I’m a Foodie And These Gifts Would Make Me Happy! {2018 Gift Guide}

I consider myself a foodie, a relatively new pop culture term I know makes a lot of people cringe. It describes a category of people who are connoisseurs of different and varying cuisine.

We not only love variety but we savor and revel at things like texture, flavor, plating, combinations and such. Foodies enjoy food as an art not just for eating and foodies are usually adventurous when it comes to trying out different dishes, eateries, and restaurants. This love also extends to drinks as well.

As a foodie, I put together a gift guide of items I know I personally would love. Also, I am friends with quite a few and after studying their habits as well, I think this is a pretty good list. I think it’s the best of my 15 and growing list of gift guides this Holiday season.

1. Sur La Table  Molcajete ($45) (+20% off your order: Use code BERRY18 at checkout.)Everything Avocado is hot now, and what better way to mash up fresh guacamole or any spice, paste or rub for a dish than with a 

2. Customized Cutting Board ( $29.99 )Foodies who love to cook are always on a cutting board slicing and dicing vegetables, meats and other delicacies for their dishes. A personalized cutting board would put a smile on your fave foodie’s face!

3. Indoor self-watering Garden ($80) Foodies prefer the freshest of ingredients and can usually tell the difference between taragon, oregano, chive, basil, thyme and other delicate fresh seasoning. It would be a delight to a foodie to get to grow his or her own fresh ingredients even if s/he doesn’t have a large yard.

4. “Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food” by Nik Sharma  $31.50 Named one of the best and most anticipated cookbooks by The New York TimesFood & WineEpicuriousEaterGrub StreetThe New YorkerTheKitchnThe Forward, and Delish and the October 2018 Book Club Pick for Bon Appetit.

5. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, $99 Foodies love experimenting with different flavor combinations and blending cuisines. An instant p55ot lets them experiment quickly while they get undressed after work or do other home errands. These are also great for busy families. 

6. Wine Insiders Gift Set, Starting at $74Every foodie I know loves wine so you cannot go wrong by gifting them wine!

7 .Limited Edition Godiva Holiday Chocolate Truffles, $16With all these new trendy candy companies sprouting up, the classic Godiva chocolate remains a treat to be experienced and savored. Gift one to a foodie in your life.

8.  Marble & Wood Williams-Sonoma Cheese Boards ( $29.95+) Personally, I love cheese and so I know I would love a cheese board and I assume other foodies would too.

9. Family Cook Book $35You know those family recipes tacked on the fridge, in  a tin canister on a kitchen ledge, in Aunt Josie’s head? Pen them all down in this one spot, a family cook book that you and the family customize. Also,foodies are always looking for new dishes to create. Here’s a way for them to organize all the different recipes they discover or wrangle from folks and chefs.

10. Raw Spice Bar Spices and/or Subscription Starting at $6

I received a few of these spices to test out and so far have tested two and am in love! The spices arrive fresh in an airtight insulated resealable pouch. I never knew what I could create.

I marinated some chicken in the for an hour and then pan seared them after and came up with some very flavorful strips that the family loved. They accompanied a garden salad.

Then I tried the on Flounder and Baked it to perfection. You could savor every morsel and taste every single spice. 

The spices these guys assemble are the best and one of the fave on the market. I’m going to reup my subscription when my review sample runs out for sure and have been singing the Raw Spice Bar’s praises to friends and on my personal social media pages for several days now!

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