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VIRAL: Chewbacca Mom Rides Infectious Laughter to Internet Fame

chewbacca mom jj abrams

Last week, a mom Candace Pain, posted a video on Facebook that has since been the most viewed in the social media site’s history: 141 views (and counting) in three days. Pain says in the original video that she purchased a mask of Star Wars character Chewbacca  from Kohl’s after making some returns from the Star Wars fame for herself as a birthday present, not for the kids. It cost just $17.99. (though it’s selling for $146 on Amazon right now)

After putting it on, she exploded in infectious laughter. She was able to ride that joy to fame. She was invited to appear on James Corden‘s CBS late night show and even got to do one of Corden’s famous “drive arounds” with celebrities but with the director of the latest Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens”, JJ Abrams.

During her appearance, Peter Mayhew, who plays the real Chewbacca in all of the films invited her and her family to a private meet and greet and to get complimentary VIP tickets to a Star Wars convention stop.

This week, she got flown out to Facebook’s headquarters and treated some more. It pays to be authentic, and fun and to spread joy.

Watch the videos and see how it played out: