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Students Pregnancy Call Prank on Professor is Laugh out loud funny (VIDEO)

If you haven’t already seen the now viral video of the college professor getting April Fools’ Day pranked with a call in class about a pregnancy, you must have been under a rock somewhere!

Lucky for you, we’ve got the video of macroeconomics students of Aquinas College professor Stephen Barrows prank him using his policy that anyone who receives a phone call during class be forced to answer it on speaker phone.

As they say in viral video world, “You won’t believe what happened next.”. Ha!


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Mom Blogger: The “I’m Pregnant” April Fools’ Day prank is insensitive

Did you pull the “I’m pregnant” prank today on your Facebook or social media friends? If so, a mom who has dealt with miscarriage loss in the past wants you to know to stop doing that. 
We spotted the story in SheKnows.com about Becky Thompson of  the blog “Scissors Talk” who explained in a post last Friday, March 28, why she thinks those who pretend to be pregnant as an April Fools’ Day joke are really rubbing salt into the wounds of those who are seriously struggling with getting pregnant, who have had still born babies, or have been subject to bed rest to make sure they can carry a baby to term.
Of her plea to leave “false pregnancies” out of the joking, she wrote, “It is hurtful. It is cruel. And it is insensitive to the nearly 7 million women in America alone who struggle with infertility daily.”
Head on over to her blog to read the rest of the short post which has gone quasi viral and sparked lots of discussion and dialogue online. 
What are your thoughts? Is she being too over-sensitive or are those who pretend to be preggers the insensitive ones?
Heck how about blogs like this one which made two celeb couples the butt of a faux pregnancy prank earlier today? Douche moment for us or just harmless fun?

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EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna and Drake reportedly expecting first child

It’s been less than one month since sources confirmed that pop diva Rihanna and rapper Drake are officially seeing each other and now we have learned exclusively that Drizzy didn’t wait to long to make sure Ri Ri could never return to his arch nemesis Chris Brown. 
Sources close to the couple revealed to us that the couple were dating way before they let it be known publicly and are expecting their first child together already.
Rihanna recently performed on stage during Drake’s tour singing her part in the two duets they’ve done together. “What’s My Name” and “Take Care”
Now this would be shocking piece of news if today wasn’t the day it was and this wasn’t an 


Did we fool you?

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April Fool’s Day: 9 Most Common Office Pranks (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you work in an office environment with some people who have a sense of humor, you may be thinking of a good harmless April Fool’s Joke to play on someone you work with today. If so, you’re in luck! The national pen site Pens.com has put together an Infographic of the top 9 most common office pranks people pull on their co-workers. Check them out and see if you can come up with some ideas to do one or a remixed version.

Have fun and be safe!

Top Office Pranks for April Fools Day

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