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Back to School: Affordable Laptop for College Bound

For the college bound Freshman (and his/her parents), it is no secret that college can be expensive. From tuition and fees to books and supplies, there are a lot of costs associated with higher education. But one cost that is often overlooked is the cost of a laptop.

A laptop is essential for completing assignments, connecting with professors, classmates and friends and family back home and for taking notes.

It can be a pricey purchase especially if you are a design or computer science major which means you may need a device capabable of accommodating the memory of graphic design software or for coding. But most majors only require the basics.

Battery life: It needs a good battery life for times when you’re not near an outlet like in class.

Display -You’ll want a decent display if you will be spending a lot of time staring at your screen.

Keyboard: You’ll need a comfortable keyboard given all the typing you’ll be doing.

Weight and portability – Having a laptop that can be carried in a backpack all day is clutch

Durability – You will need one that will stand the test of time and can get dinged and beat up from the hustle and bustle of running to class, dropping your backpack on the ground and more.

Processor: Students need a laptop that can handle all of their coursework and assignments. Chromebooks can get by with a fairly low-powered CPU and a basic Intel Celeron processor will do.

If you’re interested in an economically priced laptop or Chromebook that you can take with you to college, or send off with your child if you’re a caregiver or parent, then I highly recommend the HP 360.

When I sent off my now college Junior a few years back, we researched this laptop and settled on it for several reasons.

First of all, it’s lightweight, and the screen is 14 inches. It has lots of ports for your wireless mouse adapter, SD card, power cord, headphones and more.

What I really loved about it and what makes it really stand out is that he has 360 If you’re out and about and doing field work, you can flip it around and hold it like a notebook— a real one!

It has a touchscreen as well. That’s the second thing that’s amazing about it. I prefer a mouse myself to a mousepad and so in those moments when I forget my mouse at home, I love the option of using the touchscreen to naviate around the laptop.

I liked the sleek design and and I go tit in white! You can add stickers to it if you want to customize it too an dit is economically priced at $399!

It’s availalbe at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more retailers!


Starting at $299

photo of a laptop, a slice of pie on a plate and a re headhphone connected to an apple iphone face down on the floor next to a laptop near an open window

Amazon PRIME Day Deals and Wish List

Today and tomorrow, July 11 and 12, is Amazon PRIME Day 2022. All around the web, you’re probably seeing your fave creator, influencer or website sharing deals.

This year, I decided to do something different and promote just two things: 1) the products I have already and love and think you should consider investing in; and 2) my wishlist of items that I really truly want to get and most likely will soon be investing in for myself.

What I have and love.

First, I want to share that we are among the 200 million PRIME members worldwide. We save hundreds each year and thousands over the years on shipping costs. With PRIME, you pay nothing for two day shipping. You also have extra benefits when shopping at Whole Foods supermarket. We live steps away from our local market so as you can imagine, we are there saving every day.

If you would like to test out the benefits for 30 days, do so by clicking HERE!


Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with latest Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls), Dolby Vision

We are a family that is usually late to all the technology. We only recently got our first Amazon personal assistant like the Echo or Dot. We use it almost everyday to play music while we cook or clean around the house. We ask it to help with basic homework questions, to check the weather and give us the traffic report. It’s a lifesave and a great investment

Get it Today only for $24.99 down from $49.99

Pick up the Firestick Lite for just $11.99 down from $34.99

Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Sleek design with full sound, Bluetooth, and Alexa | Charcoal

We were late to the game when it comes to investing in a home personal assistant device like Alexa. Since we purchased our first one a year ago, life hasn’t been the same. We use our Alexa dot to stream music while we cook or clean the house, to help answer basic questions while working on homework or other work tasks, including simple calculations or geography questions. She gives us the weather forcast and traffic outlook. It’s a lifesaver. If you’re a late bloomer like us or simply want another echo for another floor or room in your home, consider getting it today.

Get it Today only for $19.99 down from $49.99

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

A few years ago, we jumped on the AirFryer trend and believe me, it will also change your life, especially if you are interested in eating less fried foods. This Ninja airfryer will fry potatoes, onion rings, and even roast meats, bake fish and more. It saves time with dinner prep and is just a total lifesaver and must have for any family. Shucks, if you live at home and are always on the go or busy, you could use an air fryer too.

Get it Today only for $94.99 down from $129.99

Now that I’ve shared the things I have a love and use, time to share my wish list of things I want to invest in this PRIME Day!

Ring Video Doorbell 

We live in an old house and the doorbell has been disabled for a while but the door knocker works fine and our door is relatively new. Still, I want all the perks of a Ring:

  • 1080p HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • An update from the original Ring Video Doorbell, enjoy improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, and crisper night vision.
  • Receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers your built-in motion sensors.
  • Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connects to existing doorbell wires for constant power.
  • Easily setup by connecting your Ring Video Doorbell to wifi through the Ring app and mounting with the included tools.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.
  • Pair with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring.

Get it Today only for $79.99 down from $99.99

iRobot Braava jet m6 (6012) Ultimate Robot Mop-

We do not live in a home with carpets, only hardwood floors and it gets dirty often. I sweep on the hour these days, especially not that the kids are home. However, I do not mop that often and I think this iRobot mopper is perfect for keeping our floors clean! I can’t wait to get this and I might even buckle down and get a Roomba to sweep which is $70 today. GET THE DEAL!

Get it Today only $299 – Down from $499, a saving of over $200!

iWaterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

We do not live in a home with carpets, only hardwood floors and it gets dirty often. I sweep on the hour these days, especially not that the kids are home. However, I do not mop that often and I think this iRobot mopper is perfect for keeping our floors clean! I can’t wait to get this and I might even buckle down and get a Roomba to sweep which is $70 today. GET THE DEAL!

Get it Today only for $59 – Down from $99, a saving of $40!

Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds 

We do not live in a home with carpets, only hardwood floors and it gets dirty often. I sweep on the hour these days, especially not that the kids are home. However, I do not mop that often and I think this iRobot mopper is perfect for keeping our floors clean! I can’t wait to get this and I might even buckle down and get a Roomba to sweep which is $70 today. GET THE DEAL!

Get it Today only for 99.95 – Down from $149.95, a saving of close to $50!

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Bike

We do not live in a home with carpets, only hardwood floors and it gets dirty often. I sweep on the hour these days, especially not that the kids are home. However, I do not mop that often and I think this iRobot mopper is perfect for keeping our floors clean! I can’t wait to get this and I might even buckle down and get a Roomba to sweep which is $70 today. GET THE DEAL!

Get it Today only for $259.36 – Down from $439.99 a saving of close to $200!

Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch w/ Green Aluminum Case with Clover Sport Band.

We do not live in a home with carpets, only hardwood floors and it gets dirty often. I sweep on the hour these days, especially not that the kids are home. However, I do not mop that often and I think this iRobot mopper is perfect for keeping our floors clean! I can’t wait to get this and I might even buckle down and get a Roomba to sweep which is $70 today. GET THE DEAL!

Get it Today only for $279 – Down from $399, a saving of close to $130!

23 & Me DNA + Ancestry Kit

Irrespective of how controversial DNA and ancestry testing kits have become, I am still quite curious and interested in learning if there are clues in my and my family DNA to genetic abnormalities that I should be aware of and take precautions over.

Get it Today only for $98.99 – Down from $199, a saving of over $100!

Dorm Essentials

Because I have a kid in college, one on his way there in a year and loads of friends and family with college-bound kids throwing trunk parties for their children, I look forward to exploring the many home, kitchen and bathroom deals.

Swimming Essentials

My family is a soccer and swimming family. Those are the two main sports that our school aged children partake in so we are always on the hunt for swim goggles, jammers, swimsuits and swim bags. I plan to dig into the Swimming page and deals today and tomorrow.

Baby and Nursery Deals

Best Graduation Gift Ideas They Actually Want

It’s graduation season and many family members, aunts, uncles, friends. grandparents and the like are scrambling about to figure out the best gift to give to a graduate. If the parentt or graduate has established a 529 or college fund, you can contribute to that.

Also, trunk parties are back in trend. These events feature parents hosting a gathering for close friends who bring items that the graduate will need for college or their next stage in life for a dorm or apartment.

But if you plan to be at a graduation or a gradution party, you might want to take something with you or send a gift to celebrate the commencement.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you started.


The absolute best thing to give any graduate in 2022 and beyond is cash. Fortunately, we live in a world where things like CashApp, Venmo and Zelle exist. The best thing about cash is that, unlike gift cards, they are less likely to get misplaced, lost or forgotten about. A gift of cash deposited straight into the graduate’s bank account can be used immediately, during post graduation vacations and festivities, or saved for college or apartment shopping later.

Everyone loves cash and no one will begrudge you for not purchasing an actual gift that they may not even like or want.

Gift Card

The next best thing is a gift card to a shop, online marketplace or restaurant that you know the graduate frequents or loves. They are more likely to keep tabs on that card if it is from a fave of theirs. Alternatively, you can give an Amazon gift card because the online retailer sells everything. And with a digital card, you don’t even have to be at the graduation ceremony or send a physical card in the mail.

Get Amazon

Personalized Gift

A graduate is certain to appreciate the thoughtfulness of a personalized gift. A keychain, custom gift box, personalized necklace, monogram weekender bag or a coffee mug with their name on it. Such gifts reflect throughtfulness and forethought.

Financial Literacy Book

After high school or college is the first time that a lot of young people are responsible for themselves and their own finances. Sadly, a lot of schools do not prepare adolescents and young adults for financial management and planning. A book or a set of books like “Why Didn’t They Teach Me This In School?” with 99 personal management principles can help.

women's history month

Study Skills/Self Care/ Daily Devotions

Depending on how close you are to the graduate and how much of their personal story you are familiar with, you might consider picking up a book that will help them be better students in college, or will help them take better care of their mental health and take more breaks, or get them closer to their Faith.

I hope these suggestions are good enough to get you a head start!

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Welcome First Child

photo of pregnant singer Rihanna in a pink fur coat and cutoffs with fiance ASAP roacky in fur green hat on a fire escape

Rihanna has got love on the brain after giving birth to her first baby.

She and A$AP Rocky officially welcomed their first child together on May 13, multiple outlets have confirmed. The singer has reportedly given birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles.

After keeping quiet about the news from the public for months, the “Love on the Brain” singer confirmed her pregnancy in January.

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photo of rihanna and rapper a$ap rocky holding hands

NURSERY ROOM INSPIRATION: Coastal Wonderfully Woven Details Theme

One great element of a seaside vibe is the use of woven woods and grasses.

Here the chair and rocking horse bring that element to life in the nursery. These natural materials lend a casual but important bit of style to our nursery space.

Check out the Furniture and décor that bring together this room

Rattan Rocking Horse for the Woven Detail Theme

Rattan Rocking Horse for the Coastal Woven Nursery

A timeless toy with a beautiful, made-to-last design, our Rattan Rocking Horse will be cherished by the little ones in your family for years to come. Toddlers and kids will love to gently rock on this simple, heirloom-quality rocking horse. And when it’s not in use, you’ll be happy to have this gorgeous toy in the kids room and playroom. Constructed from natural rattan and cane, it features an intricate weave and a classic look, which means it doubles as a sweet piece of decor.
Purple Pillow Design with for the Woven Detail Theme

Pompom Design Pillow Purple

When you’re not an interior decorator or have the knack to decorate, throw pillows are a great start for an amateur. This pom pom-patterned and square-shaped accent pillow adds a nice pop of color and it shows you have a flair for style. This square pillow is made of 100% linen. It features a zippered back, and it comes in a rich,deep color that’s beautiful and complements any sofa or bed.
Plum Area for the Woven Detail Theme

Effiom Floral Handmade Looped/Hooked Wool Midnight/Plum Area Rug

Created in collaboration with artist and painter, this collection captures the essence of a traditional floral painting whilst providing the softness and comfort of a rug. Hooked of 100% wool by skilled artisans, this collection flourishes with color making it versatile enough for any home.
Coral Reef Framed Prints for the Woven Detail Theme

Coral Reef Framed Prints, Set/6 Blue

Instant Download Printable .JPG files that can be printed at home or by your favourite professional printer using photo paper, canvas or card stock.
Floor Lamp for the coastal woven detail theme

Haley Floor Lamp Brass/White

The modern styles within the Haley collection are created with a metal base and cotton shade. This minimalist table lamp is made in India and features a 3-way switch. For optimal product care, wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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NURSERY ROOM INSPIRATION: Boho Earth toned Nursery

An earth-toned nursery oasis. We incorporated earth tones through the use of the green wallpaper and varying shades of brown seen in the crib and leather pouf. Fun accessories like the lion stuffed animal and orange fringe pillow add a pop of brighter earth tone colours to the Boho Earthed Nursery.

Check out the items that bring together this eclectic Boho earth-toned room together.

Decorative Pillow for the Boho Nursery

Velvet Tassels 12″x20″ Decorative Pillow

Rusty auburn hues and delicate tassel details encapsulate the simplicity of this uncomplicated yet entirely inviting throw pillow. The easy, effortless answer to modern vintage styling, this piece will fast become a style staple that perfectly complements your space – especially with its approachably self-indulgent velvet composition
Woven Seagrass basket for a boho nursery

Woven Seagrass Basket

Made to beautify your home while simplifying storage, this woven seagrass basket features handmade construction. That means there’s variation from piece to piece, and no two are exactly alike. The attractive woven design and the simplicity of real seagrass will lend a natural touch to your kids room decor. Made to hold your little ones toys or laundry, it has two cutout handles, so you can move it from room to room. And we think you’ll want to do just that, because it looks great anywhere in the home.
Animal Heads for Boho nursery

Set of 3 Animal Heads Nursery Wall Decor, New year gift for kids, Animal Wall Art Birthday Gift Baby Animals Set Lion, Zebra, Elephant

The natural habitat of this Animal Head Wall Decor is the kids room (so you don’t have to explore any savannas to find it). Beautifully designed by NDE Crafts, it features an attractive grain and carved details. This jungle animal decor is perfect for safari-inspired rooms or any space that could use an unforgettable elephant pal. Pair it with the Zebra and Lion Animal Head Decor for a wildly stylish herd.
Leather Pouf for Boho Nursery

Moroccan Leather Pouf for the Boho Earthed Nursery.

Perfect as a footstool or extra seating, our fabulous poufs are at home in any room of the house. Handmade by artisans in Morocco, each is unique, with subtle variations in color. Individual pieces of leather are dyed to perfection, then stitched together and embroidered by hand. The poufs are then filled with dense cotton, which takes longer to assemble but results in a substantial, sturdy construction that lasts for years to come.

Mid-Century 3-in-1 Spindle Baby Crib

Our 3-in-1 Mid-Century Spindle Crib matches a nifty, vintage-inspired look with some awfully spiffy functionality. It converts into a toddler bed as well as a full sized bed, which means it’ll grow up alongside your kid. And with beveled edge framing, tapered legs and solid white oak accents, it has enough retro cool to make you say, “Gee whiz!” A Bill Eastburn design.

Ecru Fringe Throw Blanket

Warm up a sofa or bed with our soft and chunky ecru throw. Handloomed by skilled artisans, the acrylic-blend throw layers on charm with two-toned texture and long fringe.
Hanging chair for the boho nursery

Peacock Indoor Hanging Chair for the Boho Earthed Nursery.

Bohemian interior maven Justina Blakeney imbues her signature “jungalow” style into everything she creates. A play on her inspirations – jungles and bungalows – her designs are eclectic, colorful and always imaginative, and each makes a welcoming statement in your home. Here, an airy rattan chair floats above the rug in your living room or sun room, elevating your relaxation in more ways than one.

Revere Avocado/Multi 5′-0″ x 8′-0″

Introducing Revere, a collection inspired by antique-washed traditional rugs with a calming color palette. Power-loomed in Turkey of polyester for durability and a soft touch. Revere is available in sizes up to 11’6″x15’6″, including three runners up to 16 feet and a 7’10” round.

Palm Wallpaper

A fresh twist on an iconic look. Our designers turned up the drama for a vibe that’s bold and dynamic. To get the painterly effect just right, we worked with one of the country’s most historic wallcovering manufacturers.
Night Stand for the boho nursery

Ewan Nightstand

Who knew that the second life of an ordinary coconut shell could be so chic? Individually finished mosaic tiles clad a sturdy base to create this wonderful side table.

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We love this sweet and classic nursery in a soothing array of blue hues.

This space is so calming and serene we’re sure your baby won’t be the only one catching a few zzz’s in this space.

Recreate this Mid Century Restful Blue Oasis Nursery with these beautiful pieces

Lightweight Hand Painted Planters  for the restful Blue Oasis Nursery

Matte White Cylinder Planter | Cylinder | Indoor & Outdoor Modern Lightweight Hand Painted Planters

We are Hudson and Oak! We bring to your hand painted, lightweight and modern planters pots! Our planters are not made of the traditional terracotta/clay/ceramic we sourced a custom fibreglass compound with the same material as (cars, kayaks and boats). 
Throw pillow white and Blue for the restful Blue Oasis Nursery

Shibori Square Throw Pillow White/Blue – Pillow Collection

The Shibori Square Throw Pillow from The Pillow Collection plays with negative space in a visually arresting but still neutral way so you can style it how you like. Soft, natural tones pair well with bold prints or mixed materials if you want to create an eclectic, boho space. Pile the pillows and throws onto a bed or papasan chair to create your new favorite spot in the house to relax and unwind.
Pouf for Lightweight Hand Painted Planters  for the restful Blue Oasis Nursery

Jute Solid-Colored 22-inch Pouf – Navy

Add an interesting touch to any room with this eclectic pouf that is sure to liven up any decor. It has a variety of color options to match any color scheme.
Wood Framed wall for the restful Blue Oasis Nursery

Wood Framed Wall Art, Set of 4

This set of wall décor each feature a different blue botanical image. They are each in a wood frame. Hang them together in a grouping or in different locations around your room to help tie the space together.
Nestling tables  for the restful Blue Oasis Nursery

Quinlan Frame Nesting Tables

These side tables are a wonderful way to add some color to your patio. Featuring a lattice design, these iron tables are both lightweight and stylish. Move them around as much as you want when hosting and always have a place for your drinks and snacks.
Linen Sheers for the Blue theme Nursery

Linen Sheer 52″x96″ Natural Curtain Panel

Open-weave pure European flax linen diffuses light beautifully and provides privacy. Unlined sheer natural linen curtain panel has a 3″ rod pocket and 2″ hem. Curtain hardware also available.

Veronica 6 Drawer 47” W Dresser

Anchor your teen’s bedroom in clean, mid-century modern style with this 6-drawer double dresser. It’s made from solid and engineered wood with a neutral finish, and it’s built on splayed legs for a retro look. The cutout handles on the six drawers allow you to easily open and tuck away your wardrobe, extra bedding, and delicates. This piece stands 29.5″ tall, and it has a 47″ wide surface that’s the perfect spot for framed photos, a small lamp, and an accent piece. Plus, this dresser comes with a tipover restraint device for added safety.

Babyletto Kiwi Grey Power Recliner in Eco-Performance Fabric

The Babyletto Kiwi Power Recliner Glider provides nurseries with sleek style, comfort and even some peace and quiet. A hidden control panel in the armrest features buttons that control reclining, plus a USB port, so you can have electronics conveniently on hand. And it swivels with a smooth gliding motion, so you won’t disrupt your little one’s sleep while you get comfortable. Upholstered by hand in our eco-performance fabric, that is stain resistant, water repellent, and made from at least 30% recycled materials.


The mint-colored walls offer a refreshing color to a nursery. It’s cool and calming. Adding a white crib pops against the mint walls makes this feel like the statement piece of the room. Add a rug that blends the wall and crib colors to complete the look.

Here is what you need to recreate this Cool and Calm Minimalist theme

Round side table for the Cool and Calm nursery

Studio Designs Home Estrade Modern 22″ Round Side Table

This interesting end table from our MIXT collection blends together a black metal frame with a concrete tray-like top. Try grouping together with the Remy coffee table for added dimension and functionality. Crafted from a natural concrete mix, each piece will look different, with variations of grey hues that will enhance over time.
curdled cream table lamp for the Cool and Calm nursery

Curdled Cream Table Lamp, Blue

Classic shaped smooth ceramic table lamp in a soft neutral tone makes this lamp the perfect transitional piece. Finial and harp included. Lamp and lamp shade included.
bennett pouf denim Cool and Calm nursery

Bennett Pouf Denim

Emitting comfort, versatility and utter grace, the pieces from the Bennett Collection persist at the forefront of contemporary trends. The meticulously woven construction of these pieces boats durability and will provide natural charm into your decor space.
Blue Moon Watercolour Decal Cool and Calm nursery

Blue Moon Watercolour Decal

This beautiful watercolour blue moon wall decal will add a touch of wonder to any room or nursery! This extra large decal measures 90cm in diameter and is printed full colour. Some application ideas include in the centre of a wall, rising up from above a bed / cot or they can even be cut to apply in the corner of a wall.
Watercolor ABCs in silver frame Green Kids' Wall Art for the  Cool and Calm nursery

Watercolor ABCs in silver frame Green Kids’ Wall Art

Every child’s bedroom should have colorful artwork! This wall art brings fun and learning into focus with a variety of recognizable animals and objects to help reinforce the alphabet.
Prevé Basket- Large Taupe & White for the  Cool and Calm nursery

Prevé Basket- Large Taupe & White

This Item Maintains Its Color And Holds Up Well In Damp Spaces Such As Bathrooms, Basements, Kitchens And Even Outdoors

Solana Asiatic Blue Woven Cotton Rug BLUE

Finer yarns, a tighter more intricate weave and an antiqued unbleached cotton base, combined with the broken stripe effect creates an ikat-like feel reminiscent of Japanese indigo textiles. One of the modern creations from the design collaboration between Annie and West Coast designer Mark D. Sikes, a traditional tailored look with a twist of east meets west.

Square White Cotton Pillow with Multicolor Polka Dots & French Knots

Throw pillows are a brilliant and easy way to change the look of a couch, chair or furniture piece in the home or office. They instantly add personality and depth to any living space. With plenty of personality to offer, this decorative pillow adds the perfect accent against a solid color and adds dimension to the room decor.

24″ Areca Grass In Round Colorblock Basket

24″ Areca grass in round grey/tan basket Filler Material: Foam
– Maintenance Free –
For Home Or Office –
Assembled In Usa
– Allergy Free

24″ Areca Grass In Round Colorblock Basket

Little ones will love taking walks in the company of our Elephant Pull Toy. Each pull toy features removable wheels and a pull-string. Check out our guide to first birthday gift ideas to find just the right present for any budget. 

Reese Convertible Crib – WATER-BASED SIMPLY WHITE

Pottery Barn Kids offers kids & baby furniture, bedding and toys designed to delight and inspire. Create or shop a baby registry to find the perfect present.

Soto Rocking Chair, Key Largo Ash, Walnut

The frame of the Aura Collection recalls a time when simplicity of profile was the height of style. The streamlined design of the rocking chair features subtly sloped wood arms, legs and rails that are finished in dark walnut, serving to highlight the fabric seat covering. The rocking chair is offered in Dark Gray, Gray, Orange, Blue and Light Brown.

The Emily & Meritt Metal Star Mobile

Enjoy the subtle songs of the wind with this awe-inducing Star Galaxy hanging mobile. Crafted from metal, the garden accessory features star icons cascading down from three tiers. This statement piece will add character and elegance to your yard.


This nursery is nothing short of serene and calm! The soft pink and cream color palette brings about a pretty and warm feel, while being practical for a new baby.

You can also create your new nursery with the below items.

Print Rope Pouf Gold seat for the soft hues nursery

Foil Print Rope Pouf Gold

This versatile foil print rope pouf may be used as an extra seat, a place to rest your feet, or be used as an accent piece. Constructed of 100 percent cotton, this chic and casual pouf adds a rich sense of texture to your living space.
 white rug for the soft hues nursery

Leazah Rug White for the Soft Hues Nursery

The simplistic yet compelling rugs from the Leazah Collection effortlessly serve as the exemplar representation of modern decor. The meticulously woven construction of these pieces boasts durability and will provide natural charm into your decor space. Made with PET Yarn in India, and has No Pile. Spot Clean Only, One Year Limited Warranty.

Handwoven Seagrass & Water Hyacinth Pouf/Pedestal

Perfect for an accent table or extra seating
Rocking chair for  the soft hues nursery

Torresdale Rocking Chair for the Rustic Soft Hues Nursery.

Abigail Fabric Rocking Chair – Here’s a wing chair with a relaxing twist. The Abigail Fabric Rocking Chair has all the style of a classic wing chair but as a rocker, gives you a place to relax.
Upholstered bench of soft hues nursery

Dreanda Upholstered Bench

Amalgamate your existing decor setting by bringing in this bench, which comes with checkered print and showcases nailhead trim. Constructed from ash wood frame, it is filled with soft foam cushions and upholstered with gray color fabric.
 soft hues nursery throw blanket

Knotted Chenille Throw Blanket

The Knotted Chenille Throw Blanket is a beautiful addition to your home décor. It features soft chenille fibers that catch the light differently, thus occasionally appearing iridescent. The knotted design brings texture, while the tassels adds a touch of whimsy. It’s the perfect throw for a chilly evening in front of the fire.

Urban Walls Marigold Wallpaper, Blush

Bring the outdoors to the indoors with the Marigold wallpaper. Full of serenity and soothing colors, your little nature lover will adore this whimsical print. Plus, you can easily remove it without leaving a trace!

Larkin Gold Metal Baby Crib

Our Larkin Gold Crib might have a simple design, but that doesn’t mean it lacks style. This elegant metal crib features a unique arched design, giving it a softer look. Ideal for a boy’s nursery or a girl’s nursery, this exclusively designed crib even converts into a toddler bed for added functionality.

Cloud Floor Basket

Rain or shine, our cloud floor basket will always be around to keep kids rooms and nurseries organized. It features a wicker weave over a durable iron frame, making it strong enough to hold toys, stuffed animals and so much more.

Woodland Animals Baby Tummy Time Toy

Take a little hike right at home in the nursery with our Woodland Animals Baby Tummy Time Toy. Made to keep babies active and stimulate their senses, this wonderful wilderness is full of surprises, including a mirror, squeaker and more. Plus, your mini adventurer will make some forest friends along the way. Designed by Kelli Murray, it has charming illustrated critters, including a bunny, bear, squirrel, deer and fox.

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Brighten the baby’s room with bursts of sunshine. The colour yellow brings happiness to all – what more could you want for your new little love? 


Canadian television personality and interior designer, Jillian Harris created Yellow themed nursery room for her son Leo.

You could also get a nursery like this one. Here is what you will need:

Roscoe 3 in 1 Convertible Crib for the Yellow Themed Nursery

Inspired by mid-century style, the Scoot Crib uses angular, pronounced lines to create a uniquely retro feel. In two neutral finishes that are adaptable to changing styles, this crib is an investment piece that can be converted from crib to toddler or day bed. Crafted from solid New Zealand pine, the Scoot Crib is as beautiful as it is functional.

curtains the yellow nursery theme

Exclusive Fabrics Marigold Blackout Curtain Thermal Panel Pair

Bring a touch of tasteful elegance to your home with these marigold curtains. As functional as they are beautiful, these polyester curtains feature a thick weave that provides insulation for better temperature control. These thermal curtains block all outdoor light to keep your room as restful as possible. The bold solid print makes a striking addition to any room while remaining flexible enough to work around evolving tastes.
Dome basket pendant for the yellow theme room

Theo Cream 1-Light Rattan Dome Basket Pendant Light

The clean simplicity design of this hand finished rattan fixture pendant lamp creates a rich atmosphere by filtering the light through the weave and casting delightful shadows. The one light bulb allows ample light to pass through yet provides an unforgettable look.

Shag rug for the yellow theme room

Shag Rug

With both a silky and shaggy texture, this shag rug wins the award for most glamorous! Hand tufted of polyester fibers, this rug radiates elegance in any room while having the durability to hold up to daily use. Perfect for any space, this floor covering will be the ideal finishing touch for existing decor. Comes in an array of sizes and colors. Make the most of your time at home with our pet-friendly and easy to clean area rugs.
Changing table dresser for yellow theme room

Cotton Candy Changing Table Dresser

This changing table features 3 spacious drawers with smooth metal slides for quiet and easy access. You can use the ample storage space for clothing, bedding and baby accessories. When your baby outgrows the changing table, easily transform it into an elegant dresser for your child’s bedroom by removing the changing pad.
standard recliner yellow theme room

Coello 31.5” Wide Power Standard Recliner

Relax and recline after a long day in this sleek power recliner. It’s built on a solid and engineered wood frame and features track arms and a clean-lined silhouette for a contemporary look that works in most styles of spaces. The swivelable base allows you to turn a full 360°, so you can spin in and out of conversations. Plus, this recliner is powered by two buttons on the inside of the arm and has a USB port, so you can keep your device charged and close by. The polyester upholstery is filled with foam and has a spring seat construction, for just the right amount of support that bounces back.

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