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International Bump Watch: Filipino actress Cristine Reyes

Filipino actress Cristine Reyes is doing a fab job documenting her pregnancy on her Instagram account for her followers and fans. 
She captioned the above photo:

I have dreamy visions of pregnancy.. Cute, little bump, the beautiful glow, and the luminosity of serene happiness. In reality however, pregnancy is just like everything else in life.. Messy, uncomfortable, real. 

Some women breeze through their pregnancies without a glitch, other women encounter complications that lead them to bed rest. This happened to me during my first trimester. 
Now I’m doing good and can do some light physical activity, fly abroad or travel by land. I just have to support my lower back now with a pillow.  

I’m pretty excited and bored. Can’t wait to see you my baby, my ‘lil angel, my wonderful blessing. Momma loves you #babybump #pregnant #preggo #mothertobe #motherhood #haircutbyalexcarbonell

The star of the movie The Trophy Wife  and her beau Ali Khatibi, a mixed martial arts fighter, are expecting a baby girl.

They unveiled the news during a gender reveal party about a month ago.


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