The 18 Best Thanksgiving Gifts To Bring Your Host

Put the thanks in Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re headed to your in-laws’, your sister’s, or a friend’s house this Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to show up with something in hand.

Wine or a side dish are always appreciated (and maybe expected), but these vases, serving spoons, kitchenware, and gift baskets are a nice extra touch.


Cake Stand  as a Thanksgiving Gift

Acrylic Cake Stand


This multi-functional cake stand can be transformed into a punch bowl or veggie platter, so will definitely find use around your Thanksgiving spread.
Monogram Glasses as a Thanksgiving Gift

Monogram Glasses


Personalize these pretty glasses with your host’s initials.

Fun Thanksgiving Banner


Make the holiday a photo opp in itself.
Custom Wine Stopper as a Thanksgiving Gift

Custom Wine Stopper


A reminder that you don’t have to finish the bottle in one sitting.

Round Wood and Wire Tray


It’s pretty AND functional.
Thanksgiving Socks as a Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Socks


To-do list for the day includes…

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