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What Parents Need To Know Before Their Kid Applies to A Music Conservatory or College

Applying for a music school is an exciting process for both students and parents.

However, it can also be a daunting one, especially when considering the time, resources, and money costs involved. I know because I just underwent the process with my child who applied to five music schools including one conservatory thought he toured three during his journey.

Because I didn’t find a single article or video on YouTube detailing the process for parents, who are likely the ones that would have to foot the bill and arrange the travel for the music school and conservatory audition process, I decided to record my own.

In addition to the video above, here is a summary of the music school application process and what parents need to know to make informed decisions based on my independent research, communication with other music parents online and experience with my son and trial and error.


Before your child applies, you, as the parent need to make sure that you and your child understand what’s involved. There are additional costs, time and resources you will need to expend.

The Time Committment

First, it’s important to understand that the music school application process can be time-consuming.

Sample Lessons

A year or two before auditioning, your child should conduct some research to determine who is the professor or instructor teaching the instrument or in charge of the vocal studios at the various music schools and conservatories.

Then, they should check out their websites to see if the profs offer camps, workshops or more and/or offer sample lessons. If they do, take them. These offer your child an opportunity to realize if they have a good vibe or connect well. Unlike high school and college, your child will be spending most of their time in college with this person so if there is not a connection there with this person, they have NO business appling to their studio.


My son actually decided against applying to one conservatory after taking a sample lesson with the professor for his instrument.

Preparing for Audition

Depending on the school, students may be required to prepare for and attend auditions, submit recordings or videos, write essays, and complete interviews.

This can take several months of preparation and planning, so it’s essential to start early. My son has a private tutor who used to cost about $70 per month to see him in person and/or virtually 1-2 times each month. But by the time he was done, sessions increased to multiple times each week and the last bill was close to $1,000 for that month.

If your child doesn’t have a private tutor, he/she/they should get one becaue they will be competiting for spots with kids who do have one. And for us, it was worth the investment because he got two full tuition merit scholarships for music. It took talent and the aid of the tutor to get there.

The Application Process

To begin the application process, parents and students should research the different music schools and their requirements. Each school has its own set of admission criteria, including specific academic requirements, musical skills, and personal qualities

Some schools may also have a minimum age requirement for applicants, so it’s important to check the age limit before applying.

Once parents and students have identified the schools they want to apply to, they should start preparing for the audition or evaluation process.

This may include practicing their musical skills with their private instructor, researching and learning about the school’s faculty and program, and preparing a repertoire for the audition.

It’s important to note that the resources required for the application process can vary greatly depending on the school.


The Cost of Applying to Music Schools

Some schools may require students to submit professional-grade recordings, which can be expensive to produce. Additionally, as stated above, private lessons and coaching sessions with instructors can be costly.

Parents should also be aware of the financial costs of attending a music school.

The Travel Costs

Something that is not talked about is the amount of travel required once a child passes the pre-screen process. For live auditions, they’ll have to travel all over the country and this require transportation, lodge and meals which can add up.

Tuition fees for music schools can be expensive, and parents should be prepared to pay for instrument rentals, sheet music, and other materials.

In some cases, financial aid or scholarships may be available, but these can be competitive, and students may need to demonstrate exceptional talent and academic performance to be considered.

Tutoring, Instruments, Lessons, Camps

Finally, parents should also consider the long-term commitment required to attend a music school.

Studying music is a rigorous and demanding pursuit that requires significant dedication and practice time. Parents should be prepared to support their child’s musical development and ensure they have access to the resources and support they need to succeed.

Applying to a music school can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both students and parents.

However, it’s important to be aware of the time, resources, and money costs involved in the application process. By starting early, researching schools, and preparing thoroughly, parents can help their child navigate the application process successfully and set them up for success in their musical pursuits.

My Winter Holiday Wish List

This Christmas, I’m feeling for warmth and luxe. I put together my wish list for the body and for the home.

I personally hand selected each item on each list that I think would be wonderful gifts to anyone you know and love who enjoy fine things.

What a way to celebrat them and let them know you had them in mind this year.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Haunukah! Peace and Joy for the entire holiday season to you and yours.

For the Body

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For the Home

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The temperatureis rapidly dipping and with pandemic restrictions back in place in many parts of the world, it’s time to think of digging out the layers, sweaters and boots out of storage and getting your winter wardrobe situated.

And if it’s in your budget to get new pieces to add to your collection, I’ve selected the top 8 items that I own or plan to get that will have me set for spending the winters at home working, lounging, reading, scrolling through social media or catching up on my fave Netflix series.

Check them out:

Long Grey Cardigan

Whether you’re going out for a quick trip to the grocery store, lounging in the house or curled up in your fave chair, you’d love to have this comfy cardigan to cover you up.

Banana Republic

$29.99 (70% off from $99 original)

Basic Corduroy Shopping Tote

Being eco-conscious means relying on reusable bags for grocery shopping. For quick sprints for a few items, carry this stylish tote with you and leave the plastic at the counter. It comes in other colors

The Urban Outfitters


Screen print Pullover

Get a pullover sweatshirt that’s one size larger that’s comfy enought to throw on when you have to go pick up your kid from school or when you just want to get lost in a corner and be warm and snuggly. I’m a mama bear so this one spoke to me.

Blooming Jelly


Screen print Pullover

Get a pullover sweatshirt that’s one size larger that’s comfy enought to throw on when you have to go pick up your kid from school or when you just want to get lost in a corner and be warm and snuggly. I’m a mama bear so this one spoke to me.

Blooming Jelly


Jogging Suit

Whether they match or not, you cannot go with a jogging suit that can double as your outdoor workout wear or a simple fit for running errands or chilling at home.


$34.99 – hoodie $39.99 – jogging pants

Get Similar pants $10 less at ASOS

Long Tunic Hoodie

For those among us who are always cold, you cannot go wrong with a extra long hoodie


$34.99 – hoodie $39.99 – jogging pants


It can be difficult to holiday shop for that woman who has everything.

Think the CEO or boss of your small company, a high net worth corporate executive or law partner, the jetset babe or your Chanel Princess bff who also happens to be a trust fund baby.

And because getting a $27,000 Tiffany Yellow diamond or a $371,000 Himalayan Birkin bag may be out of the budget, you have to settle for the next best things.

Lucky for you I’ve curated the below list with the help of some mom lawyer friends of mine I know who are in the know.

The luxe fragrance house sells six decorated baubles that can be reused each year and hidden inside each one is a duo of surprises including Colognes, a Miniature Candle and Bath & Body essentials.


Burdick Critters Collection

Treat her with a collection of exquisite chocolate from New Hampshire-based L.A. Burdick Chocolatiers Burdick Critters Collection. All the critters are made individually by hand, meaning each is unique and no two are alike. Includes wood box of 16 Chocolate Mice, wood box of 9 Chocolate Snowmen, wood box of 6 Chocolate Pigs, wood box of 9 Chocolate Penguins, and 1/4 lb. Everyday Chocolate Assortment.




The performance jogger by Vuori is slim but relaxed fit with a slightly cropped leg, side pockets and a drawstring. Designed with their softest premium stretch fabric, they’re your new go-to. Great for traveling, yoga, training and chilling. It comes in a variety of colors and shades and in sizes XXS to XXL.


Barefoot Dreams


She will love to be blanketed in the luxurious warmth of a soft chenille throw from the Barefoot Dreams Store and you can practically feel the softness through the screen.

$147.00 +

Grapefruit Candle and Diffuser

If your rich misses is like a lot of women who enjoy fragrant homes, then she will thoroughly enjoy filling her abode in this intoxicating signature scent behind NEST New York’s iconic fragrance which is a blend of pink pomelo grapefruit with watery green notes, lily of the valley and coriander blossom. The Classic Candle is meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium wax formulated to burn cleanly and evenly, while the Reed Diffuser is made with the highest quality oils to release continuous fragrance for 90 days, uninterrupted.


Skin Store

Slip Skin Pillowcase

Your receipient will love to lay her head down and protect her crown with a silk pillow covering. It is a brand of silk cases recommended by dermatologists, hairstylists & beauty experts and is made of the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, and without the use of dyes.

If you’re seeing this on Cyber Week 2020, get 25% off with the code Cyber at check out.



A Dress

Any dress in any print from Boden could be worn at a variety of events, openings, meetings, formal or informal outings. This Mila Midi Dress with its colorful and attractive stripes would do perfectly!

It’s practically half off down from $198 right now but not sure how long this will last.



20 ounce Rambler

The Yeti ramblem with the megslider lid is the perfect gift for a coffee or tea drinker or anyone who loves to sip slowly because it keeps hot drinks very hot and cold drinks super cold for long periods of time. It’s a winner that I’ve personally enjoyed and highly recommend.



Pranayama Wrap

Go from the yoga studio to the coffeee shop and back in this highly coveted and well rated wrap from Gap’s athleisure brand, Athleta. And it has pockets! Yes to this.



If it’s Time to shop for that Foodie on your holiday shopping list, this is the gift guide for you!

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list who is a connoisseiur of cuisine and who appreciates food of all cultures, the shapes, the textures, the flavor, the plating?

Then, it’s likely that you might have to shop for a foodie.  

Foodies enjoy food as an art not just for eating and foodies are usually adventurous when it comes to trying out different dishes, eateries, and restaurants.

This passion also extends to drinks as well.

Shopping for a foodie requires you to be adventurous and seek out the best in kitchenware.

Here is my list of top gifts for Foodies.

SMART GARDEN Self-Watering Indoor Garden


Foodies prefer the freshest of ingredients and can usually tell the difference between taragon, oregano, chive, basil, thyme and other delicate fresh seasoning. It would be a delight to a foodie to get to grow his or her own fresh ingredients even if s/he doesn’t have a large yard.

My Family Cookbook


You know those family recipes tacked on the fridge, in  a tin canister on a kitchen ledge, in Aunt Josie’s head? Pen them all down in this one spot, a family cook book that you and the family customize.

Also, foodies are always looking for new dishes to create. Here’s a way for them to organize all the different recipes they discover or wrangle from folks and chefs.


Wine Trio


Bring the elegance of Bordeaux to a friend or family member’s doorstop with this special trio. The experts at Wine Insiders have selected three beautiful red blends from one of the world’s premier wine regions, representing the exquisite terroir and craftsmanship that Bordeaux is known for.

Savory and food-friendly, these remarkable reds are perfect for pairing with roasts, lasagna, charcuterie, and delicious holiday dishes. Featuring two award-winning bottles, this impressive collection is sure to impress fans of French reds and makes a thoughtful gift.

Insta Vortex Air Fryer


Just because your foodie enjoys carefully prepared meals that take time to whip up does not mean he or she isn’t down with fast-cooked foods.

Your foodie will enjoy the taste and crunch of his or her favorite deep-fried foods by cooking with super-heated air instead of hot cooking oil in the Instant Vortex 6-qt. air fryer. Air fried food is cleaner, healthier, and less expensive than cooking in oil, making this appliance a must-have in every modern kitchen.


If a Sony Playstation 5 is on your child’s Christmas wish list and you haven’t pre-ordered or purchased a console by now, it’s going to be really hard to get your hands on one.

Sony released its biggest launch everthis past November 12 in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and South Korea and the rest of the world on Nov 19th. Before then, some retailers offered pre-orders causing there to be a extreme backlog.

However, the good news is that Sony has indicated, and the main Big Box retailers have confirmed plans to put new game systems back in stock starting today thru Black Friday this upcoming Friday.

How Much Does a PS5 Cost?

PS5 costs $499.99, while the digital-only edition will cost $399.99. The console is backwards compatible with PS2 games.

Can you Still Get One This Year?

Here are the following links that will take you to the landing pages that will take you directly to their respective paes for taking PS5 orders.

Have these pages open and continue to refresh until you see some come in stock then Go!

PS5 at Amazon  – $499.99

PS5 Digital Edition at Amazon  – $399.99

PS5 at Best Buy  – $499.99

PS5 Digital Edition at Best Buy  – $399.99

PS5 at GameStop  – $499.99

PS5 Digital at GameStop  – $399.99

PS5 at Walmart  – $499.99

PS5 Digital Edition at Walmart  – $399.99

PS5 at Target  – $499.99

PS5 Digital Edition at Target  – $399.99

PS5 at Sam’s Club  – $499.99

Tips for Getting Your Device

Be already logged in

If you need to create an account, do so now, and be logged in. By the time you take to set up an account after putting a console in your cart, it may disappear as the system may take your in unreserved cart away. You never know because bugs happen especially during a time when everyone is online trying to get one.

Have your Credit Card Ready

Have the credit card account you plan to use ready in hand if you haven’t already logged it in the account. Many people have their card of choice already registered with the above websites to make ordering seamless. If you’re comfortable with having an online retailer store your account (which is not necessarily common these days with all the security breaches), then do that NOW.

Use my links above and enter the billing address etc.

Disable PopUps and Other Draining Software

A lot of websites auto refresh in the background. Some apps that you have downloaded on your browser or your computer hard drive also take up resources. Go to the Running Aps Task Window and turn off all those that you are not using but are running in the background. You need an uniterrupted exprience and no slow downs.

Good luck and tag me at @Bellyitch everywhere in social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and let me know if these tips help you get one. I’m on the hunt as well and am literally juicing up my competition with this blog post so I do hope you appreciate it! And at least share it with your friends and family also on the hunt!


When it comes to baby showers, the shower games are easy to plan.

The party — either an in-person affair or a virtual shower — is a snap. But the gift? Well, that’s something else entirely. The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) can help. The parenting experts and engineers in the GHI Little Lab test baby gear throughout the year, so they know what items are worth the investment.

It’s a safe bet that the big-ticket products — the best car seats and strollers and cribs — will be spelled out on some sort of baby registry or list, since parents need to figure out what brands work best for them and what features they require based on their personal needs. But when it comes to the nice-to-haves as opposed to the need-to-haves, the sky’s the limit.

Here is some of the GHI’s best-rated gear, along with fun best-sellers and little items you can add to a wishing well. Pick one up for your shower gift, and the parents will definitely thank you later. (And forgive them if they do so in a 5 am text, since they’ll be up for those early-morning feeds.) And, after the baby finally arrives, be sure to check back to see some of the Institute’s favorite baby gifts, too.

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Personalized Lovey


If you know the baby’s name already, you can buy a snuggly friend that is uniquely his or hers. The blanket-style lovey doll comes in many different animals, and you can also specify the font and thread color.

Once Upon a World Collection


It’s never too early to start building a baby’s library. This collection features board books with four favorite fairy tales — RapunzelSnow WhiteCinderella and The Princess and the Pea — each drawn in a style from a different country, including Japan, Mexico, India and Russia.

Swaddle Blanket


Not only do these muslin blankets come in cute prints, they have many uses. They can be swaddles, burp cloths, nursing covers or something to spread out on the floor for tummy time. Parents can never have too many.

Step Diaper Pail


It’s not the most beautiful gift, but once your recipients see how this diaper pail keeps smells at bay — complete with an Arm & Hammer cartridge to neutralize odors — they’ll be grateful. Just remember to include refill bags.

Moby Baby Bath Set


Make bath time fun time — for parents and babies — with this bath set, which includes a soft spout cover, a kneeler so parents can get comfy kneeling in front of the bath, a padded elbow rest (with a pocket!) and no-slip mat for inside the bath.

Diaper Bag Backpack


Between packing diapers, loading up on binkies and hearing “Baby Shark” on an internal loop, new-parent life begins to feel all-consuming. Let this sleek looking diaper bag be the one adult thing you have. We’re big fans of a backpack (hands-free!), and this one is smartly designed with easy-to-clean vegan leather, tons of pockets and adjustable straps.


Teens are a daunting demographic to buy for. They’re often the first people clued into the newest products and cultural phenomena that you’re probably not as aware of — but they also don’t have the deep pockets to get everything they want for themselves. Thankfully, that leaves plenty of opportunities open for you.

Here are our faves!

Reusable straws


Help teens do their part to keep single-use plastics out of trash bins, landfills, and the ocean by giving them this pack of reusable silicone drinking straws. They come in various colors and include a few cleaning brushes as well.

Face masks


What’s better than feeling refreshed after a cleansing face mask? Sixteen of them. This combo pack features 16 different face masks like aloe, charcoal, and cucumber so your teen will be set … at least for the next few weeks.

Noco Boost Plus


The Noco Boost Plus is a powerful battery that’s small enough to fit under the passenger seat, but it packs enough power to jump-start any vehicle with a 6-liter engine or smaller — and do it 20 times before needing a recharge. It also offers a USB port for charging various devices and has an integrated flashlight with a strobe setting for extra safety at night

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer

It’s in the car, the house, and their pocket these days, but many hand sanitizers can smell a little like household cleaner. Touchland comes in scents like Vanilla Cinnamon and Forrest Berry, or keep it simple and choose unscented. The compact sanitizer features 67% alcohol for killing germs but balances it with soothing aloe vera and essential oils to hydrate the skin. 



PopSockets have become their own cultural phenomenon in recent years, and they’re surprisingly useful. Get your teen one for their own phone or tablet, and depending on their age, you may find it’s the gift they’re most excited about. It doesn’t hurt that there’s free domestic shipping on orders over $20, or that you can actually design your own.

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8″ display and adjustable warm light


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is its thinnest, lightest version. It also has double the storage, a built-in light that adjusts to accommodate reading indoors or outdoors, and is waterproof for reading anywhere, including the beach or bath. Plus, a single battery charge lasts weeks rather than hours.

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The hunt for the perfect gift can often be quite a challenge, especially for dads who insist they don’t need anything. But one safe bet is to look for ideas that can be used for his favorite pastime and if your dad loves hunting, the one thing they can never have too much hunting gear.


Trust us. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gifts for hunters dad is bound to appreciate and put to good use. Some are affordable essentials like Zippo’s hand warmer, while others are splurges he’ll use for years to come, like a top-of-the-line cooler. There are also plenty of practical gifts that can be personalized, like a customizable mug he’ll use every day, and gifts that will make them laugh (like these funny hunting socks). Taking the time to research gear for his hunting hobby may take a little more effort than, say, a gift certificate to Cabela’s, but he’ll appreciate the fact you spent the time to find him the perfect thing. If your dad loves the outdoors, you should also be sure to investigate our favorite outdoor gear like camping chairs and other camping gifts.


I’d Rather Be Hunting Socks


These socks will get a laugh when Dad’s propped up in his recliner. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for a hunter!

I Like Hunting Shirt

$ 22.49

We can’t get over how funny this shirt is. It’s also available in several fun colours!

Duck Hunting Mug

$ 18.95

stroke your hunter’s ego with this personalized mug that crowns him a “duck hunting legend.”

Expandable Travel Backpack

$ 30

We hunted down the highest-quality pack for the lowest price.


We are here to help with gift ideas for 13 year old girls and boy

If you ask the average 13-year-old how successful their parents are at gift-giving, they’ll likely tell you it’s a struggle. A six-pack of sensible new socks? Boo! A pair of reversible slacks? No, thank you! School shoes? Skip!

When you’re an adult shopping the teens, the bridge between fun and functional can get tricky. Teens like practicality, but they don’t want it as a gift.

A jet ski sounded awesome when she was 13, whereas new flooring was the dud prize. (Though now as an adult, we flummoxed to where to put a jet ski and overjoyed by the thought of new flooring.)

While no one should rush to buy a jet ski for a 13-year-old, you get the gist. Do your best to put yourself in your teen’s gum-stuck shoes and you should be just fine! If you need some help getting started thinking like a 13-year-old, here are some thought starters.

JBL CLIP 4 Waterproof Speaker


If you have a kid who is ready to rock and go, this is the Bluetooth speaker for them. The JBL Clip 4 combines function, funk and fun into one compact and clippable speaker. The speaker features 10 hours of playtime, wireless Bluetooth streaming and a built-in carabiner. As an added bonus, this speaker is also durable enough to take a mild beating or a quick swim in whatever body of water your child accidentally drops it in.

BaubleBar Colore 18K Gold Earrings


These rainbow earrings are sure to light up any jewellery-obsessed teen’s face. We also love the unicorn earrings, too.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Your daughter’s Frappuccino will be kept safe and cold for up to 24 hours in this water bottle, while warm drinks have a 12-hour warmth window. You can also add a Sport Cap, which should limit the number of spills and stains in your child’s future.

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask


Your girl will shimmer while she shines with this deep-cleansing charcoal peel-off mask. Cleans and softens skin in as much time as it takes to watch an episode of their fave Netflix binge watch.



Your kid will kick cords to the curb with her own set of Apple AirPods. This set includes a charging case, which allows for multiple charges for 24 hours’ worth of battery life.


Batman138 Bro138 Dolar138 Gas138 Gudang138 Hoki99 Ligaciputra Panen77 Zeus138 Kilat77 Planet88 Gaspol168 Sikat88 Rupiah138 Garuda138 Gacor77 Roma77 Sensa138 Panen138 Slot138 Gaco88 Elanggame Candy99 Cair77 Max7 Best188 Space77 Sky77 Luxury777 Maxwin138 Bosswin168 Cocol88 Slot5000 Babe138 Luxury138 Jet77 Bonanza138 Bos88 Aquaslot Taktik88 Lord88 Indobet Slot69 Paus138 Tiktok88 Panengg Bingo4d Stars77 77dragon Warung168 Receh88 Online138 Tambang88 Asia77 Klik4d Bdslot88 Gajah138 Bigwin138 Markas138 Yuk69 Emas168 Key4d Harta138  Gopek178 Imbaslot Imbajp Deluna4d Luxury333 Pentaslot Luxury111 Cair77 Gboslot Pandora188 Olxtoto Slotvip Eslot Kuy138 Imbagacor Bimabet