College Decision Day Reveal: 11 More Creative Ideas to Steal

cupcake reveal
college decision reveal

cupcake reveal

UPDATED for 2022

Last year, I blogged about a new trend of college reveal photo shoots and video reveals like this one

and this one

and this one

And now that we are in the era of COVID, the over-the-top party celebration with friends of the past will not be possible this year! Or will it?!

Here is a curated list of unique, creative and some common ways to share with your family and friends online where your kid plans to attend college in the Fall:

College Collage

The simplest and my fave is the ubiquitous collage of college logos around a photo of your senior. If your Class of 2020 graduate has already made her or his decision, you could indicate so in the photo or with the kid in the center photo wearing a jersey or t-shirt from the selected institution.

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Escape Quarantine and Shout It In the Streets

This idea simply involves a little photo shoot outside in front of the home, outdoors with your senior in his/her chosen school gear.

The “At Home” Signing Day

This idea is great for future college athletes. Have the parents or siblings pose behind the student at a desk or table ready to sign on the dotted line as is done during sports signing days.


I love this school’s idea of creating a timeline collage featuring a photo of the graduate as a toddler or preschooler and his senior photo along with a copy of the college announcement. Very creative. You can create something similar using Canva. or Picmonkey for FREE in minutes!

K.I.S.S. (Keepin It Simple, Silly)

Post a simple piece of swag from the school.

Major announcement

Incorporate some elements of the major in the announcement the way this future USC  Animation Student did with her announcement

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Cool Runnings

Similar to the simple memorabilia, if your teen already has a tee or sweatshirt from the school, hang it from a hanger on a door and post just the item of clothing


You cannot go wrong with cake pops or cupcakes. Print out small versions of each school’s logo, attach to a Popsicle stick or toothpick and voila!

Cupcakes are always popular


college decision reveal


A Bed Party

Yes, Bed Parties are a thing but would require a bit of shopping for random items that come in the same color of the school and a trip to the party supply or dollar store for Mylar Balloons and streamers.

Post a photo of the future college kid in a bed of collegiate merch from the school of choice. Photo from Skiks which that site makes and sells such gear

Check out these below from Blue-Prynt a company that specializes in personalized decorations.

I hope you get inspiration from these photos!

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