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“Warm Bodies” star Teresa Palmer got Christian married before baby arrived (PHOTOS)

At 9-months preggers Warm Bodies actress Teresa Palmer got her Mexico elopement blessed before the baby arrived and wed actor Mark Webber in the Christian tradition on Thursday, February 6.
Palmer captioned a photo from the wedding:
Kiss the ones you love! Even the pups are smooching! Happy (2nd) wedding @likemark happy to be married before God in our Christian wedding with our pastor @judahsmith. Photo taken by Moby @Richardmelvillehall Thanks friends for coming to witness @Kailelion @missbrookestone @mariannapalka @chelseasmith LOVE xx
Aww. And Hall? Wait!  Is that Moby? Yes. Emo singer Moby was the wedding photographer! (smile)

“Today I was blessed to be legally married to my beautiful wife @tez_palmer in a special ceremony lead by our amazing pastor @judahsmith and attended by our lovely and supportive friends @chelseasmith @missbrookestone @mariannapalka @kailelion and @richardmelvillehall GOD BLESS!” Webber captioned his photo of the event.

Palmer and her bridesmaids 
“Just waiting on one more hand. #family” Palmer captioned a photo with their wed hands that included  the hand of Webber’s 5-year old son Isaac from a previous relationship with actress Frankie Shaw 
The couple eloped a couple of months ago in Mexico at a wedding that WHO magazine captured and featured.

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National Wear Red Day is Tomorrow – Tips for Managing Stress & fighting Heart Disease in Women

Tomorrow, Friday, February 7   Go Red for Women  to show your support to fight Heart Disease, the No. 1 killer of women in the United States which claims more lives than all forms of cancer. Recent studies also found that cardiac disease in pregnancy is becoming more common.
For over 10 years, the American Heart Association has sponsored National Wear Red Day® to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women.
Practically speaking, you can support by educating yourself and your female friends and loved ones on how to stay heart healthy.
There are 4 simple things you can do to improve your chances of living a healthy life and avoiding heart disease:  1) Quit smoking,  2) Get Consistent exercise,  3) Manage your Stress and Eat healthier including more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, poultry, fish and nuts,  and avoiding red meat, as well as sugary and processed foods and foods that are high in sodium.
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The Go Red website offers tips for managing stress:

Think ahead

Practicing effective time management is key to lessening stress in the workplace. Jacobs recommends starting projects far ahead of deadlines to guard against scrambling at the last second. Take note of how long tasks or projects take you to complete so you can best manage your own expectations and those of your colleagues. Avoid the stress of being late to meetings by setting your watch five to 10 minutes ahead.

Focus on one thing at a time

Instead of trying to deal with everything at once—answer emails, make calls, organize your desk, finish a report—focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. For example, answer emails for an allotted amount of time, then stop and focus on something else, like the report you need to finish. This helps minimize stress by allowing you to focus on the objective at hand instead of feeling scattered.

Take a break

“We all need to build in rest periods during the day,” Jacobs says. “Working through lunch is a terrible way of managing stress. Try taking 30 to 60 minutes to step away from your desk and decompress. You will come back with a sense of replenishment.”

Adjust your expectations

While it is important to challenge yourself at work, taking on more than you can handle can create a tremendous amount of stress.

“If you have no chance of meeting expectations in the workplace, it can cause feelings of demoralization,” Jacobs says. “Find ways to decrease the demands made upon your self, if that means being less self critical or having a frank conversation with your superior about adjusting your workload.”

Use emergency stress stoppers

Emergency stress stoppers help you deal with stress on the spot. These can be extremely effective in the work environment when you’ve got a lot on your plate, your mind is racing and the stress is mounting. You may need different stress stoppers for different situations and sometimes it helps to combine them.

  • Count to 10 before you speak.
  • Take three to five deep breaths.
  • Ask for time to handle a stressful situation, so you can accomplish it to your liking and on your terms.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Don’t be afraid to say, “I’m sorry,” if you make a mistake.

If you shop at Party City stores nationwide, from  February 2nd through March 1, 2014, it will collect $1, $3 and $5 donations from customers in stores with all proceeds raised to be donated to Go Red For Women.

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5 Ways to Keep your Kid from Catching a Cold

Staving off a cold in the height of cold and flu season is no easy task but our partners at becomeananny.com offer these five tips for trying to fight off the airborne germs’ attempt to infect your kid with a cold:

  1. Try to keep ahead of the germs.  Disinfecting wipes or a water and bleach solution can be used for this task.  Make sure that you are regularly cleaning door knobs, handles, cabinets, toys, and anything else that little hands might come into contact with.  For every gallon of water, 1 ½ teaspoons of bleach should be added to create a solution to disinfect surfaces and toys. For diapering and toileting areas, 1 tablespoon of bleach can be added to 1 gallon of water. Let the bleach solution sit for 2 minutes before wiping it down.  If you are worried about your child coming into contact with chemicals, look for all-natural sanitizing solutions.  You’ll also want to make sure that everyone in the house frequently washes their hands with warm water and soap. 
  2. Change toothbrushes often.  Toothbrushes can harbor germs and re-infect your child if the germs are not killed.  Dentists recommend that toothbrushes be replaced every 3 months if you are healthy, more often if you are not.  Toothbrushes should also be replaced after an illness. To kill germs soak the toothbrush in antiseptic mouthwash for 5 minutes or run your toothbrush through the dishwasher.  Warning: Boiling your toothbrush or running it through the dishwasher will wear out the bristles faster.
  3. Feed your child a healthy diet.  If your child eats a proper diet it will strengthen his immune system and he will be better able to fight off cold-causing germs.  Make sure he eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, as these contain the proper vitamins and minerals needed to build up his body’s natural defenses.  Eating foods high in vitamins is better for absorption of those vitamins than taking vitamin tablets.
  4. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water.  Water not only keeps your body hydrated during the very dry winter season, but it helps your body flush out unwanted toxins.  Water also helps your lymph system run better, which is part of your body’s immune system, and it fights off illness.
  5. Make sure your child gets enough sleep.  Sleeping is extremely important, and most people don’t get enough of it.  Doctors recommend that children sleep 10-11 hours per night.  A lack of sleep can affect how well your child grows because the body produces a growth hormone during sleep.  Digestion also takes place during sleep.  Bodies need this down time to recover and rebuild after a busy day of being a kid.  By getting enough sleep the body is better prepared to fight off germs. 
Good luck and stay healthy!

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RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman: Celeb moms tweet condolences

This weekend, Hollywood mourns the loss of a great actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, whose body of work includes a plethora of rich, interesting and developed characters he brought to life in a way only he could. Whether he was playing an awkward porn industry assistant in Boogie Nightsa sinister agent in The Talented Mr. Ripley a blowhard in Almost Famous, a colorful and flamboyant game maker in The Hunger Games  or the complicated Truman Capote who he won a Best Actor Academy Award portraying, Hoffman brought his A-game to each role and made you believe he truly was whomever he was pretending to be on screen. 
Sadly, he also was crippled by drug addiction which ultimately did him in as he was discovered in his New York city apartment yesterday, Sunday, February 2, with a heroine needle in his arm, dead from an apparent overdose. 
Yesterday, some of the women we have “bumpwatched” and covered in the past tweeted out words of remorse over Hoffman’s passing:

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8 tips for baby-proofing the Kitchen

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is an eye-opening experience for first-time parents’, showing them a new world of lurking dangers that went entirely unseen while the house was inhabited solely by adults. Knowing that your tiny bundle of joy will be crawling, and then walking, is what makes the chore of childproofing seem like a fairly urgent one. The truth is, there’s no time too early to childproof, even if your newborn is still learning to focus their eyes; kids grow up quickly, and it’s better to be well-prepared in advance than have the need for childproofing measures present themselves after your pride and joy has already had a mishap.

  1. Place Safety Gates at Entrances – Whenever feasible, it’s best to keep babies out of the kitchen altogether. This holds especially true for times when you’re not in the kitchen to supervise, and placing baby safety gates at all entrances keeps a crawling baby or shambling toddler from slipping into this household danger zone without the knowledge of an adult.
  2. Install Cabinet Locks – Aside from the dangerous substances, utensils, and other items that are often stored in lower cabinets, there is also a very real risk of injured hands and fingers. Should tiny digits be smashed by a cabinet door they could very easily be injured more severely than you might imagine; to prevent this and accidental poisoning by household chemicals, install a set of cabinet locks on all lower cabinet doors.
  3. Consider a Drawer Guide System – Toddlers are usually just tall enough to open a drawer and close it again, though they may not have enough height to peek inside at the contents. Still, drawers can slam on small fingers too, inflicting painful damage to their fragile fingers. Installing a drawer guide system designed to insure that drawers close softly and smoothly every time might help to reduce this risk.
  4. Invest in Electrical Outlet Plates – The small, translucent plastic outlet covers that most adults remember from their own childhoods are still commercially available; they do, however, present a choking hazard and can also be quickly figured out by observant toddlers. Kids learn by mimicking adults, so it won’t take too many instances of watching you remove an outlet cover before using it for your child to grasp the concept. Since small outlet covers may not be ideal, it might be wise to consider full outlet plates that cover both sockets and immediately slide back into place after use.
  5. Install an Oven Lock – Ovens can be purchased with a factory installed lock, but if your oven doesn’t have one you can purchase after-market varieties that can be installed on your existing oven as well. This will prevent curious little hands from landing themselves in the emergency room with severe burns. They’re not always the most attractive feature in a kitchen, but sacrificing style in the interest of your baby’s safety is perennially en vogue.
  6. Move Cleaners and Other Chemicals to Higher Ground – Installing cabinet locks is a wise idea because they can keep kids from pinching their fingers or accessing dangerous items inside. However, parents can’t rely solely upon a cabinet lock to keep determined pint-sized investigators out, so it’s advised that all cleaning fluids and other potentially harmful chemicals be moved to upper cabinets, way out of kids’ reach
  7. Stow Away the Garbage Can – While a rational adult would assume that the off-putting odor of a garbage can would be repellent enough on its own, there’s something about the refuse heap that captures kids’ curiosity. To keep your baby or toddler out of the smelly, dirty, and bacteria-laden trash, move the can to a cabinet or invest in a model with a childproof lid.
  8. Train Yourself to Unplug Small Appliances – Unplugging a small appliance, like a blender, mixer, or toaster, can be a difficult thing for new parents to remember; after all, adults know the very real risk that dropping these items in a sink full of water presents. Small children may not be able to grasp this concept for a while, however, so it’s advised that new and even expecting parents get themselves accustomed to the idea of doing just that to prevent tragic accidents.

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DEBUNKED: “Half Caste” website selling white men’s sperm to single African women is a scam!

Here is another EXCELLENT example of why you cannot believe everything you see or read on the Internet, especially if you are a journalist.
I was scrolling through one of my Facebook friend’s timelines tonight when I stopped at a photo and story about a new organization called Half-Caste World which is attempting to create a new generation of one race, and bridge Africa  and the West. To do this, the Ghanaian-based company is promising to help African mothers get sperm from white men so they can give birth to a biracial baby.  
It recruits clients via a  Facebook page and website: http://www.halfcastebabies.com/
To promote the service, the Half Caste Babies website includes the above row of images which would lead the average visitor to believe these are clients holding their half-caste babies produced through the service. 
One popular Ghanaian site, Infoboxx, wrote on the story but unfortunately reported as if it was a booming and thriving business,already.
HOTCAKE: Half-Caste Baby Business Booming In Ghana. Got $3000?”  is the headline which sent many visitors into a frenzy commenting and sharing the story on their personal  Facebook pages. The comments under the story dealt with race, pride, colonialism and other deep and complex topics.
Infoboxx wrote that in its investigations it discovered that a man named Augustine N.K. Boateng, a graduate of Morocco’s University Mohammed Premier is behind the 4-month old company, based in Accra, Ghana and promises to provide semen for $3,000 to its target: single African women. 
Women who get the sperm are to inseminate it themselves at home. 
But before declaring it as a booming business in the headline, Infoboxx could quickly have ascertained the truth by investigating the images on the website alone.  
Heck, upon discovering that owner admitted the company is only 4-months old should be sufficient to note that the photos and claims of real clients are all fraudulent. It still takes 9 months to make a baby. duh.
Anyway, because I’ve covered baby-related stories for over 6 years now, I’ve seen it all and quickly ascertained the source of most of the images on the site.  

The first two photos are stories of African couples who gave natural birth to light or albino babies with blonde hair who looked white. We reported in 2010 on the second couple:  a Nigerian husband and wife, Ben and Angela, from London who gave birth to very light almost albino daughter who looks white but is their birth child.

The third photo is actress Garcelle Beauvais who is holding one of her twins, Jax . She gave birth to him and his brother Jaid in 2007. The image is a 2009 photo of Beauvais and her son featured on Babble.com

EDITED TO ADD:  The site has taken down the photo of Garcelle, further PROOF that it’s one big SCAM!

The fourth photo is  American NFL player DeMarcus Ware and his wife Taniqua with a baby they adopted in America in 2008. 

The last one was probably also stolen off of Google images too and most likely is the child of a natural-born baby or adopted one, not a client of this Half-Caste company. 

Upon discovering this, it looks as though the images of the babies that scroll through on the site most likely are of people’s children that the site downloaded off the web. None is a client or product of clients as portrayed. 
How unethical, dangerous, unhealthy and disastrous. Beware of the scam online, people. Stories like this one is why people have to be really cautious of the photos of their children they share online in public.
A little Google search and a healthy dose of skepticism will spare us all from scam artists like this.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mom

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to show the mom to be in your life some love! Just a kind card or letter to let them know you are thinking about them is great, but a personalized gift is a great way to support a lady who may be experiencing lots of aches and pains.
One gift idea that’s great for any mom to be is a relaxation basket. Simply purchase a good size basket and then fill it with all her favorite goodies. Perhaps fill it with her favorite bubble bath, sweet smelling lotion and super soft socks. Pick out a new book or a favorite magazine and her favorite candy treat to place in as well. If she is not much of a reader, choose a DVD and maybe some popcorn and a soda.
If a gift certificate is in your budget, you might include a spa day. Many spas offer maternity massages and this is a great gift for an expecting mother over fifteen weeks.

If a gift certificate is not in the budget, opt for making your own coupon book filled with free foot massages or a “duty free” night so she can relax in her own tub while you pick up the slack.

The key to any of these gifts is personalization. Choose items that you know she enjoys and that will help her to relax and enjoy the holiday.
Another sweet idea is to give a gift to the mom from the new baby. Maybe include a sonogram picture on a card and include the caption “You are “heads down” the best Mommy around” Love, Baby’s name. Maybe include a small basket of goodies that are from the baby such as some snacks she has been craving since being pregnant or a children’s book about a mommy and baby with a personal inscription on the inside.
Whatever gifts you decide on, this mom to be is sure to feel the love and enjoy her Valentine’s Day!

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Vanessa Hudgens as pregnant teen in “Gimme Shelter” Opens Today – WIN a Pair of Movie Tickets! (TRAILER)

I don’t think we’re on the High School Musical set anymore.

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens makes a dramatic departure from the role she is best known for as a high school cheerleader in her latest project Gimme Shelter.  In it, she stars, 16-year old Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant teen who leaves the home of her abusive mom on a trek to find her biological father.

Based on a true story, the movie follows Apple’s journey which  becomes one of survival. There are underlying themes about homelessness, shelters, teen angst, abortion and life that are dealt with in this movie but not in a heavy handed way, we hear.

Here’s an idea, why don’t you enter to win a pair of tickets and let us know what you think about the movie?
To enter, simply tweet about the film in social media the hashtag #GimmeShelter and +Bellyitch in GooglePlus, @Bellyitch  on Twitter or Pinterest.  Or enter below by leaving a comment sharing why you think being a mother is the toughest job in the world.

Each household is only eligible to win ONE (1) Pack of Two (2) AMC Movie Tickets via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Watch the Trailer
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35 Natural Newborn Care Remedies

It’s a little early for EcoFriday, but we still wanted to share a revamped version of a past post of some of our favorite newborn care tips for new moms who are wary of using chemicals on their babies. Enjoy!
1.Avoid using most baby products. WebMD advises parents to keep their newborns away from harsh powders and shampoos to protect their delicate skin and immune systems.
2.There is a right and a wrong time for infant massage. Gagazine’s article on infant massage explains how the time just after a bath or diaper change is perfect for a little touch therapy. Try to avoid touch therapy when the baby appears hungry or cranky.
3.Be gentle when cleaning nipples. When breastfeeding an infant, Medline Plus recommends that mothers prevent drying and cracking nipples by avoiding soaps and drying with harsh cloths or motions. Uncomfortable nipples negatively affect both mother and child.
4.Cleanse baby acne with water. As a residual of connecting with his or her mother’s hormones, some newborns break out into small acne patches. Avoid using oils or lotions that can irritate it further, but very mild, all-natural soaps may work in more severe cases.
5.Wash cloth diapers with baking soda and rinse them with vinegar. Avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning cloth diapers, even those without artificial dyes or fragrances. A wash in baking soda and a rinse in vinegar should suffice.


6.Train newborns for EC by laying them on diapers or pads. Elimination communication is a rather controversial practice that will not work for everyone, but this article seeks to cover a variety of viewpoints to allow parents to decide what they feel is best for their children. This tip from DiaperFreeBaby.org suggests one way to transition a newborn to the EC routine.
7.Wash newborn eyes with water. Normal tear duct issues need to be discussed with a pediatrician, but parents needing to clean their newborn’s eyes can do so by simply wetting a soft cotton ball and gently scrubbing the gunk away.
8.Use glycerin laxatives. Newborns and babies who struggle with constipation issues can have their systems unlocked with glycerin laxatives, either as a solid or a liquid. Those made with artificial chemicals may prove too harsh for their bodies to handle.
9.Use steam to unblock nasal passages. While professional medical care may be needed in instances of severe illness, parents can alleviate some cold symptoms at home. Congestion, for example, can be cleared up using the steam from a hot shower.
10.Make newborns sleep on their backs. One preventative measure against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) involves having newborns sleep on their backs rather than their stomachs. They may feel less comfortable, but it helps bolster their chances of surviving the night.
11.Wash clothes thoroughly. Another WebMD tip, this time touting the importance of washing baby clothes in dye- and fragrance-free detergent before dressing infants.
12.Infant massage requires a calm setting. As with adult massages, Gagazine believes that the infant version of the ritual is best executed in a calm, warm atmosphere. Place the baby on a soft blanket or towel in a draftless room away from a television or cell phone, perhaps encouraging relaxation with soft music or speech.
13.Protect nipples with milk or lanolin. To prevent painful cracking, Medline Plus recommends leaving a little bit of milk on the nipple after feeding to keep the area moist. Alternately, cracking can also be avoided by applying 100% lanolin to the nipple. Never use any artificial chemicals near the area where an infant feeds.
14.Read the signs of needing to expel waste when practicing EC. When not exacted correctly, EC can lead to disgusting, unsanitary messes – and a newborns’ inability to verbally communicate only makes things more complicated. Fortunately, parents wanting to stick with the diaper-free movement can learn how to read their child’s body language and know how to properly react to the incoming flow.
15.Use natural cleaning products around the home. For added protection against contact with harsh chemicals that can make a newborn ill, take advantage of the disinfectant properties of natural substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.
16.Prevent chapped skin with natural products. A multitude of newborn- and infant-friendly products exists to keep babies from suffering dry, irritated skin without the use of artificial chemicals.
17.Weigh the pros and cons of circumcision. Outside of a religious context, the decision to circumcise or not stands as a heavy issue with natural parents. Be sure to understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure before making the choice.
18.Clean the umbilical cord with water and a Q-Tip. Be sure to use a Q-Tip wetted with clean – even sterile – water to keep the umbilical cord free of bacteria. Alcohol, honey, and goldenseal powder work as well.

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19.Make homemade nasal drops. Combine saline and water together for nose drops suitable for safe cleaning of a newborn’s clogged nasal passages.
20.Extra water works as a laxative. As an alternative to glycerin laxatives, consider feeding a newborn a little extra water to unbind the constipation.
21.Bathe conservatively. WebMD recommends that newborns receive a gentle sponge bath 2 to 3 times a week, as washing them too much compromises the health of their skin. Use either no soap or extremely mild, natural soap to prevent any dermal irritations.
22.When massaging, always keep at least one hand on the newborn. According to Gagazine, parents should leave at least one hand on their child at all times in order to maximize the effectiveness of touch therapy.
23.Avoid “baby bottle tooth decay.” Breast milk makes for one of the healthiest, most natural ways to keep a newborn healthy and strong, but blending it with foods and drinks pumped full of refined sugar actually expatiates the process of tooth decay.
24.Know how to properly store soiled cloth diapers. Become familiar with the wet pail and dry pail methods of containing the odor and bacteria associated with cloth diapers. Wet pails must be contentiously kept covered in order to prevent drowning.
25.Keep the crib nearby – even at night. The American SIDS Institute recommends parents allow their newborn’s crib to remain in their room for the first 6 months of life, as dong so greatly reduces the risk of suffering the condition.
26.A little sunlight can clear up jaundice. A little extra bilirubin is normal in newborn infants, and a bit of time in the sunlight – no more than 10 minutes, with 5 minutes each in the front and the back – can clear up any jaundice that may crop up. Of course, a physician should be consulted if it doesn’t clear.
27. Stick with soft clothing. According to WebMD, dressing children in clothes cut from coarser materials heightens the risk of eczema, rashes, and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Organic cotton, bamboo, ore hemp are all extremely appropriate choices.
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28.Avoid using lubricant on the head. Due to the sensitivity of infants’ skin, it may be a good idea to only use natural lubricants with a pediatrician’s permission. If they give the go-ahead, do not use any oils or lotions on the baby’s head.
29.Use BPA-free bottles. Some mothers do not produce sufficient milk for their newborns, no matter how hard they try. In these instances, they will want to use BPA-free bottles to keep their babies properly fed without worrying about problematic chemicals leeching into the formula.
30.Avoid baby wipes. –When cleaning the baby after an accident and subsequent diaper changes, WebMD advises parents to use with a dry, soft cloth rather than commercial wipes that may contain harsh chemicals.
31.Know how to trim nails. When clipping a newborn’s nails, be sure to use special trimmers or scissors to prevent any unfortunate injuries. Cut along the natural lines when it comes to fingernails, but go straight across when doing the toes. On both, make a contentious effort to push down the pads of skin away from the nail to further reduce the risk of an accidental cutting.
32.Never clean the inside of a newborn’s ear canal. Parents may clear wax away on the outside of a newborn’s ear using extremely gentle swabs with a Q-Tip. Sticking it inside the baby’s ear canal, however, runs the risk of causing permanent hearing loss. Pediatricians will be able to give more information on removing internal excess wax without exacting any damages.
33.Make homemade baby shampoo. For instances when water may just not be enough, parents may want to whip up a batch of this all-natural baby shampoo to scrub out the germs without causing skin issues.
34.Use natural insect repellent. Many companies sell products that repel mosquitoes and other pests without the use of harsh chemical blends that will irritate a newborn’s skin. Seek these out – they usually contain eucalyptus and lemon and often come formulated especially for people under 12 months.
35.Pat dry – don’t rub. When changing diapers, WebMD thinks that parents need to spritz their newborns with clean water and pat dry rather than rub to keep skin from becoming too irritated.


2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet & celeb moms that rocked it (PHOTOS)

We’re well into Award Season and as usual, several of the moms we “bumpwatched” and followed in the past and others seriously werked the red carpet tonight at the Screen Actors Guild awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Including, winner for Best Cast Comedy Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, in a glitzy and bejeweled  Donna Karan Atelier curve hugging dress.

Others spotted looking glam tonight included:

Mom-to-be nominee for Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role in  Scandal, the lovely Kerry Washington in fuchsia silk embroidered crop top and skirt by Prada revealing part of her 6-months pregnant belly. She donned Harry Winston diamond earrings and a diamond cocktail ring to polish off the bold look.

Model Camila Alves McConaughey walked the carpet with her Outstanding Actor nominee hubby Matthew McConaughey in draped Donna Karan Atelier floor-length gown while Matt looked stunning in Dolce & Gabbana.

Homeleand actress and nominee Claire Danes rocked the carpet in a Vionnet VIP collection mermaid dress, Jimmy Choo “Lance” sandals and Forevermark diamond jewels.

Giuliana Rancic has been doing more traditional Hollywood glam gowns recently and did so again in this  eggplant Basil Soda gown which looked good against her skin and accentuated her traditional over the ear sleek one-sided bob she usually wears. It’s a safe but very cute look for her. 

Julia Roberts stole this look from the 80s, the long ringlets cascading over this rose Valentino dress was meh for the Osage County actress and SAG nominee.

Tina Fey went black in this simple yet classic Osar de la Renta dress and was accompanied by her equally fashionable daughter Alice

30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski  won some of the night in this striking jade green Roland Mouret dress which works with her sexy style and sleek bob.

Jennifer Garner, who stars in Dallas Buyers Club looked A-Mazing in a fab Max Mara gown accented superbly with a cute Ferragamo clutch with David Web jewels.

This ornate Naeem Khan gown Malin Akerman wore aged the Trophy Wife star a bit but was a head turner, nonetheless.

Mariah Carey was nominated along with her castmates from The Butler for Outstanding Cast Motion Picture and went short in a Yves Saint Laurent one-shoulder mini dress paired with Gianvito Rossi  heels and and Wilfredo Rosado earrings. The fingerless gloves were an eclectic extra touch that we’re not sure she needed. A more formal dress may have better suited this event.

Homeland‘s Morenna Baccarin just had a baby yet managed to look Super Gorg in a glam royal blue crisscross Monique Lhuillier with blinged out wrist.


One of our very fave moms Elisabeth Rohm, winner tonight along with her fellow American Hustle castmates for Outstanding Cast for Motion Picture, in a lace overlay Marchesa Resort 2014 gown 


Sandra Bullock went with emerald green Lanvin dress again with the swept bow and deep spit on the side and updo, which works but isn’t as stunning as her other looks for previous shows.

Which was your fave?

photos: zimbio, starcast

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