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10 Exquisite Gifts for Discerning Travelers {2018 Gift Guide}

Travel is good for the mind, body and soul and if  you have a traveler friend who loves to wander on  your gift guide, you will not be able to go wrong by gifting him or her one of these items on my carefully curated list

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera Stylish Fuji Instant camera to capture moments and get pics right there to share! Get it at Amazon.com for $124

2.  First Class Tech Case  Store all of your tech essentials in transit in this leather zipped case by English brand Stow which includes an international adapter set and a powerful black leather memory stick, and you can personalize it with up to four embossed letters.  Get it at: ahalife.comor $530

4. The Bucket List Book – This popular award-winning book lists over 100 fun and adventurous things to do and places to see before you kick the bucket! It will certainly inspire your traveling pals. Get it at Amazon for $27.89

3. Away Luggage This wonderful travelers brand sells the durable and quality fashionable hardside suitcase that all your fave celebs use. It is built for heavy travelers given its  indestructible design, easy internal organization, and built-in USB charger, which is removable to comply with airline regulations. Get it at Awaytravel.com from $225

4. Bucket List Photo Book: Use this album book to inspire, document and curate memories to come. Get it at amazon.com, $35

5. Everlane Weekender – This brand is well-known for making super durable, long-lasting and quality constructed totes, bags, travel accessories and more and this Nylon weekend tote is great for quick getaways. It is also stylish. Get it at Everlane for just $78!

6. Scratch Map Luckies of London‘s makes an interactive fun map that lets you scratch off a city or country once you’ve visited. It’s a lively and festive way to display where you’ve been and inspire on where you’re going to go NEXT! Get it at Uncommongoods.com for $26.

7.  Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter  This compact, Lego-like converter enables travelers to plug in 150 countries, and it comes with a color-coded map. Get it atAmazon.com for $25

8.  Cork Globe Help your loved ones track previous and future adventures with this funky globe made of cork material! Colored pins keep track of bucket-list destinations and favorite vacations. Get it at  worldmarket.com$34 or uncommongoods.com, from $48

9. I Was Here Travel Journal For the creative traveler, this travel journal has far more to it than blank pages waiting to be filled. It’s beautifully illustrated from cover to cover and offers fun challenges and includes prompts to encourage users to explore the world in a more fantastical way. Get it at Amazon.com for 16!

10. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit With Ultra Plush Velour Cover, Sleep Mask and Earplugs  A frequent traveler doesn’t leave home without the essentials for a long flight across the ocean. This kit included a neck pillow, mask and earplugs to help them get some rest on an extended plane trip. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty! Get it at Amazon for $18.95


11. AirBNB Gift Card. Your fave explorer is always on the go and could always use funds towards his or her AirBNB stay in one of the 191 countries around the world where there are AirBNB spots. Get it at  Amazon.com starting at $25!

There you have it! 11 Gifts that will certainly delight your wanderlust friend, loved one or family member!

Get Unstuck With Gift Ideas For Your Tech Loving Friend

It’s almost upon us, that time of year when we give and receive gifts from family and friends, and hopefully we have chosen wisely.

And that’s the rub isn’t it?  Choosing something that will suit the person instead of buying something we think might suit them, and personally I have the greatest problems when it comes to choosing gifts for the significant males in my life.

Luckily, we are able to grab some really good gadgets this year which usually satisfy the majority of men whether it’s anew pair of headphones or the latest smartwatch, there is something out there that will suit your father, boyfriend, brother or husband.

For instance, my brother is a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S9. He uses it for almost everything he needs to do online from his banking to playing at his recommended online casino for UK players where his number one favorite pass-time are playing on the progressive slot games followed closely behind by European roulette.

However, he does find that being such an enthusiastic gamer drains his battery so something similar to the Native Union wireless charger pad would be perfect for him as it does away with having to fumble about for the phone charging cable. All he will need to do is pop his phone on the pad and that’s it the phone will start charging straight away.

For those that did not suffer from Virtual Reality sickness, Sony has released some pretty impressive titles with AstroBot being the one that could rival Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you know you snore and do not sleep alone then perhaps gifting  that person some Bose noise making sleep buds which pipe soothing ambient sounds into his ears could be the answer. They’re totally wireless they come in three sizes so he is ensured to have a comfortable fit and they can even work as an alarm clock that only he will be able to hear.

For the fit men in our lives the AppleWatch Series 4 will track their fitness after the festive season making sure they get in shape for the warmer weather when we tend to shed a few pieces of clothing. Not only does this great smartwatch do all of that but it also displays texts from their iPhone, neat eh?

If your budget is not massive then remember that you can search online at sites like amazon which have a ton of really good quality men’s gifts that are not so expensive but shows them that you love them just as much!

Dress Your Child Like A Celeb Holiday Photo Starting at $3

  Whether you’re putting together last minute Holiday or New Year photos or looking for an outfit to wear to a Holiday party, the Christmas Dinner or the Ballet or play, I’ve got you covered with this carefully curated list of items to nab TODAY from our partners. With these looks you can have your baby look like some of the kids of these celeb kids like North West, Penelope Disick, Suri Cruise or Vanessa and Kobi Bryant‘s 11-year old statuesque daughter Natalia BryantVanessa Simmons’s daughter AvaMake it work! Check out these pieces from our partners at Gymboree to try to recreate those celeb kids’ looks:

Bonnie Jean Red Coat 12-24months baby

Price: $30

Bow Coat

Price: $22

Michael Kors Gold Ballet Flats

Price $32

Bow Cardigan

Price: $13.00

American Originals Baby Tuxedo

Price: $63

Bow Wedge Boots

Price: $24

Striped Ponte Dress

Price: $5.37

Tuxedo Stripe Leggings

Price: $8.02

Bow Headband

Price: $3.59Ralph Lauren Cable Cardigan

Price: $39.50

Sparkle Boots

Price: $15.29

Moon Boots

Price: $22       Here are where you can get similar looks powered by our partners at Shopstyle!    

I’m a Foodie And These Gifts Would Make Me Happy! {2018 Gift Guide}

I consider myself a foodie, a relatively new pop culture term I know makes a lot of people cringe. It describes a category of people who are connoisseurs of different and varying cuisine.

We not only love variety but we savor and revel at things like texture, flavor, plating, combinations and such. Foodies enjoy food as an art not just for eating and foodies are usually adventurous when it comes to trying out different dishes, eateries, and restaurants. This love also extends to drinks as well.

As a foodie, I put together a gift guide of items I know I personally would love. Also, I am friends with quite a few and after studying their habits as well, I think this is a pretty good list. I think it’s the best of my 15 and growing list of gift guides this Holiday season.

1. Sur La Table  Molcajete ($45) (+20% off your order: Use code BERRY18 at checkout.)Everything Avocado is hot now, and what better way to mash up fresh guacamole or any spice, paste or rub for a dish than with a 

2. Customized Cutting Board ( $29.99 )Foodies who love to cook are always on a cutting board slicing and dicing vegetables, meats and other delicacies for their dishes. A personalized cutting board would put a smile on your fave foodie’s face!

3. Indoor self-watering Garden ($80) Foodies prefer the freshest of ingredients and can usually tell the difference between taragon, oregano, chive, basil, thyme and other delicate fresh seasoning. It would be a delight to a foodie to get to grow his or her own fresh ingredients even if s/he doesn’t have a large yard.

4. “Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food” by Nik Sharma  $31.50 Named one of the best and most anticipated cookbooks by The New York TimesFood & WineEpicuriousEaterGrub StreetThe New YorkerTheKitchnThe Forward, and Delish and the October 2018 Book Club Pick for Bon Appetit.

5. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, $99 Foodies love experimenting with different flavor combinations and blending cuisines. An instant p55ot lets them experiment quickly while they get undressed after work or do other home errands. These are also great for busy families. 

6. Wine Insiders Gift Set, Starting at $74Every foodie I know loves wine so you cannot go wrong by gifting them wine!

7 .Limited Edition Godiva Holiday Chocolate Truffles, $16With all these new trendy candy companies sprouting up, the classic Godiva chocolate remains a treat to be experienced and savored. Gift one to a foodie in your life.

8.  Marble & Wood Williams-Sonoma Cheese Boards ( $29.95+) Personally, I love cheese and so I know I would love a cheese board and I assume other foodies would too.

9. Family Cook Book $35You know those family recipes tacked on the fridge, in  a tin canister on a kitchen ledge, in Aunt Josie’s head? Pen them all down in this one spot, a family cook book that you and the family customize. Also,foodies are always looking for new dishes to create. Here’s a way for them to organize all the different recipes they discover or wrangle from folks and chefs.

10. Raw Spice Bar Spices and/or Subscription Starting at $6

I received a few of these spices to test out and so far have tested two and am in love! The spices arrive fresh in an airtight insulated resealable pouch. I never knew what I could create.

I marinated some chicken in the for an hour and then pan seared them after and came up with some very flavorful strips that the family loved. They accompanied a garden salad.

Then I tried the on Flounder and Baked it to perfection. You could savor every morsel and taste every single spice. 

The spices these guys assemble are the best and one of the fave on the market. I’m going to reup my subscription when my review sample runs out for sure and have been singing the Raw Spice Bar’s praises to friends and on my personal social media pages for several days now!

What to Get the Homebody {2018 Gift Guide}

Everybody knows somebody who prefers to stay home reading, binge watching their fave series, doing work around the house over going to the happy hour, networking events or clubs!

For that person on your list who can be considered a “homebody”, I’ve carefully curated a list of 13 items to inspire you to get for them in the below infographic and to consider as you’re out and about shopping. 

If you want to save the time and aggravation, you can simply click the links in the list below this infographic

1.A Netflix Subscription _($7.99 per month)

2. Ugg Dakota Water Resistant Genuine Shearling Pompom Slipper ($120)/dearfoams® Maci Scuff Slippers ($12.99)

3.Talbot‘s Knit Scrolling Floral Pajama ($79.95)

4. Geode Stemless Brazilian imported Wine Glasses ($24)

5. Gourmia Electric Square Tea Maker Loose Leaf Tea Infuser & Brewer ($49.99)

6. Aromatherapy Relax Candle ($61)/ or 

Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, Set of 3 ($24)

7. Amazon Kindle Gift Card ($25)

8.Coffee Books Rain decorative pillow ($8.99)

9. Monogrammable Pottery Barn Throw ($47)

10. Personalized Leather Journal ($29.99)

11. Guided Meditation for a Peaceful Heart ($18.98)

12. Cole Haan Fashion Crew Socks Gift Box – 4 Pack ($40)

13. Kimmie Hooded Short Robe ($66)

Stylish Gear For Cool Yet ‘Good’ Dads? Please and Thanks! {Otter Pass Review}

I believe firmly that new (and vet) parents really ought to invest in certain premium products and heirloom quality baby-related pieces and products that can and will stand the test in time, and can be used over and over again as new members of the family join.

Such items include the baby glider, crib, stroller, car seat and diaper bag which will endure lots of miles of use and as such, and in my opinion, should be made of the best material, pass the highest value standard and overall be considered a genuine investment — meaning perhaps more money is spent on them. This is true for moms and dads.

Now, traditionally, a lot of men prefer not to carry around a typical “diaper bag” because they are usually styled for a mom and have extra feminine flare to them.

Fortunately for modern Millennial dads and beyond, many brands and companies in recent years have sprouted up to cater specifically to the discerning tastes and needs of dads who prefer sleek, styled yet masculine products for when they’re doing “daddy duty” on the go.

A new brand on the market, Otter Pass fits squarely in that categorization because the products are made with top-of-the line leather, canvas and other materials for the “brand spanking new dad“, and the “dad  on-the-go” and we cannot forget, the “old school dad”.

We inspected the Leather and Waxed-Canvas 13″ Laptop Case in black which features a tapered bottom that can be slipped into my husband’s work briefcase yet it is sleek in design on its own that he could stand on its own and be carried to a meeting at headquarters.

We were able to squeeze in a notepad, his laptop, a few pens and his mobile phone, earbuds, keys and wallet in one of the few pouches. The sleeve retails for $145.  

If we wanted to go with a complete look, we could slip the sleeve into another item in the Otter Pass executive collection, its messenger bag (retail $245)  made up of the same materials with a superb cotton twill interior, featuring an adjustable cotton strap with antique brass finished hardware. *swoon* Did someone say “antique brass*?

The Otter Pass Messenger Bag

It is certainly a signature piece with one exterior back slip pocket, 2 front slip pockets,  and 1 front zipper pocket. There is more space to store stuff inside including 2 cell pockets, 1 laptop compartment, keychain

Now imagine a small portable organizer with a fob to hook onto the bag  or, better yet, a pacifier. It can stand on its own and hold quick wipes, ID cards, credit and library cards for library story time and every thing needed by a work-from-home or working dad doing weekend duty. 

I love this brand because of the transparency about the journey its traveled to bring these wonderful products to modern fathers. 

The Austin, Texas-based company is named for a lodge built on stilts above water called Passo do Lontra in Otter Pass, in the wetlands in far west Brazil. It is where its founder Jonathan Goudeau used to frequent with his brothers learning from their dad how to hook piranhas, avoid the reeds where alligators hid,  spot spider monkeys at dawn, and listen for the wing-beats of the jaburu, according to the company’s “about us” page.

The company’s name and ideals honors the memory of Goudeau’s dad who sadly perished at the hands of a drunk driver when Goudeau was just 17-years old.

You can sense the connectedness and passion for serving fathers who, according to the company’s mission, are better ready for anything and able to connect with their kids when they are organized and have all the tools they need.

Otter Pass’ collection include everything from wallets and Dopp Kits to hold anything from snacks to shaving supplies, to baby bottle holders to travel cases that are really manly diaper holders!

The one-year old brand also has a social conscious and altruistic presence as well. Up until yesterday, December 2, it donated 25% of sales from last Giving Tuesday, November 17 to Refugee groups in Austin, Texas. 

Right now, if you head over to the company’s website and join the newsletter,  you’re going to get 10% off your order! Sweet!

We love it so much, we added it to our Gift Guide of things to get that Posh Parent on your Holiday gift list!

I love the brand message, history and more to Otter Pass and plan to keep up with it and have followed it on all its social channels!

You can too keep up with Otter Pass, the brand, the story and the mission on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

I can already see that they are out here supporting free trade and challenging slave labor among dis-empowered communities worldwide! Right on! My kind of company! 

Editorial disclaimer: Product and monetary compensation were provided in exchange for this review, however, my opinions are mine and my review of the products are made without regard to the complimentary nature and the fact the review may be sponsored.

Here is $5 To Get This Conversation Starter ‘Mom’ Tee

To promote the Bellyitch Mom Charm Store, I’m giving all of my readers $5.00 towards the purchase of these funny “World’s Okayest Mom” Tee shirt that I sell in the shop!

This comfy cotton blend lightweight tee shirt is a head turner and conversation starter. Every time this summer, fall and pre-winter I have worn this shirt out and about, I get commentary, people stopping me to tell me they like it and generally hat’s off.

We all know motherhood (and parenthood for that matter) isn’t easy. No one is perfect. We are judged harshly by our partners, kids, society, parents, and everyone in between so owning up and having a sense of humor about it can be endearing! 

I get it!

And now you can too!  GET YOUR contemporary, durable tee SHIRT HERE! 


and enter code JJSpecial at check out to get your $5.00 OFF brining down the cost of this shirt to just $20 and knowledge that your purchase will support one of your fave parenting sites! ha! j/k But no really! 

Appreciate your support, friends! 

Get your shirt TODAY!

While you’re there, check out some of our other shirts and sweatshirts!

2018 Bellyitch Gift Guides

We are well into Holiday shopping season and Bellyitch has released about 15 of close to 45 Gift Guides that will be published to guide readers looking for that perfect gift for that special someone (or someones ) on their shopping list.

This year, we’ve tried to go BIG and curate some guides for every type of person possible. 

This is a growing list but what we have so far. Click to be taken to the itemized list or scroll down to see below for the Graphic that accompanies each list:

Gifts For Posh Mom or Dad {2018 Gift Guide}

Here is what to get to that affluent mom and dad OR that woman and man who have everything they can possibly want so they are incredibly hard to shop for:

  1. Helicopter Ride or Lessons Above a Fantastic City ($1355+ depending on the city)
  2. A Rolex watch for her or him
  3. Spa Experience ($250+)
  4. Private Whisky or Tequila Tasting ($80+ depending on city)
  5. Plush monogram robe ($99+)
  6. Ski Vacation
  7. Birkin Bag ($5,000+) or Otter Pass Messenger Bag ($275)
  8. A Subscription Box ($149+)
  9. A Room Full of Flowers
  10. Fishing Adventure ($2,000 per person+)
  11. Anything from Tiffanys
  12. Anything engraved


  1. A Star in the Star Registry
  2. A Living Donation to a Building

Kourtney Kardashian: the last Dash To Break the Internet

This latest season of Keeping Up with The Kardashians started with the eldest of the sisters Kourtney Kardashian in tears over being told by sister Kim that she (Kourt)is the least interesting to look at.

That was over 6 months ago when the show taped and since then, Kourtney has ”cougared” her way through at least two different romantic partners who were years her junior and had made up for being told she isn’t interesting by posting a series of super sexy photos in social media.

Before, I think I can fairly say she was the last Kardashian that a lot of regulars folksy moms could relate to. She kept it rated PG and mom-focused. 

The reality Tv star’s image rebrand worked to catch the eye of GQ Mexico editors, at least, who feature her in its double winter issue.

Michael Schwartz for GQ Mexico
View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

And one particular photo shot by Michael Schwartz features the “assets” of the mom of three prominently!

In the photo, the 39-year old wears a long sleeve black turtleneck and no bottoms it appears. 

To say  the image, posted in IG,  took many of her 70 million fans and followers by surprise is an understatement!

While she got a lot of love in the comment section, I can say a  significant amount were body shaming ones and women expressing disappointment and stating the image will bring shame to her kids.

I don’t want to contribute too much to them by amplifying them so you can go to her post and read them for yourself. 

ETA: This is not the first time, Kourt has posted a nude photo of herself from a fashion spread. She did so in 2017and  while preggers in 2014 in Vanity Fair!

Still, this close up one is quite different.

What do you think!? Let’s talk about it in social! Find me @bellyitch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!