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chores for family for spring cleaning

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Over 150 Tips & Links for You and the Kids to Get your Home In Shape

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We are clothes to Spring Cleaning time in my house and I have already ascertained a timeline for getting tons of clean up, sorting and re-arranging done. I’m going to pull out my copy of Cherly Mendelson‘s book Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House which I reviewed HERE. I am going to try my hardest to get a bunch of these things from this Spring Cleaning checklist complete and will review once again my De-Clutter and Home Organizations Tips and these 30 Blog Posts to Help Parents Organize the Home Routine  BLOG POSTS TO HELP PARENTS ORGANIZE THE HOME ROUTINE

And of course, I won’t forget to include the kids in this joy. You can too. Check out my past post about  “9 Age-Appropriate Tasks for Little Hands and “10 Things Kids Can Learn from Doing Chores” and “10 Chores Your Pre-Schooler Can Do

Finally, check out Montessori Schools’ famous chores chart for children of all ages for ideas on what you can assign your toddler thru High School -age kid to do.