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Will ‘The American Sniper’s fake baby cost it the Oscar?

Ok I find it hilarious that some are saying the Twitter uproar over The American Sniper ‘s use of a fake baby in an intense scene in the movie will make it lose the biggest award at the Academy Awards tomorrow night. I just spotted entertainment reporter Lisa Respers France‘s article in CNN on that theory. 
In the film which portrays the life of the most deadly sniper in American history, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and his wife (Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Sienna Miller) are having a convo in the baby nursery after Kyle returns home from the war. Kyle picks up and rocks back to sleep a very obviously plastic baby doll dressed in pink.
Twitter had a field day when the movie first opened and now there are several reports of conspiracy theorists hypothesis that this solitary reason will be why the film maybe won’t win in the Best Picture category tomorrow. The baby has its own Twitter account and there have been several spoofs since then. 
“That’s why, a lot of times, producers hire multiple babies —  you can’t always guarantee a happy baby ready for filming,” Toni Casala, founder of LosAngeles-based Children in Film told the  Washington Post. “And if one doesn’t show up, you’re definitely in trouble.”
American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall explained just that on Twitter: “Real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was a no-show.”
Check out the clip of the embarrassing use of a plastic baby in a $60M big budget movie:

Surrogate Dad and former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken one step closer to being a Congressman

Celebrity surrogate dad and former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken may be moving from Hollywood to DC soon if he wins a seat on the US House of Representatives representing the 2nd congressional district in North Carolina.
At the close of the polls last night, Aiken was in the lead to top the Democratic primary slot and if wins, would go on to campaign against the Republican incumbent. His margin of lead ahead of the former state Commerce secretary Keith Crisco was less than 400 votes out of about 28,000 cast. 
A couple of years ago, Aiken, who is openly gay, agreed to father a child for a friend Jaymes Foster via traditional means of insemination. He came forward with the story and was featured on the covers of weeklies with his new baby and is reportedly still friends with the mom and in his child’s life for support.

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