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This List of 10 Resolutions Parents Make And Then Break is on Point

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Each year, parents too make New Year’s Resolutions related to parenting and their relationship with their family. And sadly, each one is usually broken within the first three months of the year. Hey, parents are people too.

Jenna Gallina at Babyology gets it right with her hilarious list of 10 resolutions parents make then break

I most definitely can relate because I vowed to do the following 4 of the ten items on her list:

“Be more patient with the kids

This year we will discover a positive method of discipline where there is minimal yelling. We will use our words to communicate our frustrations and we will always be tolerant towards the kids.

No, just kidding. We will probably just spend a lot more time hidden in the pantry with a box of chocolates.”

Each year I pledge to yell less too. I think I have been successful and over time, I will become the Zen mom I am aiming to be.


Straight after Christmas is the perfect time to go through the house and donate any unwanted toys, clothes, brick-a-brac, etcetera. That way everything is fresh and clean before the start of school and remains that way for exactly three-and-a-half hours.”

I am in the middle of this right now…I hope it lasts a week though, not 3.5 hours.

“Enjoy more “me-time”

Last year my plan was to read 12 books (no, The Cat in the Hat, read 12 times a night doesn’t count). Because I do love reading. My grand total – 1/2 a book (and my kids scribbled on almost every single page). It took me three months to even get that far before throwing the thing in the bin and giving up on ‘me-time’ all together.

This year, I am going to aim for one book.”

Every year, I plan to read more and do things like stack the books on my “to-read” list on a desk in my line of vision as a reminder. To date, since making this fool-proof tactic: 0. le sigh

“Stress less”

Self-explanatory but I don’t go looking for stress, it comes to me. So…it will be hard to avoid, but perhaps, creating time to “de-stress” should be the more realistic goal.

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