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VIRAL: Another Professor Scoops Up a Student’s Toddler and Keeps on Lecturing

professor toddler

When I was about 5 years old, my dad was in college earning his Bachelor’s Degree and on the days my mom had to work and they didn’t have a sitter, my dad would take me to class with him. I would sit in the back of the class and color or keep myself busy with puzzles.

That is why I could relate to the second viral photo, this time in America, of a professor holding a child.

This time, Amanda Osbon, a single mom at DeVry University in Nashville, Tennessee couldn’t secure childcare. She balances caring for her son and still earns a 4.0 GPA so she was not interested in skipping class. She took her toddler to class and in the middle of the lecture, the little tyke waddled over to Professor Joel Bunkowske, who has his own toddler at home.

Bunkowske scooped up the kid and continued teaching without breaking his stride. So sweet!

Oshbon couldn’t help but take a snapshot with her smartphone of the moment and the photo has since gone viral and even Hillary Clinton re-tweeted it and turned it into a policy message about the need for support for students with families.

teacher in class

It is reminiscent of  Professor Sydney Engelberg, a social psychologist at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.  The native of South Africa, Engelberg has five grandchildren and adores children so it was only natural thing to do.

israeli professor