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8 ways to tell if your kid has allergies

Do you ever wonder how you can tell the difference between if your child is just dealing with a cold or if they’re suffering from allergies?  If you do suspect that your child has allergies, then how do you determine if they are mild or serious?  
No one likes to run around with a runny nose all the time, so it might be beneficial to determine how serious your child’s allergies are and then seek treatment if necessary.  Allergies are commonly passed from parent to child so chances are if you are seriously allergic to something it’s important to watch your child for the same symptoms.  Check out 8 ways to tell your child may have serious allergies.
Swelling of a different body part: Many people are allergic to bee stings, especially yellow jackets.  A less severe allergic reaction would be if the area that was stung swells up shortly after the sting and then the swelling goes down over time.  A more serious allergic reaction to a bee sting would be if another part of the body swells up instead of or in addition to the area that was stung.  This typically includes, but certainly is not limited to, the throat. If this type of swelling occurs you should probably seek medical attention quickly.

  1. Breathing difficulties: Asthma-like breathing trouble can result from having severe allergies. Usually if your child has been running around and is then having breathing difficulties signs point to it being related to asthma and not an allergic reaction, though you should definitely check this out with your doctor before self-diagnosing. If a person is exposed to an allergen such as nuts, eggs, milk or soy and then starts having trouble breathing this may be a sign of a serious allergy, and you should immediately take the child to the emergency room. 
  2. Rash or hives: Suffering from rashes or hives can be an indication of either a minor allergy or a more serious one.  It is never a good idea to ignore hives or rashes.  Usually these are the result of an allergy to a certain medication, and stopping use of the medicine will often stop the reaction.  In the case of a quick reaction, or if the hives are accompanied by other symptoms, this could be signs of a serious allergy.  A rash can also result from coming into contact with an allergen.
  3. Throat swelling: A pretty obvious sign of a serious allergy is the throat swelling closed and the child having trouble breathing or swallowing.  A shot from an Epi pen may be the child’s only hope if the swelling is happening very quickly.  It’s very important to give the shot properly to avoid further complications from the epinephrine in the shot.  Throat swelling can result from insect stings, food allergies and medication allergies just to name a few, so it’s important to have your child tested for any major allergies.
  4. Sweating: Profuse sweating and breathing hard, experienced not as a result of exercise, could be a sign of a serious allergic reaction to something.  This allergy could be environmental so try to identify if the child was exposed to something unusual that could have caused a severe allergic reaction.
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