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Vote Best Celeb Quarantine Tik ToK Vids

celebrity tik tok

Stuck indoors without many options for entertainment outside the house, a lot of families are finding creative ways to bond and interact. If you’re familiar with the social media video platform Tik Tok, you are probably aware of the various viral dance and other fun exchanges that people pick up on and “make their own.”

Celebrities are no stranger to this app and have been sharing their own dance videos with their fans and followers online. I curated over a dozen of my recent faves after getting lost on social media for an entire hour!

Which celebrity family has been having the most fun on Tik Tok?

Ciara, Russell Wilson and fam

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Smile ♥️😊 #russellwilson #ciara

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Mariah Carey and her kids

@mariahcareyHappy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!! Stay home & stay safe!! 💚☘️ ##fliptheswitch @bryan_tanaka♬ Nonstop – Drake


Jessica Alba


@jessicaalba##happyathome ##HonestBeauty (H&H )Detox and (Me) Prime+Perfect Mask ##selfcarechallenge ##momlife♬ JOEMAMA – joewaud

LeBron James and fam

Mark Wahlberg and fam

Kandi Burruss and family

Allison Holker Boss let her son, Weslie


@allisonholkerbossWESLIE taught us this one ##thebosshouse @twitchtok7♬ original sound – global.jones


Black’ish Marsai Martin

Chance the Rapper and his wife Kirsten

NBA Player and new dad Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks

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Via @giannis_an34 😂😂😂 #tiktok #tiktokdad #switchitupchallenge #switch #dadisntanoun #blackjoyismagic #blacklove #blackfathers #blackboyjoy #blackexcellence #blackisbeautiful #raisingkings #familyfirst #selflove #ilovemykids #blackdadmagic You can join the movement by posting your proud dad photos with the hashtag #FlipTheScript and tagging @DC_MOFMB and @Mayor_Bowser. #dadisntanoun #FlipTheScript #changethenarrative #blackfathers #everythingblack #allblack #blackisbeautiful #blackboyjoy #blackexcellence #raisingkings #blackfathersdoexist #mybrotherskeeper #mybrother #brotherhood #blackisbeautiful # #theblackmancan #Parenting #Parenthood #goodmorning #theblackmancan #mondaymotivation

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Singer Jhene Aiko

And the couples challenge which I plan to do with my hubby

Jennifer Lopez and A. Rod

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr



COVID-19 Tips for TTC, Expecting and Brand New Moms

hugging couple

hugging couple

Photo by Shvets Anna from Pexels 

During the global COVID-19 crisis, pregnant, trying to conceive couples and those within weeks/months of giving birth are questioning the safety of going to the hospital, doctor’s office, labs and clinics.

Yale University Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Mary Jane Minkin ffers tips and tells women to stay calm but be prepared.

“As we experience unprecedented times with many unknowns, the most important thing to remember is that health care providers are prepared to handle all health-related concerns. And, they are taking all steps necessary to be available to their patients,” says Dr. Minkin, who is also the founder of MadameOvary.com . “However, women must take personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing and utilize telehealth appointments if available.”

Here are Dr. Minkin’s Facts and Tips:

  1. Get your flu shot: Pregnant women have altered immune systems; therefore, they are at an increased risk for respiratory infections.
  2. Don’t hesitate to call the doctor’s office. Even if you’re not experiencing serious symptoms, doctors and nurse practitioners are available via phone to answer all your questions and concerns. This is the safest first step, rather than going directly into the office. Doctors will do their best to evaluate symptoms, prescribe medicine or make proper arrangements based on symptoms for you to go to a lab for testing or the hospital. Your healthcare provider should make sure you do not spend time in the waiting room, and you will be escorted directly to specially designed isolation rooms for fetal monitoring, or labor.
  3. Pregnant women should revisit doctor schedules with their OB/GYN. OB/GYN offices will still be seeing their pregnant patients, but visits will be deliberately spaced apart to avoid spending time in the waiting room. It is also wise not to allow friends or family members to accompany you to your appointment, or ultrasound, at this time.
  4. Stock up onPre-Natal gummy vitamins like Vitafusion  which should be taken when trying to conceive through breastfeeding.
  5. If you suspect you might be pregnant, and showing signs and symptoms like morning sickness, food cravings, mood swings, and fatigue, etc., have First Response Early Result Pregnancy tests at home, so you don’t need to leave the house until Covid-19 settles down.  Women can take a test up to six days before a missed period. Be sure to call your doctor right away if the test is positive to put a proper plan of action in place.
  6. Mothers infected with the coronavirus should follow their pediatrician’s guidelines for breastfeeding and precautions to take (wearing a mask and gloves, hand washing, etc.) while spending time with baby.

Stay healthy moms, moms-to-be and soon-to-be new moms!!!

9 Sibling Newborn Baby Photography From Around the States

angela Weedon

sibling photography

Derksen Photography – Fresno, CA

This downtime has been a great time for us to review our 10-year blog archives and uncover some of the best and most loved content shared over the years. Among them is this post that shared 9 very adorable and creative newborn sibling photos that parents had professional photographers take.

The super cute sibling portraits come from talented photography specialists from all across America and feature a new baby with their older sibling(s), including this one above from Derksen Photography in Fresno, California.

It with these others below combine to a curated list of 9!

Which is your favorite? If you’re expecting baby #2, or 3 or 4, which one would you replicate for your family living room?

angela Weedon

Angela Weedon – Dallas, TX

 Katie Bower Photography – Georgia

Ema  Photography – New York

Kayla Paler Photography – Minnesota

Disney Photography

Carrie Sandoval – California

Melissa Rodriguez – Texas

sibling photography photo

Carrie Sandoval – California

Bellyitch Rewind: Eric Benet’s Wife Manuela’s Tender Belly Dedication

Bellyitch Rewind

In a very brave and courageous promotion of breastfeeding, singer Eric Benet, shared a photo of his newborn daughter Lucia nursing on his wife Manuela Testolini via Instagram, a new innovative and popular iPhone app used for enhancing and sharing images with friends.

Lucia was born on December 21, 2012 E! News reports.

Ideally, people who see this image would be encouraged and understand how natural and beautiful the act of nourishing a child is. Sadly, breastfeeding isn’t always celebrated and appreciated, even though research says that breastfeeding is the best for newborns and babies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 26% of babies are never breastfed. Breastfeeding is healthy and is used to transfer critical antibodies and immunity to babies. The benefits of breastfeeding are endless.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics research, human milk feeding decreases the incidence and/or severity of a wide range of infectious diseases including bacterial meningitis, bacteremia, diarrhea, respiratory tract infection, necrotizing enterocolitis,otitis media,urinary tract infection, and late-onset sepsis in preterm infants.

In addition, postneonatal infant mortality rates in the United States are reduced by 21% in breastfed infants and research indicates that breastfed babies

The CDC also reports that African Americans are less likely to breastfeed their children. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies report that Blacks stop breastfeeding sooner than other races, setting up their children for higher incidences of illnesses and diseases that non-breastfed children succumb to at a higher rate than those who were nursed. The report links higher rates of infant mortality and low birth weight to lack of breastfeeding.

There is a taboo about it among the black community, perhaps, and those who nurse for too long are not encouraged and are sometimes egged on to stop breastfeeding after a few weeks or months. Shorter breastfeeding times are also linked to low income mothers who have to report to work earlier and have shorter maternity leave and/or work in settings where they do not have a private place to pump and store their milk for their babies.

Kim Durdin-James, national president of the African-American Breastfeeding Alliance (AABA), summed it up well in saying, “In the best of times, breastfeeding is the optimal feeding choice for young children because it provides babies with all vital nutrients for growth and development, but in times of disaster, breastfeeding can mean the difference between life and death.”

So Benet sharing this image may spark dialog and conversation about nursing. Unfortunately, some may see it as over-sharing and too private an image to be sharing with the world.

But if the purpose was to share with the world a piece of two of his most favorite girls (his mom and daughter India probably being other favorite females) doing a natural act that is his prerogative and he should be celebrated and applauded for doing so not discouraged and lambasted.

A few weeks before the birth, Benet tweeted this wonderful belly pic of Manuela:

It reads: Your heart beats because of our love Our love beats stronger because of you. Lovely!

Try American Ninja Warrior Junior Host’s Quick Circuit Workout for the Family

 American Ninja Warrior Junior Akbar Gbajabiamila and family

Looking for ideas for a fun, kid-friendly workout while social distancing?
 American Ninja Warrior Junior host Akbar Gbajabiamila uses a quick circuit work out with his family. The former athlete and father utilizes just  four simple moves with his own kids and helps create an effective family workout session with no equipment required.

1. Start with a body weight cardio sequence:

3 Minutes: 

30 second Jumping Jacks

30 second High knees 

30 second Butt kickers 

30 second Body Squats

30 second Jumping Jacks 

30 second Mountain climbers 


Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

2. Planks- we love timers in our house. So I get my kids doing one minute circuits with different planks! 

– High plank

– Forearm plank

– “Up-Downs” (this is where you go from high plank to forearm plank and alternate which arm you lead with)


3. Animal walks… keeping it fun and educational, I always integrate different animal movements into the exercises with my kids. It keeps them distracted and moving around. Two top favorites: 

– Crab walks

– Bear crawls 


4. Wrap with relay races. Similar to something done in football called “suicide drills”, now the whole family gets involved.

One kid starts and runs to the end of the driveway, comes back, tags the next, and so forth. We make it a fun competition to see as a team how quickly they can complete the drill. 


Nice! Thanks Akbar! Catch  American Ninja Warrior Junior    airing on Universal Kids!

10 Tips For How to Deal with OB/GYN Problems at Home

Woman sipping coffee

Woman sipping coffee

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Women who have had OB/GYN appointments scheduled within the last few weeks have probably had a telephone call from their practitioners letting them know that their appointment has been postponed or canceled as many doctor’s offices are shut down for non-emergency care, and are only handling emergency care or diagnosing and treating Covid-19.

In these times, there is an option to connect by phone of video when you’re experiencing non-urgent but highly uncomfortable issues or need to have a prescription phoned in.

Lauren Streicher, MD, OB/GYN at Northwestern University encourages her patients experiencing gynecologic issues during the Covid crises to contact their healthcare professionals (which includes either family physician, internist, obstetrician–gynecologist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) if they have a gynecologic concern.

But she is aware that many health care professionals are either not set up to treat patients using telemedicine or simply aren’t available given their focus is now on critically ill patients.

“Even with mandates to ‘shelter in place,’ women can safely and effectively take care of many common health issues right at home,” Dr. Streicher advises. “But still, it is important to know when something does require immediate medical attention.”

She offers the following tips to help women prepare their own at home ‘gyne toolkit’ to address common issues:

·     Plan ahead with a 3-Month Supply of prescriptions such as birth control pills. If your insurance won’t give you more than a month at a time, Dr. Streicher offers ways to cut out of pocket costs on prescription drugs.

·       Horrible, painful periods? Yes, there are at home remedies that actually work.

·       Unprotected sex? In the U.S., there are two FDA approved over the counter forms of emergency contraception. Dr. Streicher stresses that the on sooner you take Emergency Contraception, the more effectively it works – so it’s best to prepare and have it on hand!   And, as always stock up on condoms.

·      Control that recurring UTI. There is nothing worse than a UTI when you can’t get a prescription. Have antibiotics on hand just in case.  Additionally, studies show that if you increase your daily fluid intake of water to 2-3 liters on a regular basis, you can flush out sticky bacteria and prevent infection. An oral vaginal probiotic like Pro-B may keep yeast and bacteria balanced everyday by increasing vaginal lactobacilli and preventing the colonization of vaginal E.coli finding its way into the urinary tract.

·      Vaginal discharge? Funky odor? Know how to determine if it is yeast or bacterial vaginosis so you know which over the counter product to use. Make sure to have Vaginal pH balancing Gel in your Gyne Toolkit to keep pH balanced to normal after common occurrences like sex and menstruation.

·      Pelvic floor PT cancelled?  If you are going to stick to kegel exercises, make sure you are doing them correctly. Also, there are over the counter, at home devices developed in conjunction with pelvic floor physical therapists that are FDA cleared for the treatment of both urinary and fecal incontinence. Find out how to have a home, personal trainer for your pelvic floor.

·      Painful sex?  Sheltering in place, can mean more sex, (Yay!) although in some cases this is less than pleasurable. You don’t necessarily need to see your gyne to get help. Stock up on Replens Moisturizer to eliminate vaginal dryness and painful sex, especially for women who are breastfeeding, in cancer treatment or menopause. And, remember to have a good silicone lube on hand to use just before sex to eliminate abrasion and ease penetration. A moisture is not the same as a lube.

·       Abnormal bleeding? Don’t panic. Find out what the causes are and when you need to act, and when it is OK to wait it out.

·      Pregnant? Having pain? An ectopic pregnancy is potentially life threatening and demands attention. Call your healthcare provider immediately.

  • Stock up on vitamin-D. It facilitates the absorption of calcium that can decrease bone loss and reduce your risk of breaking a bone. They are easy to take, especially a gummy like vitafusion.

“Instead of consulting Dr. Google, who is usually wrong, check out my website at DrStreicher.com, it is the go to women’s health site for reliable, up to date, information about what to do in almost every circumstance when you are stuck at home and can’t reach your own doctor,” adds Streicher.

There you have it, moms and moms-to-be, answers at your computer fingertips. We suggest you use it.

pin graphic for ob/gyn at home tips

Kevin Hart and Eniko are Expecting 2nd Child

Congrats to actor comedian Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko are expecting their second child.

The second-time mom-to-be shared the news on her Instagram yesterday, March 24.

“In the midst of all of this we’re counting our blessings and couldn’t be more grateful!” Hart captioned a photo of herself in sheer black lingerie revealing her baby bump.  “Soon to be a family of 6!”

Her hubby reposted the photo resharing the news to his fans and followers.

The two, married since 2016, are parents to 2-year old Kenzo Kash Hart to the world in November 2017. Kevin  has a 15-year old daughter named Heaven and 12-year-old son Hendrix, with ex-wife Torrei Hart.

Kevin and Enicko married in 2016.

Earlier Tuesday, Kevin shared some less fun news: he’s been dyeing his hair, but he’s going gray during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pregnant Women In New York Will Deliver Babies Alone

sad woman

sad woman

Women giving birth at two leading New York City hospital networks are being told they must labor without spouses, partners or doulas by their side — leaving the expectant mothers anxious and frightened about their upcoming deliveries.

The New York City hospital network NewYork-Presbyterian on Monday instituted one of the most restrictive visitor policies in the country for women giving birth, barring spouses, partners and other family members or outside support people, such as doulas, from the delivery room — a rule it said would help protect mothers and children during the coronavirus outbreak.

And on Monday night, Mt. Sinai Health System announced it would also bar partners and other visitors from its labor and delivery rooms, beginning on Tuesday.

“We do not take this decision lightly, but these are unprecedented times that require unprecedented steps to protect our patients, their families and their new babies,” Lucia Lee, a spokeswoman for Mt. Sinai, said in a statement.

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Your Guide to Celebrity LIVE Streams During COVID-19 Quarantine

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend attend the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Feb. 9, 2020 in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

During this coronavirus outbreak, we have seen a lot of celebrities take to their social media to connect with their fans.

Some have had misses, like Vanessa Hodgens who downplayed the seriousness of people losing their lives on an impromptu IG story and others like DJ D-Nice have hit it out the park by playing three nights in a row for up to 9 hours at a time entertaining world including many celebs like Mariah Carey, Paul MccCartney, Michelle Obama and everyone in between, gaining up to a million Instagram followers in the process.

Debbie Allen is hosting online dance classes called #dancewithdebbieallen.

Personally, I’ve benefited from some of these impromptu exchanges. I took in singer Miguel’s one hour Instastory Live jam session and was entertained by Cardi B‘s funny share that Brooklyn DJ iMarkkeyz turned into a chart topping hit song!

Couples have gotten into it to. John Legend played hits on the piano as his wife Chrissy Teigen jammed along, and later they played tunes while cooking. Country legend Keith Urban crooned to tunes as wife Nicole Kidman danced in the background.

While Tom Hanks and actor wife Rita Wilson recovered from the disease, Wilson rapped to Naughy By Nature‘s “Hip Hop Hooray“.

Some are branding their appearances and making gigs out of them. D-Nice’s started out as “Homeschool” and Chris Martin‘s regular sets are being called #TogetherAtHome.

Most of these shows have been free but leave it to enterprising soul singer  Erykah Badu to elevate the game with her “Quarantine Concert Series“, LIVE from her bedroom. She charged $1 for a stream and her production quality was A+ and involved more than one camera and camera angles. She sold merch and really converted all those stuck at home into a nice profitable gig.

Per Vibe magazine :

The Grammy winner also took to Instagram Live to explain some of the politics of being signed to a record label, and why she’s charging an entry fee. “We rely on our live shows and all of our live shows got canceled indefinitely,” said Badu.

“We’re not rich people, we just play rich people on TV. Some of us only have one form of income and that’s [live] shows. I wanted to create another revenue of income and you are helping me do that in a big way because this is an experiment. There’s nobody in between me and that dollar.”

Badu’s setlist will be handpicked by logged-in fans who vote during the stream.

Maren Morris Welcomes First Child, Son, Hayes Andrew

Congratulations to country singer Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd who welcomed their first child together today, son.

The petite “GIRL” album recording artist shared the news on her Instagram account.

Hayes Andrew Hurd. 3/23/20. Love of our lives,” she captioned a series of photos of herself and her songwriter husband Hurd with the newborn.

“The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the ‘GIRL’ headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out,” she captioned a photo of herself and Hurd cradling her baby bump.

“The Bones” singer first announced they were expecting back in October. Morris and Hurd began dating in 2015 and married in Nashville in March 2018.