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Thanksgiving 2021

The 18 Best Thanksgiving Gifts To Bring Your Host

Put the thanks in Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re headed to your in-laws’, your sister’s, or a friend’s house this Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to show up with something in hand.

Wine or a side dish are always appreciated (and maybe expected), but these vases, serving spoons, kitchenware, and gift baskets are a nice extra touch.


Cake Stand  as a Thanksgiving Gift

Acrylic Cake Stand


This multi-functional cake stand can be transformed into a punch bowl or veggie platter, so will definitely find use around your Thanksgiving spread.
Monogram Glasses as a Thanksgiving Gift

Monogram Glasses


Personalize these pretty glasses with your host’s initials.

Fun Thanksgiving Banner


Make the holiday a photo opp in itself.
Custom Wine Stopper as a Thanksgiving Gift

Custom Wine Stopper


A reminder that you don’t have to finish the bottle in one sitting.

Round Wood and Wire Tray


It’s pretty AND functional.
Thanksgiving Socks as a Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Socks


To-do list for the day includes…

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Thanksgiving Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses, Family, and Friends

Sure, it’s about the food! But Thanksgiving also means showing everyone you love just how grateful you are for having them in your life. Maybe someone you know had an especially tough year (and haven’t we all?), and you want to cheer them up.

Or maybe it’s time to say thanks to all the unsung heroes in your life, from your kid’s teacher to the mail carrier. If you’re a guest at someone’s house this time of year, don’t forget to bring along a little something for your host or hostess to show how much you appreciate their hard work to pull together the Thanksgiving menu (C’mon! You know your grandma wouldn’t want you to show up empty-handed!). These gifts, big and small, make lovely acknowledgements of each person’s special place in your world. Add a handwritten card with one of our favorite Thanksgiving quotes or Thanksgiving Bible verses for the perfect finishing touch. Whether it’s something for the amazing home cook, the wine lover, the baker, and more, we have something special to give to anyone you want to say “thank you” to this time of year.


Serving Board as a thanksgiving dinner gift

Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

This unique hostess gift is great for all of your entertaining friends.
Thanksgiving Spreader Set

Spreader Set

Surprise your hostess with these pretty spreaders that encourage us all to be a little kinder. 
Stonewall Kitchen Thanksgiving Gift

Stonewall Kitchen 7 Piece Breakfast Gift

Surprise your hostess with these pretty spreaders that encourage us all to be a little kinder. 

Petite White Orchid

Send this beautiful and surprisingly easy-care orchid to thank your host or hostess for his or her hard work. Moth orchids bloom for months!