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Make-A-Wish: 10-Year Old Cancer Patient’s Animated Short ‘Wish’ Came Out Wonderfully

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I absolutely LOVED seeing the animated film that Stage 4- cancer patient 10-year old Nesham Ryman created as part of her Make-A-Wish foundation wish.

Neshama loves drawing and art and inspired by Pixar animation in films, she came up with a wonderfully imaginative story about invisible characters that are clumsy (like most of us). The “Klumz” wreak havoc on the lives of a family but only they don’t think they are causing trouble but actually creating fun and magic and art!

“I love drawing and I love movies,”  explains Neshama, who has undergone several reconstructive surgeries in her life. “For my wish, I wanted to combine them by making an animated film.”

Make A Wish   The Klumz by Neshama Ryman   YouTube

It’s a marvelous tale brought to life with the help of the people from Boston-based animation studio Fablevision. The project was funded by Macy‘s “Believe” campaign. For every letter a child wrote to Santa last year, the retail shopping store donated $1 to the @MakeAWish through the end of last year 2015.

And the result is this fantastical short film which Neshama and her siblings narrated and starred in as well! Enjoy it here and the behind-the-scenes short after!

Make A Wish   The Klumz by Neshama Ryman   YouTube2


Neshama’s mother, Lamelle, said in the behind-the scenes short that she believes that the film reflects the struggle of families with children who have cancer.

“Seeing her idea become reality, the image of a bottle of beet sauce splattering all over the table, made me think that, in some ways, it’s representative of the experience of a family dealing with a child’s cancer diagnosis,” said Lamelle. “A giant glass of beet sauce has spilled on your white tablecloth and you need to figure out how to make this the most positive, uplifting journey as possible.”

Heart-warming! I’m rooting for Neshama!