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Zoe Saldana Says She Missed Her Twins When She Returned to Work, ‘Real Moms’ Promptly Shame her

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Was reading an article in PEOPLE magazine about Zoe Saldana and how she said she cried everyday when she left her twins Cy and Bowie with her husband Marc Perego while filming Star Trek Beyond last summer. Saldana gave birth to the boys

“The first week back at work, I think I cried every day in my trailer,” she told the magazine exclusively. “But I remember as soon as they would tell me ‘We’re ready for you on set,’ I would still skip to set. I love what I do.”

It’s great when you get to do what you love, while still having the human and maternal emotion to miss your babies.

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I ran down to the comments and was quite shock to see comments from so many women who had no sympathy for her because she is a rich celebrity.

“Zoe seems like a nice woman and I wish her, her husband and her boys the best,” a commenter named Meena penned. “However, while I am sure it was hard to go back to work, Zoe had options. Most women go back to work because they have to. So, it is hard for me to relate to someone who could never work a day again in her life and the lights would still be on and the food would still be on the table.”

Another echoed similar sentiments.

“I think she most likely is a lovely person. However, she probably doesn’t HAVE to work,” another commenter named Sarah replied. “Some moms leave their 6 month olds because if they don’t, there is no grocery money or coins for the laundry, or house insurance, etc. Literally. She works because she loves it, and that’s great. But she doesn’t HAVE NO CHOICE but to go to work. Personally, if I had that much money, I’d never leave my kids at that age. Work to live, not live to work. My 2 cents.”

I was glad to read a few empathetic ones come to her aid and relay my feelings on the matter.

“Wow you guys are so mean! So what if she’s filthy rich…that doesn’t change the fact that ALL moms miss their babies when they go back to work, or leave them for a short amount of time. This mom shaming crap has got to stop!” Tam stated.

And I think Hea hit it on the money, when she wrote:

She has a contract so she has to work. Same as everybody else who’s employed. Hollywood and the entertainment business depend on actors and actresses performing. I for one appreciate that my favorite performers stay in the business despite having kids. I take great pleasure in their work and I appreciate their talents and efforts.