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17 Father’s Day Meals to Make for Dad

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This Father’s Day why not go brave and try to make your dad or your kids’ dad a meal and surprise him. Breakfast in Bed, or a special griller or a nice snack before the big game would make an excellent option and alternative to going out to eat, waiting a long time to get seated and spending a lot of money. 
We’ve assembled 17 recipes including options for various ethnic dishes, deserts, side dishes and main options to pick from and we tried to get recipes that are fairly easy to make or require not too many ingredients or complicated steps. 
Check out the collection and feel free to share! Enjoy!

Check out 17 Easy to Make Father’s Day Dinner Recipes

by JJ Ghatt at Foodie.com

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Pi Day is coming: 100 Pie recipes for families

March 14, Saturday is Pi Day and for the first time it is actually the first 5 numbers that represent the numerical value of pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter: 3.14.15.

(if you use the American way of writing dates).

Pi day is also an annual opportunity for math geeks, including nerdy parents all around, to make and eat pie with their family and friends!

We found from recipe curators over at our partners at Foodie over 100 pie recipes – from sweet, to pizza to fruit – for every taste and palette to consider making this Saturday!

Good luck!

Check out Pi Day!

by Damaris Santos Palmer at Foodie.com

Check out 12 Pretty Pies for Pi Day

by Karen Hartzell at Foodie.com

Check out 15 Delicious Fruit Pies for Pi Day!

by Ashley Sears at Foodie.com

Check out Pi Day Ice Cream Pies

by Kenda Smith at Foodie.com

Check out 12 Pizza Pies to try on Pi Day!

by Mel at Foodie.com

Check out Pi Day!

by Damaris Santos Palmer at Foodie.com

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20 last minute Superbowl Recipes

Are you having people over to watch and enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow? Or are you heading over to friends or family with a big screen TV who is hosting? Still looking for some last minute recipes?

Well, if so, you are in luck! Check out my collection of 20 recipes including desserts and drinks I’ve curated over on on my Foodie social media account!


Check out 20 Super Bowl Recipes

by JJ Ghatt at Foodie.com

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