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10 Unique Places to Hide Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts

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When the kids are little it usually isn’t all that difficult to keep their gifts a secret, but as they begin to get older and understand that Christmas entails receiving gifts, they tend to get a little more inquisitive and may start poking around trying to find out where you’re hiding the presents.  If you think your kids are going to be poking around before Christmas in an attempt to locate their gifts, try these 10 different places for hiding them away from their prying eyes:

  1. Trunk of the car – If the present isn’t going to be affected by heat or cold, keeping it in the trunk of your car is a great hiding spot because the kids rarely have a reason to be in the car without you being there too. Just don’t forget you stashed them there and send the kids to get something out of your trunk!
  2. Empty suitcases – These are the best hiding places! Those suitcases sit there day in and day out and no one has any need to move them or look at them.  You can hide quite a bit of small gifts in one of the larger suitcases, however, if you have an overly bulky item you may need to think of another spot for it.
  3. Under bed storage boxes – Most kids don’t have any reason to go under mom and dad’s bed, and the under the bed storage boxes will hold a lot of stuff.  If you have a typical bed, you won’t be able to store very big items underneath it, but Barbie dolls and video games fit well!
  4. The neighbor’s garage – If you and your neighbor are friends, this is the ideal hiding place for big items.  You can put your item in a corner and cover it with a blanket.  This is especially great if their kids aren’t little anymore so they can tell their kids the present out there isn’t theirs.
  5. A box in the attic – Attics offer a perfect hiding space as long as it doesn’t double as a play area for the kids.  Also, be sure that you don’t store things up there that might be affected by extreme heat or cold. Big items work well in an attic as long as you are strong enough to get them up there.  Cover them up with a blanket and you are good to go.
  6. Behind your clothes in the closet – Keep the kids out of your closet this time of year! Hiding presents behind long dresses and suit bags is a smart place to stash them because at first glance, the closet looks the same, and only you will know where you stashed the secret items.  You can even use this spot to hide stuff for your spouse since it’s not likely he will move all of your dresses and shoes looking for his gifts.
  7. Your work place – If you pick up some gifts on your lunch hour don’t bring them home, just leave them under your desk at work.  Or, if they are expensive, you can lock them in your desk or file cabinet.  Make sure the cleaning crew can be trusted.
  8. Storage box in the garage – Buy a few extra storage boxes that match the ones you have in the garage already and hide the gifts in there.  Then, store the boxes behind normal storage boxes in case someone would happen to look in one.  Add an X or something on the box so that you will know where you stashed the gifts; it’s not good to lose the gifts you went to such lengths to hide!
  9. High shelf in the closet – Use a coat closet or a guest closet to hide gifts in a box up on a high shelf.  Put some blankets or other storage items in front of it so it won’t stand out if one of the kids is playing hide-n-seek and decides to hide in that closet.
  10. Linen closet – Most kids probably don’t venture into the linen closet very often, and if they do it’s probably just to grab a towel.  Hide small items on the top shelf in the back and no one will be the wiser.  Closets in the laundry room work well for this too, as the kids rarely would have any need to go into the laundry room, let alone the closet in there.

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Ultra Push Presents: 8 Expensive Gifts for that Mom who has Everything

It can be tough to shop for the posh mom (an expectant or new) who has everything.  This one is for the dads and partners out there who were wondering what to give that woman who has everything.

1. Any mom would be happy to receive a Tiffany blue box, especially if in it there is a Tiffany & Co. Bezzet Yellow Diamond Ring in platinum with a yellow diamond in an 18k gold bezel setting. Cushioned in modified fancy intense yellow diamond, carat total weight 1.57 Get it at Tiffany’s for a mere $27,100.
2. If she is a bag freak and doesn’t already have one, you can get her the Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag which costs $120,000.  Named after after British singer/actress Jane Birkin. The clasp of this tote, which is actually made out of a crocodile, features 10 carats of white diamonds. Less expensive bags are available starting at $5,000. Good luck finding one. Last I heard, there is a wait list. But Jet Set Socialite site that had the list has since gone off line.

3. If  that rich mom in your life loves sweet spells, you can get her one of the world’s most expensive bottle of perfume, Clive Christian No. 1 which sells for $2,150 for 2 ounces. The perfume is an extravagant combination of Indian jasmine, mandarin and sandalwood. Its bottle is handmade from lead crystal, while the neck is 24-karat gold-plated sterling silver, set with a solitaire. Wow!


4. If that spoiled rich mom has a sweet tooth, she may appreciate getting a dark chocolate truffle from Knipschildt for $250. It sells for $2600 a pound. With candy that rich, you have to cherish every calorie.


5. My favorite  gift is anything spa related. If your mom has time on her schedule, book her a spa trip to the Hotel Victor in South Beach (which was bought out by the Hyatt) It offers guests of its penthouse suite the opportunity to lounge in a tub filled with 1,000 liters of pure Evian water, fuchsia, and orange Gerber daisies. Serena Williams was the first to try out the $5,000 bath, which is given in a 350-gallon infinity tub. You can also snack on smoked salmon lollipops, foie gras and chocolate as you bathe.

6. A monogrammed robe. For the first weeks after the baby is born, a new mom will be restless, sleepless, and anxious trying to navigate her new role, nurse, recover and heal from the pains of labor and delivery and entertaining guests. It can be overwhelming. Nothing can make a new mom feel comfortable and comforted than being enveloped in a nice plush robe, especially during cold and crisp Fall or Winter nights. Having it monogrammed adds the nice extra special touch. For those in warmer climates, a pretty frilly robe in pastels, paisley or other feminine design can help a new mom feel sensual during a time when she may be dealing with bloating and other pregnancy side effects. Brookstone sells a nice one starting at  $59.95.
7. Plush slippers- Many new moms experience water retention in their feet and legs during and immediately after giving birth. C-Section moms have it even worse because surgery creates even more water build up. As such, many moms quickly become to realize that they may not be able to fit into their old shoes and won’t for a while. A great warm and comfy pair of slippers would be an ideal for any new mom, for lounging around the home or just for slipping into after a day out and about on feet that are still recovering from childbirth. Ralph Lauren makes a comfy shearling slipper that retails for $75.
8. Anything from Tiffany’s – The sight of that little blue box can put a glimmer in any woman’s eye. For a new mom whose fingers may be swollen from retaining water, she may be upset and frustrated that she can no longer fit her wedding or engagement ring. Rather than put it away, wouldn’t it be a wonderful surprise to present her with a lovely chain to hang the rings on and wear around her neck so she can keep the symbol of your love and fidelity by her heart? Yes. Yes indeed. And as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things Tiffany’s related, believe me, that you are sure to find a necklace in a variety of budgets at Tiffany’s.An Elsa Peretti Pendant Chain  sells for $185.00 and can fit a ring easily along with the alphabet pendant bearing either the mom’s or new baby’s initial.

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