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Here’s Where To Donate or Sell  Your Excess Halloween Candy

 Each year, Americans spend an estimated $2.5 billion dollars on Halloween treats and every year, some parents who do not allow their kids to eat too much candy end up saving their stash for months.

An alternative to storing the candy until it comes too stale then throwing it all away is to donate some of it to the Halloween Candy Buy back program. The program was founded by dentist Chris Kammer in Wisconsin. Kammer’s office.

He used to offer $1 a pound to buy back candy collected by the young trick-or-treaters in his practice. Kammer would then donate the candy to the troops overseas who rarely get a chance to get their hands on sweet treats from back home.

The effort has expanded and this year, over 2,500 dentists and orthodontists have signed up to participate.

To find a local place to sell back your candy, simply plug in your zip code and find the local participating dentist nearby.

The collected candy get added to Operation Gratitude care packages.

Good  stuff! Sad kids but sad less hyperactive kids with less cavities!

Find a local participating dentist or orthodontist office HERE!

h/t NPR

photo: courtesy NPR, Dr. Curtis Chan of Del Mar, Cali