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Stacy Keibler does one of those things every mom-to-be should do before baby arrives

Stacy Keibler is having the total pregnancy experience, especially because she is doing one of the things I highly recommend all expectant moms do before their babies are born: play soothing music to their baby in utero.
The Pilates instructor and former WWE wrestler shared on her Instagram stream a bare belly photo showing her using the Belly Buds Baby-Bump Sound and music delivery system we blogged about in the past
In that review of the system, I shared how I played the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from The Nutcracker Ballet often for my son (born in 2002) when he was still baking in my belly. After he was born, whenever he got fussy, that was the one song we would put on that would calm him instantly. He would cock his head towards the music and listen curiously because clearly, he remembered teh song and the familiarity comforted him.  Having this trick work was a God-send especially during long car rides when, then, as a first time mom, hearing a baby cry while strapped in a back rear-facing seat was the WORST!
I’m a big believer in phonetic learning even passively! Pick up a pair from our affiliate Amazon.com for $49.99. It will be worth the investment later in sanity! ha!
Best thing moms-to-be can do for their babies and their future sanity when those kids come out into this cold cold world! lol!

Keibler and her fiance tech investor Jeff Pobre are expecting their first child, a daughter.
She shared a photo of all the ladies that came out to celebrate the baby’s impending arrival in early June. 
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