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5 Methods of Birth Control Moms Love

The average Canadian woman loses her virginity at 16, has 1.6 kids, and hits menopause around 51. Barring problems with fertility, let’s do some quick math (we’ll give her a bit of a postpartum break, and trim that poor sixth of a kid down to a half while we’re at it): We spend about three decades trying to not get pregnant. Now that you’re a mom, there are more than enough obstacles to sex—your birth control method doesn’t need to be another. And as a busy parent, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable, no-fuss way of managing how many more babies you have—and when.

“One thing we ask every patient is, ‘How important is it for you to not be pregnant right now?’” says Nicole Pasquino, a registered nurse certified in reproductive health and a professional practice leader at Options for Sexual Health in Vancouver. Then it’s a question of what you’ve tried—both successfully and unsuccessfully—in the past, and what your thoughts are about the different options: Maybe condoms are too much of a hassle, or you felt depressed on the pill, or the idea of an IUD completely freaks you out. You also need to consider the future: How many more kids do you want to have? Is this a temporary situation, or are you looking for a more permanent solution?

“There really is a contraception method for everyone,” Pasquino says. (Or two—you can always double up!). Here are five moms who have found their fit.

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Tips on getting pregnant after using birth control

Getting pregnant after birth control can pose a number of challenges. The most technically difficult of the lot is the pill that play around with your hormonal balance. So if you are using contraception and the pill or anything else, you need proper guidelines on how to conceive after they stop using contraception. You may be disappointed if you start trying for a baby without knowing the appropriate time frame to conceive.
Here is how you should go get pregnant after using birth control.
Tips for getting pregnant after birth control:
1. You can not be entirely sure what to be on birth control pills do to your reproductive system. When you are taking these pills do not ovulate at all. Yes, the hormone suppresses ovulation and periods obtained are due to the sudden drop in hormone levels when they stop taking the pill.
2. Usually, the last 3 tablets are placebo because they have little or no hormones in them. So you get your periods of 2 to 4 days to stop the pills. Now, after giving your body this dose, however small, of the hormone, it takes time for your ovaries to return to normal.
3. The body of every woman and the system is different. Some women can get pregnant a few days after stopping birth control pills, while others have to wait for some circles. Ideally, you should wait for your natural cycle to happen first before trying to conceive.
4. Sometimes you can not get your periods after stopping the pill, because the eggs are taking time to mature after a long sabbatical. Basically, the body’s hormonal balance has to get back on track after using birth control.
5. If you have a history of miscarriages or other abnormalities, then it is better to wait for 3 normal cycles before conceiving. This eliminates the risk of bleeding during pregnancy unnatural.
6. Other birth control methods such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) allow you to design faster. The copper IUD as using the base metal must be removed physically in the chamber of physicians and takes only a few minutes, you can get pregnant after using birth control of this type immediately.
7. The patches are also hormonal IUDs, but you may have to wait for a normal cycle before you start thinking about how to conceive. Although not affected as much as the pills that have an impact on hormone balance.
8. Barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms are best when trying to conceive quickly. You can get pregnant as soon as you stop using them!
Follow these tips to understand the process and the science behind birth control. You can get pregnant after using the methods of birth control once you understand the workings behind it.

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