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Great Dad Saves compilation

Father’s Day: Don’t Miss These 20+ Quick Vids of Dads Being Awesome and Saving The Day


Father’s Day is around the corner and I think it’s safe to say that they don’t always get a great wrap especially when they are awesome at their job. But dads can be lifesavers and a lot of times their way at doing things is better than moms.

It’s never too soon to start recognizing all the awesome dads out there so we decided to share with you some compilation videos of dads doing great things like saving a kid from a possible life-altering dangerous fall just in the nick of time, to just being totally awesome!

Enjoy these few compilations of amazing dad “save”  and “awwwww” – worthy moments in the following videos:

Some of these were short of miraculous.

Also we love those great dad compilation videos like this one: