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Mommy Makeovers: The Poor Woman’s Guide to Safe Plastic Surgery

Recently, stories about women jetting off to South and Central American countries to get low cost plastic surgeries and “mommy makeovers” have circulated widely. Budget conscious women looking to nip and tuck, some after having a baby, are looking for as many alternatives out there and taking risks traveling to nations that do not have the same safety regulations we have here in the US.  Not all women recover and many come back to the US and develop a host of post-operation complications. 
Top leading plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory H. Croll offers some other alternatives:
It’s no longer necessary to empty out your life savings to

get the plastic surgery of your dreams. There are many surgeries that you can

get that won’t break the bank. One option many people do when they don’t have a

lot of money for plastic surgery is to travel out of the country or to

somewhere else where plastic surgeries are a bit cheaper. While many people do

decide to do this it can be somewhat risky and can end up costing you a lot in

travel fees, as well. Plus it is always nice to just recuperate after a surgery

in the comfort of your own home, rather a foreign country.
If you just can’t

resist, though…
If you do decide that going out of the county is the route

you want to take, the best countries to do so are South Korea, or Greece and

Italy if you don’t want to go quite as far. The United States is the fourth best

country for plastic surgery, so if you aren’t going to one of the other three,

the US is the best bet for getting the best quality procedure for your dollar.

South Korea is the best place for plastic surgery because of the number of

skilled plastic surgeons that charge reasonable prices. Plastic surgeries are

also quite popular in South Korea, with the most popular surgery being double eyelid

surgery for people who want more Western-looking eyes. If you’re unable to

travel, or would rather get a plastic surgery at home in the US, there are

other options for cheap plastic surgeries.
Don’t Forget to Ask

for Discounts
Another thing you should try if you are getting a plastic

surgery is to ask your surgeon if there are any discounts. Many physicians in

the field are offering specials and price negotiation for popular procedures. The

most popular time to get plastic surgery is during the school year, when

parents can send kids to school, so if you can plan to get your surgery done

during the summer there are much better chances of getting a discount. Most

people don’t want to have to recover during the summer, but if you aren’t

worried about that you can save a lot of money by getting your surgery done

Consolidate Surgeries

If you want to get more than one surgery done, you can also

save money by getting them done simultaneously. This not only saves you and the

surgeon money, but it can really work better for you as well. That way if you

have to ask off work for recuperating time, you are recuperating from both

surgeries instead of having to ask off for days for two separate surgeries. It

can also save money and time for both you and the surgeon because you only have

to go under the knife once.
Surgery Payment Plans

May Be Available
Sometimes you might make enough money for the surgery, not

have it right at the time that you need it. In this case, many surgeons offer

surgery payment plans, so you don’t have to pay a surgery off right away. Try

other options for reducing price first, though, because this option can easily

get you into debt if you’re not careful and then you have a whole other set of

Don’t Let Cheap

Interfere with Quality
These are just a few ways you might be able to save on

plastic surgery. But always remember that you want to make sure you are getting

a quality surgery. Ask around and make sure you know all the details about your

surgery before you get one. Especially if the procedure is abnormally

underpriced, you might want to listen to your gut if you are getting a bad

feeling about a plastic surgeon, because plastic surgeries aren’t easily

reversed. It will cost a lot of money to fix a botched surgery, which will

completely erase any savings you might have gotten original. Always listen to

your instinct and make sure you are talking to a certified surgeon. You can

find that out on this


Dr. Gregory H. Croll is one of the top plastic surgeons

Columbia MO
has to offer. He performs

procedures including breast, facial, body and hand procedures.

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