing hearing and out-of-shape comedy writers are incredible in bed. In the same way, babies who have yet to fully acquire language learn pretty fast how to read the nonverbal emotional states of the adults around them. In fact, they are so creepily skilled at reading your face and body language that experts compare it to “mind reading.” 

In 2007, the team at the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences conducted an experiment with 18-month old toddlers found they become so sensitive to the subtlest psychological changes in a person’s expressions that it might actually explain why they always cry when you come anywhere near them. They can feel the deep-seeded hatred for all things baby under that fake smile of yours. 

It gets weirder.

See, their mind-reading doesn’t end with fellow humans. A study from Brigham Young University has shown that kids not even six-months old who have never been confronted with a dog in their entire lives, could easily match the different barks of a canine with their corresponding pictures.

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7 terrifying things they don’t tell you about pregnancy

From bleeding gums to hairy nipples to disfiguring skin changes, has a very comprehensive article about the 7 things that they don’t tell you about pregnancy.  It’s informative and super gross at the same time.  Don’t look at it during lunch.  Actually, the post is reminiscent of a past Bellyitch Post: Top 10 Scary Things about Pregnancy Your Mother will Never Tell You.  

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