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What to Get that Gal (or Guy) Who Has Everything {Holiday Gift Guide}

big house woman sits in front
The holiday gift buying season is upon us ! Can you believe Black Friday is next week?! If you’re like most of us, we’re getting ready to scramble to get things for our loved ones. But for that man or woman who has everything s/he needs, you may find yourself in a conundrum! Fear not. We’ve assembled a list of unique things you can consider purchasing for that affluent friend or family member who is incredibly difficult to shop for because they can purchase for themselves any and everything. Heavy on this list are experiences which are priceless!
  1. Helicopter Ride or Lessons Above a Fantastic City ($1355+ depending on the city)
  2. A Rolex watch for her or him
  3. Spa Experience ($250+)
  4. Private Whisky or Tequila Tasting ($80+ depending on city)
  5. Plush monogram robe ($99+)
  6. Ski Vacation
  7. Birkin Bag ($5,000+) or Otter Pass Messenger Bag ($275)
  8. A Subscription Box ($149+)
  9. A Room Full of Flowers
  10. Fishing Adventure ($2,000 per person+)
  11. Anything from Tiffanys
  12. Anything engraved
  1. A Star in the Star Registry
  2. A Living Donation to a Building

Your Graduation Gift Guide

We are deep into Graduation season and if you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift for that high school, college or graduate school celebrant in your life, I’d like to suggest you check out my fave online site and partners, Etsy!

Logged on the other day and instantly spotted some sentimental and funny gifts like…

These T-shirts modeled after the “Friends” TV show logo but with a funny play on the word Seniors. It’s just $9.34 now on sale. Order it today before the sale expires.

I also absolutely loved these personalized chains and charms celebrating the graduate in Rose Gold, Gold and silver. They’re practically a steal at just $19.95. Want!

How clever is this mug to celebrate a woman who has earned her Master’s degree? I HEART it sooo much! It’s just $13.95 by The Gift Mug Shop which has a host of other clever mugs! Check them out HERE to find one that fits better with your grad!

Speaking of clever, for that kid who could not wait to graduate, this hilarious shirt is for him or her! I have just the person in mind for this next year! ha! It starts at $13.99 which is a steal in my eyes.

Now for the design fan who cherishes graduation, this personalized frame grad art it superb! So sentimental and so perfect! I love it and surprisingly just $13.95. Wow! Get it!

Finally, something that a graduate can carry around that is both functional and commemorative: a silver keychain, personalized, and just the right touch at $17.99.

Get on these for a graduate this year, in the fall or next year!

Father’s Day Gifts On Etsy I’m Crushing On

Father’s Day is around the corner. Here are my handpicked fave pieces I spotted on my partner site, Etsy, a marketplace for handmade items.

This adorable Dad and Me Tee shirt set (above), “I broke it” and “I Fixed It” is too cute for words and just $36.99 for the entire set!

Spice up the romance with this “come hither” candle!

Select from a 4 ounce to a 16 ounce jar and your own sent from leather, blueberry cobbler to caramel, bourbon and more!

I love love this candle which is a great gift from a wife or a significant other to dad! Woot! It’s just $12 with FREE shipping!

For a stepdad, this creative metal keychain the shape of a guitar pick is perfect. I couldn’t pick a better dad is a wonderful sentimental message. Get it for $26.00 and personalize it!

I love a back pack and what I love more than a nice back pack is a back pack with an ability to charge my phone and use renewable source of energy such as the sunlight!

So…this chic and hip solar powered backpack is on my own personal list for dad. I’d love to bower it when he’s not using it! It’s steep at $90 but according to reviews quite sturdy and worth it!

Finally, I’m a sucker for a good personalized gift! And this company promises a fast 1-3 day turn around. Send them a photo and they can turn it into a black and white or personalized photo block.

My husband would love to have this to hang in his office at work. I’m so crushing on this. And at just $39.00, this is practically a steal!

Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Still scrambling for what to give your sweetheart today for Valentine’s Day?! Don’t panic! I racked my brain and came up with five last minute ideas that you can pull off today and at a cost of less than $50 total! And the other great things that they should take less than one hour to prep for presentation if you are focused on the task and get going!

Angela Roi bag

Thank me later! Get busy! Here they are to choose from: onePlan a Romantic Casual Pizza Dinner and Movie Date Night In

Commitment Time: 1/2 hour to 45 minutes

Cost: $25-$30

Step 1: Pick up phone and order a Papa John’s heart pizza

Step 2: On the way to pick it up or while you wait for delivery, head to the local liquor store or grocers and pick up a bottle of wine and/or order or pick up take out Chinese for two and some flowers for the table.

Step 3: Order a movie or two on DVR or from Netflix or Redbox and have a romantic casual dinner in.Two:Have Your Love Star in a Social Media meme

who do you x and o

Commitment Time: 10 minutes

Cost: $0Step 1: Pull up the WHO DO YOU XO? website. Step 2: Add a photo, add big bold x & o’s with a description of the person and post in social media. Very cute! It is the brainchild of Robert Appelblatt and Tim Crean, who came up with the idea after updating and completely revolutionizing the old tic-tac-toe game by creatingTIC STAC TOE. three

Present a Personalized Photo Wall


Commitment Time: 20 minutes to 45 minutes

Cost: $10-$25

Step 1: Use the CVS Facebook Order function to order photos of you and your honey from Facebook and pick up the prints the same day. There is even a mobile App which makes the process 2x faster!

Step 2: While you’re there to pick up your pics, grab some tape.

Step 3: Pick a blank wall in the bedroom or living room and arrange the photos in the shape of a heart above your bed.

Step 4: Have movies and/or take out nearby and make it a movie night.


Send Personalized Balloons.


Commitment Time: 20-45 minutes

Cost: $10-25


  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Mylar heart balloons
  • Ribbon
  • InkJet tattoo paper
  • Printable Valentine’s Day messages
  • Damp paper towel or rag

Step 1: Print out the messages from the website here on the tattoo paper and adhere the clear liner on top according to the instructions on the package.

Step 2: Trim each message as close to the letters as possible

Step 3: Peel off the clear liner from one of the messages and lay it face down on top of the balloon, wherever you would like it. NOTE: We recommend not putting your letters within three inches of the edge of the balloon, to ensure they are legible once inflated.

Step 4: Use a damp paper towel to moisten the tattoo paper completely and then peel it away, leaving the tattoo behind. Repeat as desired.

Step 5: Inflate the balloon(s) with helium and tie with ribbon.fiveHave A Romantic Indoor Picnic

Commitment Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Cost: up to $50

Step 1: Order Take out

Step 2: Pick up cupcakes at local bakery, wine and scented candles

Step 3: Arrange a blanket with all items on the floor in the basement or living roomsixCapture Your Relationship in a Personalized Photo Book

Commitment Time: 20 minutes to 45 minutes

Cost: $10-$25

Step 1: Go to the CVS Photobook order page to order photos of you and your honey from social media or your hard drive. Use Coupon code: Save30 to get 30% off today and pick up the prints the same day. There is even a mobile App which makes the process 2x faster!

Step 2: While you’re there to pick up a bag, tissue paper, a card and candy.

Step 3: Arrange book, candy and card in bag and present over dinner!sevenPresent a Personalized Digital Video

Commitment Time: 20 minutes to 45 minutes

Cost: $0

Step 1: Go to SoundCloud and pick a Valentine Mix to download, depending on the genre of music you or your sweetheart likes.

Step 2: Upload a video on your smartphone app (I like MixBit )

Step 3: Pick your fave videos and photos from your phone’s photo album or social media accounts, then upload and use the valentine mix as the background.

Step 4: Give your phone with the finished project to your sweetheart to look at it and put the headphones over their ears so they can focus on that and not other distractions of TV, social media alerts, other people around etc


Make Homemade Cookies for partner With Dietary Restrictions

kick ass carrot cookies

For your sweetheart who has dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance, or is vegan, why not make these yummy Kick-Ass Carrot Cookies, featured in a new book, Dr. Koufman’s Acid Reflux Diet: With 111 All New Recipes Including Vegan & Gluten-Free? Dr. Jamie Koufman collaborated with Chef Philip Gelb for this recipe, perfect for Vegans.

Makes 3 dozen cookies | 65 calories per cookie

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup white flour

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup maple syrup

½ cup grapeseed oil

1 cup grated carrot

½ cup dried cherries

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F.
  2. In one bowl, combine the oats, flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the syrup and oil.
  4. Add the carrots and dried cherries to the wet mixture and mix well.
  5. Pour the wet mixture over the dry mixture and gently combine. Do NOT overmix, or the cookies will be rubbery.
  6. Drop 1-teaspoon portions of the mixture on a grapeseed-oiled baking sheet, 2 inches apart. (These cookies only bake well if they are small.)
  7. Bake for 10 minutes. Be careful not to overcook, as they burn easily.

Notes: For the picky eaters in your home, sneak a little carrot into their diet with this amazing cookie recipe. For a fun variation, dried cherries can be replaced by currants, raisins, dried blueberries, or dried cranberries, or a combination. – Chef Philip


Gift a Plush Gift that Gives Back to the Community

leo lionni kohl's cares collection

Give a gift and do good.

If you live near a Kohl‘s department store, you can pick up a Leo Lionni soft toy or other gift that are part of the Kohl’s Cares collection for just $5 each, and let your honey know that 100% of the net proceeds will benefit children’s health initiatives nationwide. The collection is available at Kohls.com now through early April.

Books and accessories featured in the Kohl’s Cares collection this spring include:

  • Frederick book and mouse soft toy
  • A Color of His Own book and chameleon soft toy
  • It’s Mine! Book and frog soft toy
  • Cornelius book and crocodile soft toy
  • Swimmy book
  • Tote bag
  • 101 Kids Activities book

Good luck lovers and friends!

The ‘It’ Posh Moms Strollers List of 2019

It has been 10 years since I last posted the annual Bellyitch Most Expensive Strollers post. It was a yearly blog post staple and used to get tons of traffic because, honestly, I think people, generally, are obsessed with knowing what baby items are used and coveted by the super wealthy and celebrities.

Since the last post, a few stroller companies have gone out of business. RIP to Orbit, Maclaren and newer brands 4Moms and iCandy, which were once considered “it” strollers in their day but no longer manufacture luxury strollers.

In 2013, I published the list as part of the Bellyitch 100, a book of the top crib makers, maternity wear designers, stroller makers and baby clothes brands.

You can get your Free Copy of The Bellyitch 100 here!

Anyway, so I used to publish the Most Expensive Strollers list at a time when I was raising a young family and brands would boast that they were on the list.

My social circle at the time included professional working women, stay-at-home moms, and mom bloggers, several who were affluent and looked at the stroller as a status symbol.

Here is another secret about what happens among moms at the park, at the school pick up lot, in the mall and other social places where mommies congregate. They check out what strollers they’re pushing a baby or child in and make judgments.

Yes, there is a definite hierarchy in quality of strollers and believe me when I tell you that certainly check out what stroller another mom’s child is being pushed in and make judgments.

When I was raising my children as a young lawyer, I went through 6 strollers, which is a low number considering many of my friends at the tiem had way more.

Our first stroller was a Peg Perego  which converts from a baby carriage or pram to a push stroller. At the time, it was among the best. Then, when my first born turned into a toddler, we ordered the Inglesina Swift umbrella stroller from the Italian stroller manufacturer. It had a great run!

To pair with the Inglesina, a sturdy Italian brand, we got a lower cost Combi umbrella stroller for travel, a stroller we could beat up which was so much less that so that we wouldn’t mind if it got lost by the airline or damaged during travel.

Then, when I was expecting baby #2, I got as an amazing shower gift from my co-workers at my old job: a Peg Prerego Aria double stroller!

By the time baby number 3 rolled around, the Inglesina had hit the dirt, we left the Combi on some island we visited for vacation once and we had loaned out the Peg Perego Buggy to relatives who didn’t take good care of it.

The wheels on the double gave out and we opted to give to Goodwill rather than try to fix it or get the company to repair it.


We opted for a lesss expensive Graco Snug Ride for Baby #3 and a B.OB. jogging stroller (the air-filled jogger stroller with hand activated rear wheel brakes that can ride smooth on any terrain) when I was ready to get back in shape.

Now, while we didn’t get any of them to make a statement, I have had many moms and dads comment on the pricier high end ones while walking in the parks, malls etc. People are always looking for a status symbol and there is a preconception that most expensive means the best!

It’s no wonder, you can see celebrities strolling their children in many of those on this list. The celebrities know that too. That is why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sued Silver Cross from publishing on their website an unauthorized endorsement which featured a People magazine photo of them pushing their twins in two Silver Cross prams.

People flock to buy whatever celebrities purchase and that stroller companies know that endorsement mean lots for their bottom line.

Anyhoo, on to the list. Of course, as a disclaimer, this list is not exhaustive. As usual, this list is based on my own personal research and I urge readers to point out other vehicles that should grace this list. Certainly, I would amend the post to reflect corrections.

In the meantime, check out this year’s list of “it” strollers pushed by the most Poshest of moms and celebs out there (I’m updating this list with a few more after the initial post so come back and ping me on Twitter if you don’t see one you think should be on this list)


DESCRIPTION: For over 128 years, Silver Cross has been handcrafting traditional prams in Northern England. This hallmark company is known for being pushed by Royals in the UK and across Europe and beyond.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Pram model boasts three coats of high shine lacquer, English leather and is painted by hand and individually numbered.

GET IT FOR: $5,000 at the company website

There is another less expensive line you can get for $4,025 from an exclusive line of Aston Martin Silver Cross strollers.

If you like the look of a British pram but not the funds to shell out $5,000, you can still get the Limited Edition Doll Pram from Harrod’s for just $902

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Geri Halliwell Horner (“Ginger Spice”), Nicky Hilton


DESCRIPTION: Mima® is an established Dutch designer and manufacturer of strollers and high chairs and a favorite brand for European new parents that want high-end design, functionality and a very chic aesthetic.

This relatively new entrant to the market makes a very functional and innovative stroller that features a patented “carrycot inside” system.

The popular Xari Black Chassis Stroller can be used as a carrycot or as a stroller and comes with a reversible seat that allows your baby to face you or the world ahead. It has one of those super fancy simple fold mechanism. It is very stylish and chic and has a design that grows with your child and provides enhanced convenience for parents.

CELEBRITY OWNERS:  Kourtney Kardashian, Alex Curran Gerard


DESCRIPTION: CYBEX delivers Versatile, elegant and convenient line of top-notched quality strollers, many that features a reversible seat, one-hand seat recline, and a quick-fold chassis usually in an ultra premium, lightweight design that adapts to your growing family’s changing needs. This American-made Massachusetts company makes renowned products.

The Cybex Priam Cherub Stroller is part of the Cybex Platinum Priam range in collaboration with renowned designer Jeremy Scott, this 3-in-1 stroller has been made from high-quality fabrics with a smart, luxe appearance. Its flexible frame can be turned into a travel system with matching carry cot, combined with one of the brand’s award-winning infant car seats, or transformed into a luxurious stroller sporting a reversible seat unit. A vibrant cherub print and golden wing attachments offer a heavenly touch to suit your little angel.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Serena Williams, Rosamund Pike, Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde, Irina Shayk 


DESCRIPTION: The StokkE brand of stroller is an “it” stroller indeed. And about a decade ago, this Norweigian company’s strollers slowly replaced the Bugaboo as the favorite or wannabes, posers and the nouveau riche. The babies inside these strollers are decked out in mini-adult Designer clothes. The diamonds on the hands of the moms pushing these things can put your eye out, I mean the shine is that bright. And they are being folded and thrown in the back of Land Rovers. Pretentious? Naaaah! Their owners just appreciate a gorgeous quality crafted stroller, that’s all (wink).

The Stokke™ Xplory® Complete baby stroller is the only stroller you’ll ever need to buy! The Stokke Xplory Complete is an innovative urban stroller that adapts to your changing needs.

CELEBRITY OWNER: Chris Hemsworth, Sienna Miller, Stacey Keibler


DESCRIPTION: This Dutch company has had a major mark in the business since the early 1990s. The strollers Bugaboo manufacture guarantee a full of smooth ride, no matter the surface, city street or bumpy park. The brand has long been considered a posh status symbol and continues.

The classic Donkey buggy is fully loaded with push handle to shift the wheels to tackle any terrain, 5 harness straps, multiple recline position, a spacious under carriage bassinet, as well as a reversible, fully reclining seat.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Leelee Sobieski, Amy Poehler, Julianna Marguiles, Jon Stewart, Matthew McConaughey and Gwen Stefani 


DESCRIPTION:  Phil & Ted’s is a small New Zealand company that has made children’s products for over 20 years and about a decade ago was known for its super sturdy brand of tough terrain buggies and strollers for the rugged athletic and sports enthusiast parent who takes baby out on jobs and mountain hikes. It is still the market but has retreated to a smaller share given new competitors on the market.

Its Sport Stroller line feature a smart handle with one touch brake, smart fold, aluminum frame, and top quality tough, washable cloth.

CELEBRITY OWNERS:  Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts


DESCRIPTION: Joolz is a very new entrant to the market. This Australian company hinges its products on sustainable and eco-friendly renewable design and materials.

The Joolz Geo² Studio Complete Stroller features a modular design that offers 3 different configurations that make it the ultimate stroller for any family adventure. The award-winning design captures ergonomic comfort, ease, style, and maneuverability. It can be used as a toddler stroller, a modern pram for newborns, and an infant car seat carrier

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Harry Judd, Carey Mulligan



Another American company is Boston, Massachussets-based UPPAbaby which makes innovative, high-quality strollers and car seats that fit the needs of parents, while appealing to the sense of style they’ve always had.

The VISTA convertible stroller allows for multiple configurations to transport up to three children, making it a great choice for growing families. The included bassinet features a longer, ventilated mattress, while the toddler seat is perfect as your little one grows. It has a telescoping handlebar and a large, easy-access under-seat basket that holds up to 30 lb. make the VISTA fuss-free for parents.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Katherine Heigl 


DESCRIPTION: When I started having a family, the Peg Perego was the it stroller. It is an Italian family-owned brand which makes baby strollers, car seats, high chairs and kid-sized riding toys for children and babies all over the world.

The versatile and agile Duette Piroet inline double stroller by Peg Perego can easily pass through narrow places, folds compactly, and is travel system ready. Comes with two independent adjustable seats with reclining backrests and two-position footrests. Peg Perego Duette Piroet features a versatile and extremely agile Italian inline double stroller design that can easily go through narrow pathways and allows various seating configurations for twins or different age siblings

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Rachel Zoe, Minnie Driver, Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum


babyzen yoyo stroller

DESCRIPTION: This is another relatively new arrival for city dwellers and traveling families. Babyzen manufactures and markets baby products and designs, produces, and sells collapsible baby strollers. Babyzen offers its produces to retailers throughout Europe and internationally.

The BABYZEN YOYO+ comes ready to roll, complete with the YOYO Newborn and Seat Color Pack Fabric Sets. The YOYO+ is an incredibly lightweight, compact stroller and steers easily even with one hand, allowing you to navigate corners and tight spaces. An underseat storage basket makes a convenient spot for on-the-go items, and an included travel bag is perfect for storage.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried , Justin Timberlake, Keira Knightly



DESCRIPTION: Yet another Dutch stroller manufacturer whose name has been synonymous with top quality is Quinny. This company is among Europe’s most respected stroller brand and set the standard for engineering, design and trendsetting style.The Quinny line offers clever solutions for the confident parent of today; solutions that are made with parents and their lifestyles in mind.  Stroll with ease and in stylish comfort with the rugged and innovative

The Quinny Mood Stroller features a unique hydraulic system that automatically unfolds stroller, plus never-flat, all-terrain tires that allow you and baby to conquer any terrain.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Allyson Hannigan, Ali Landry


DESCRIPTION: This is another American baby product company. The Austin, Texas company boasts a staff of in-house engineers, mostly made up of parents, that make products to accommodate the daily lives and frustrations of new moms and dads. They’ve stopped at nothing to create intuitive, purpose-driven, well-made products that make family life easier and more fun — giving parents more freedom to live in the moment without being overwhelmed by more and more.

The flagship model, the Entourage, is perfect for families on-the-go. This one-handed expandable frame has three positions, 5 recline positions, a market tote and expandable lower storage area, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere in comfort.




Thule is an established Swedish outdoors and transportation products manufacturer that is a leader in cargo carriers for automobiles. It recently expanded to get into the stroller biz.

The Thule Sleek is a stylish stroller for on-the-go travel adventures with the ever-innovative, marvelously multifunctional which features a ventilated canopy, a convenient window, a reversible seat, generous seating options and more.



DESCRIPTION: Another Dutch company is Maxi-Cosi which started in the 1980s as one of Europe’s first permiere car seat manufacturers. It has since expanded and updated its quality of strollers to the point that is competes with the other exquisite brands out here.

Travel everywhere with ease with the Lila Modular Stroller is a convenient, compact and extra comfortable, making it great for dining out, shopping or vacation that is good with maneuverability and can accommodate an infant seat. It’s perfect for a growing family because it can easily turn into a dual stroller.


DESCRIPTION This Richmond, Virginia-based company launched one of the first jogging strollers in the 1980s. It designs and manufactures jogging strollers and all-terrain strollers and offers strollers and joggers, such as urban use and three wheeled all-terrain strollers; and accessories. The company also provides dependable push chairs for children and adults with physical disabilities.

The City Select LUX is a rugged yet streamlined stroller features an extra seat with a telescoping handlebar adjusts to just the right height, while the hand-operated decelerating and parking brake provides additional peace of mind.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Toby McGuire, Ellen Pompeo, Elizabeth Banks, Miranda Kerr


DESCRIPTION: This Dutch company started out as a baby furniture maker and expanded to strollers. Today, it is a premiere must-have stroller for the upper echelon. I love the logo.

The Nuna MIXX Travel System includes a stroller and the company’s featherlight PIPA Lite LX Car Seat which makes one superb travel system. An ideal set for you, but especially for your little one.

CELEBRITY OWNERS: Gwen Stefani, Molly Sims, Jaime King

There you have it! Good luck stroller shop or social climbing, whatever floats your boat!

cover photo Cella Jane, Pinterest

15 Laptop Covers I’m Obsessing Over Right Now

I think I’m going to get this Art Skin cover for the Lenovo laptop I got for Christmas.

But while I was surfing for the perfect skin, I bumped into a bunch of other fun skins I liked and thought I’d share with you all.

Whether you have a MacBook, ChromeBook, HP or Dell laptop, there is a skin out there for you starting at $5.00 on Amazon.com . You could also get decals and logo for the area next to the mouse pad too!

Anyway, here are my faves:

For Superhero fans of DC Comics ($9.32)

Or Marvel Avengers Fans ($9.32)

For the Coffee lover MacBook ($13.41)

For the Art Fan ($9.95)

For Music Lovers or DJs($3.91)

For Van Gogh Fans ($9.32)

For Cat Lovers ($3.91)

For Book Lovers – $19.99

Or this one for Bookworms

For Tech Nerds ($2.99)

For Fans of New York City ($9.99)

For the Cartoon Fan ($9.99)

For Science and Math Nerds ($9.32)

For the Hipster ($9.99)

7 Things To Get With the Amazon Gift Card You Got for Christmas

It’s time to use those gift cards you got for Christmas!  Since 2005, some $45.7 billion has been floating around in unused gift card balances, according to Finder!

We can guess why. Life is Busy. We are Forgetful.  Don’t join the statistic! Avoid hesitating on spending your gift card!

I recommend you get on Amazon and quickly order something you would ordinarily NOT get for yourself!

It is an excellent excuse to gift yourself something novel, fun, quirky or just different.

Here are 7 items I’ve seen, purchased, used and looked up to see if they sell them on Amazon and they do! Sweet! 

1. Game on!– Get nostalgic and play some of your fave Atari 6400 games you played as a kid with your own kids! We love Blast’s vintage “Plug and Play” video game that comes with a wireless controller and features 8-20 classic video game titles like Centipede, Millipede, Yar’s Revenge, Asteroids, Missile Command, Pitfall, River Raid, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug. We picked one up at Target for like $25.00 on sale. Online it’s at Amazon.com for just $18! My husband and I played for hours with our kids on Christmas Eve! So fun!!! Thanks AtGames for gifting us a controller as well!

2. Coffee Lovers – I have been eyeing KRUPS’  Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder for a while now and it’s down to $15! Perfect price point for this best selling press machine for coffee aficionados like myself! It makes 3 ounces worth of  yummy goodness in about 10 seconds! Love mine! I got one for Christmas and I’m hoping it saves me money on Starbucks! Oy vey! LOL!! 

3. Wine On – Ever since I won a wine tumbler in an Instagram contest, I’ve not stopped using mine. Not sure if to laugh or cry about that! ha! If you have an Amazon gift card, you can pick one up for under $20!  It’s my go to at the end of a trying week!

4. Future seekers – Going in 2019, a lot of people have big dreams and hopes of making the next year better than the last. I’m a fan of astrology and birth order and the zodiac and I can say emphatically that I got my kickstart going thoroughly through the pages of Mecca Woods‘ book “Astrology for Happiness and Success!” ($10.39)  I not only perused Woods’ very practical tips, delivered in a casual conversational tone for my sign, Virgo, I did for my children’s and husband’s as well. I found the career and wellness guidance extremely relevant and they appear so personalized to me! The book is wonderfully sectioned and organized making it a super easy read! You can pass it on to your mom, sister, bestie when done! Get it!

5. Ski down – It’s the season for hitting the slopes and a new pair of over the glasses ski goggles would be a great gift to give yourself this winter! These are just $18 on Amazon! It gets good reviews, fits with your helmet and fog resistant! Looks like a winner! I think I’ll get the purple ones!

6. Well Read – For the design and/or book lover, this exquisite reading lamp I peeped a teen using while sitting and reading books in Barnes and Noble over the holiday caught my eye. It is pretty, sleek and super portable. I asked her if she got it in the bookstore and she told me  no, Amazon! For just $15!!! I just ordered one! 

7. Wild Animal – Signal your love of your pet dog or cat with these adorable fridge magnets! I saw these on my girlfriend’s fridge a few months ago! I thought they were so cute and they’re only about $10 for a set on Amazon! 

Have fun shopping for stuff you know you may not ordinarily get for yourself!

Last Minute Hostess Gifts You Can Get In Time For Christmas {2018 Gift Guide}

The holiday season calls for entertaining and being entertained, in other people’s homes at cocktail parties, open houses, family and friends’ gatherings.

It is common etiquette to take the host a hostess gift, a small token of gratitude for opening their home and planning a gathering.

Here is a list and guide for hostess gifts you can order today in time for Christmas!

1.Wine– Gift wine in any variety and presented in a festive gift bag but make sure your hostess is a wine or alcohol drinker. Don’t want to offend. You can still get wine delivered in time for Christmas from Wine.com. I like this gift set that sells for $39.99.

2. Chocolates –  Everyone loves chocolates and the season is about decadent excessive eating after all. Godiva is a fave, as is Ghirardelli or anything Swiss. I like this Oh! 2018 Gourmet Handmade Marshmallow, Gift Box of 16 Artisan Sweet Chocolates you can get before Christmas if you order today from Amazon for $32.

3. Elegant Sea Glass Fine Art Note Cards – Nice note cards are the type of things people don’t buy for themselves ordinarily so that’s a great gift. These elegant note cards by Donald Verger Photography can actually be used year round by the recipient. They can be ordered and arrive before Christmas at Amazon for $14.95I love these Teacher notecards for just $6.50

4. Potted Plant or Succulents These can last he season of taken care of well. Great gift. A succulent plant is great because they can thrive in any weather or environment practically! These very popular plants are hard to kill but look great in an office, a small apartment window sill, and anywhere. Get these at Etsy for $17.85

5. Olive Oil Decanter  –Many kitchen stores and gourmet gifts stores sell olive oil in nice decorative decanters. Get this Rachael Ray Serveware Stoneware EVOO Bottle for just $9.00 before Christmas if you order today for just $9

6. Personalized wine labels I love these festive wine labels you can use to customize a gift for a hostess, a co-worker, your child’s teacher and more! Get them at Stationary, Templates and Party and Paper Supply store Distincvs Party on sale now for $4.99

7. Scented Candles – You can never go wrong with scented candles. They are perfect hostess gift that could be used in any home. Get these Fireside Cozy Candles at Uncommon goods on sale for $12.99

8. Gift Basket. Whether it’s candy, scented soaps or lotions, anything tied in a nice bow would work. Even cookies! You can still get these Oh Nuts! Gift canister in time if you order today from Amazon for $29.99

9. A Swarovski limited edition ornament – It’s never too late to gift an ornament that can be cherished every year. You can order this one in time to arrive by Christmas from Amazon for $20.99

What to Get When She’s Expecting this Holiday Season {2018 Gift Guide}

I have created gift guides for every person on your list but sadly waited this long to share my picks for the expectant mom! Shame given this is a blog mainly about pregnancy! Well better late than never and a lot of things on this list can be purchased in time for Christmas anyway!

Check them out!

1.Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever ($11)

Fill these twelve envelopes with memories and hopes for your bundle of joy. Then postdate, seal, and save the letters to gift to your child at a later date. Such a sweet idea and concept!

2.Naipo Neck Massager ($19.99) I reviewed this earlier and found it to be the BEST thing since slice bread.  You can see the review here but I swear by this thing!

3.Tom’s Slippers in Charcoal Glow in the Dark Tree Lights ($59.99) You cannot go wrong with this warm and comfy slippers to ease an achy pregnant and constantly expanding feet! 

4.The Bump Pregnancy Journal This photo album is filled with blank pages that moms can fill with sonogram photos, bump updates, and other baby mementos. Get it at Amazon for $22

5.Spa Gift Card Any expecting mom could use a massage, facial and some good old fashioned pampering while she waits for her bundle of joy ($25+)

6. Uggs Dakota Slippers ($99) For a slightly higher price point, an expecting mom would really appreciate these plush puppies from a known quality brand!

7. Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow If you know how uncomfortable sleeping can be while pregnant, you’d know that this pillow is heaven sent! It allows you to position your body and belly, neck and back in a way most comfortable for a restful night’s sleep. Your expecting family member or friend will LOVE you for getting her this gift! Get it at Amazon for $59.99

8. At Home Spa Gift For moms on bed rest, an at home spa gift basket would be perfect. This basket from an Etsy shop includes belly butter, magnesium lotion, anti-nausea tea, and a bath soak. Nice!($30)

9. A Pregnant Belly Painting Kit This could be a fun activity for mom and partner or an opportunity to create art to share with baby or friends on the Gram. ($19.99)

10. Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom to Be Pregnancy means 40 weeks of missing out on your fave alcoholic beverages and although baby is worth it, a girl will still have cravings and here is were this book of booze-free drink recipes comes in handy! ($16.66)

10 Exquisite Gifts for Discerning Travelers {2018 Gift Guide}

Travel is good for the mind, body and soul and if  you have a traveler friend who loves to wander on  your gift guide, you will not be able to go wrong by gifting him or her one of these items on my carefully curated list

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera Stylish Fuji Instant camera to capture moments and get pics right there to share! Get it at Amazon.com for $124

2.  First Class Tech Case  Store all of your tech essentials in transit in this leather zipped case by English brand Stow which includes an international adapter set and a powerful black leather memory stick, and you can personalize it with up to four embossed letters.  Get it at: ahalife.comor $530

4. The Bucket List Book – This popular award-winning book lists over 100 fun and adventurous things to do and places to see before you kick the bucket! It will certainly inspire your traveling pals. Get it at Amazon for $27.89

3. Away Luggage This wonderful travelers brand sells the durable and quality fashionable hardside suitcase that all your fave celebs use. It is built for heavy travelers given its  indestructible design, easy internal organization, and built-in USB charger, which is removable to comply with airline regulations. Get it at Awaytravel.com from $225

4. Bucket List Photo Book: Use this album book to inspire, document and curate memories to come. Get it at amazon.com, $35

5. Everlane Weekender – This brand is well-known for making super durable, long-lasting and quality constructed totes, bags, travel accessories and more and this Nylon weekend tote is great for quick getaways. It is also stylish. Get it at Everlane for just $78!

6. Scratch Map Luckies of London‘s makes an interactive fun map that lets you scratch off a city or country once you’ve visited. It’s a lively and festive way to display where you’ve been and inspire on where you’re going to go NEXT! Get it at Uncommongoods.com for $26.

7.  Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter  This compact, Lego-like converter enables travelers to plug in 150 countries, and it comes with a color-coded map. Get it atAmazon.com for $25

8.  Cork Globe Help your loved ones track previous and future adventures with this funky globe made of cork material! Colored pins keep track of bucket-list destinations and favorite vacations. Get it at  worldmarket.com$34 or uncommongoods.com, from $48

9. I Was Here Travel Journal For the creative traveler, this travel journal has far more to it than blank pages waiting to be filled. It’s beautifully illustrated from cover to cover and offers fun challenges and includes prompts to encourage users to explore the world in a more fantastical way. Get it at Amazon.com for 16!

10. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit With Ultra Plush Velour Cover, Sleep Mask and Earplugs  A frequent traveler doesn’t leave home without the essentials for a long flight across the ocean. This kit included a neck pillow, mask and earplugs to help them get some rest on an extended plane trip. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty! Get it at Amazon for $18.95


11. AirBNB Gift Card. Your fave explorer is always on the go and could always use funds towards his or her AirBNB stay in one of the 191 countries around the world where there are AirBNB spots. Get it at  Amazon.com starting at $25!

There you have it! 11 Gifts that will certainly delight your wanderlust friend, loved one or family member!