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5 Essentials for our Maternity Wardrobe

5 Essentials for a Maternity Wardrobe

You are pregnant, and starting to show.  The urge to run off to buy those adorable baby clothes, that have been beckoning you since the day you thought about starting your family, is hitting you.  But before you pick up that beautiful little baby hat, it is time to think about you and your new figure.  Which means that now is the right time to begin buying your maternity wardrobe.  UGH! The thought of buying elastic waist bands and oversized shirts and pants does not seem very exciting.  I remember putting on my first pair of maternity pants when I was only 4 months along.  At that time I thought, “These are Huge!  I will never be this BIG!” Oh how I was wrong, when 7 months rolled around, I wasn’t able to even fit in those pants that were supposedly too BIG.  

I found this advice later in my pregnancy and now I am going to pass along the tried and true methods of maternity fashion of all the celebrity moms.  First off before you start piecing together your maternity fashion finds, begin with these five essentials –
Dark Wash Jeans
Maternity jeans have come a long way from the baggy, bulky things of the past. Today’s jeans are made with shape and style to get you through your pregnancy. Look for jeans with a dark wash and a straight leg or bootcut to help minimize your widening hips. Skip the mom jeans that come up over your entire stomach, instead find jeans that will hit you just above your hips for a flattering look. Remember, you will also wear these jeans after your baby is born while your body readjusts, so choose a pair or two that will look great no matter what.

Maxi Dress
A long, maxi dress looks great on pregnancy curves and is so comfortable to wear. Choose a long dress in a neutral, solid color that will look good no matter what. You can mix it up with a bold sweater, bright jewelry, or a funky diaper bag to get lots of wear out of your dress. A flowing maxi dress will also be very forgiving to your shape post-baby.

Empire Waist Tops
The empire waist top is perfect for pregnancy. The flowing look of these tops show off a growing pregnant belly at all the stages. You can wear them with basic jeans or more dressy maternity slacks for a look that fits in any occasion. The shape of these tops also makes them very flattering on the bust as it grows and changes during pregnancy.  One of the great benefits of the empire waist is that it stays in style and is very flattering for your recovering post-baby figure.

Elastic Waist Skirts
Skirts with stretchy elastic bands are a definite must-have for pregnancy. They are comfortable to wear no matter how big you feel, and the stretchy waist means no need to buy new skirts every other month. Grab a few skirts in various colors that will work well with any top.  

Nursing Bras
Pregnancy can do a number on your breasts, making them feel uncomfortable in regular bras. Nursing bras are designed to be softer, stretchier,weight bearing with comfortable straps and much easier for tender and growing breasts. Even if you are not yet sure about breastfeeding, stocking up on nursing bras is still an essential for your maternity wardrobe. These will help reduce your back strain from the increasing load on the front.  This bra will be your mainstay of your wardrobe throughout your nine months and even beyond, so consider the quality that can last for at least two years for each pregnancy.
Now that your maternity wardrobe is planned and ready, you can go back to thinking about the world of flowered baby headbands, layettes, and nursery decor.

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