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6 Toys to Avoid giving to your Kids this Christmas

About one quarter of a million children head to the nation’s hospital emergency rooms each year because of toy-related injuries, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission repors.
A survey from AllAboutVision.com revealed that 41% of parents either “rarely” or “never” considered eye safety when choosing toys for their kids.
 Dr. Gary Heiting, senior editor for the site assembled a list of 6 types of toys parents should consider not  getting for their children this Christmas because of the dangers they pose to their kids’ eyes.
Guns that shoot any type of projectile, water balloon launchers, games that include toy fishing poles, toy wands and aerosol string are among the list of toys.
The injuries can be serious.
They can range from a minor scratch to the front surface of the eye (called a corneal abrasion) to very serious, sight-threatening injuries such as corneal ulcers, traumatic cataracts, bleeding inside the eye and retinal detachment.
Serious stuff. Be mindful and careful. Check out the site for more information on the complete list. 

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