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Frugal Fashion: Top 5 Affordable Online Stores for Stylish Moms

If you’re a busy mother with a love for life and a desire to look beautiful, you should never sacrifice your passion for fashion and glamour! While you may not have the time or energy to create runway looks, there are tons of online store options that can help you create fantastic outfits. With the right prices and apparel, these stores make it easy to juggle work, kids and/or errands with looking stylish, allowing you to look great on a budget.                           
Here’s our list of the leading budget friendly online stores for moms who want to both look and feel chic and sexy:
10dollarmall is the ideal answer for moms searching for an easy way to look fantastic for under ten dollars! Perhaps you’re a mother who gave birth and still wants to feel sexy, or the woman whose body has changed over time, but still wants to turn heads. Regardless of your scenario, 10dollarmall offers all the latest trends to make you feel like one hot lady!  
All the clothes featured at 10dollarmall are designed with the wearer in mind. So, while the clothes are alluring, they also have a classy touch, which makes them easy and comfortable to wear. As a result, you can feel confident wearing the latest must-haves in a way that feels right. Whether you’re looking for maxi dresses, sheer blouses or black leggings, this online store carries all your fashion cravings at an ultimately low cost.               
10dollarmall is also fantastic for finding affordable, yet stylish handbags. From metallic totes to  slouchy boho satchels, there is a design for every occasion and personality! Women can also indulge in the store’s elegant statement jewelry. You can find necklaces which are inspired by flower motifs and tribal themes as shown on this season’s runways.
2.Overstock  Overstock is an American online retailer selling surplus and returned merchandise at below-wholesale prices. With amazing discounts on designer apparel, the store specializes in providing affordable and stylish clothing for practical wear, allowing the everyday mom to feel luxurious both inside and out. 
This store is especially known for their chic outerwear collection. You can find amazing deals on all the latest crazes like leather jackets, bombers, peacoats and trench coats.  Women can also feel comfortable investing in these items as the pieces are selected from quality designer brands, so you can’t go wrong! This store also offers an outstanding variety of shoes to address dozens of different tastes and preferences. There are sexy strappy stilettos, chunky, edgy platforms and sophisticated sandals, allowing mothers to select the right styles to meet their lifestyle needs.  
3. 6pm.com For ladies who wants to look sexy and classy all at the same time, 6pm is an excellent choice. With free shipping and savings of up to 75% off top brands, this store offers excellent discounts on  shoes, clothing, accessories, and more! 
6pm is adored for its wide range of classic apparel for a timeless touch of style. You can find great pieces like Calvin Klein™ dresses or sexy boots by Donald J Pliner™ or hot shoes from Cole Haan™!  You are also encouraged to complete your outfits with the store’s brand name accessories by illustrious designers like AK Anne Klein™ or Jules Smith™. Overall, this store makes it easy and convenient to stay  true to your personal style at a low cost.
6pm also features a variety of flattering, yet comfortable, casual apparel for everyday lounge or workout purposes. In addition to comfort, the store offers pieces that follow the leading trends in colors, cuts and materials. You may choose from great finds such as nautical stripes, V necks and sheers to keep you both cozy and chic throughout the day!
4. Sammydress.com There’s no reason to pay outrageous prices for beautiful clothes. At sammydress.com, women can find flirty and luxurious apparel for less, allowing you to save a bundle and look great doing it! The store is known particularly for their lavish dresses, offering a huge selection of styles for different occasions.    
For everyday wear, you can find elegant sun dresses in this season’s trendy jewel colors. Many dresses also feature a scoop neckline and high waist cut, which is wonderfully flattering.  For ladies who want to put the sizzle back into date night, the store also sells dresses that are both sexy and elegant. And, of course, they do carry the little black dress!  With these exciting options, sammydress.com can surely help you keep the flames burning in a marriage. 
At sammydress.com, ladies may also find formal wear for less. Inspired by the latest designs, the store’s formal dresses will make every mother still feel like a total smoke show. From sleek pencil dresses to lacy cocktail dresses, this store offers terrific options for glam evenings out. You can also adorn your outfits with jewelry offered at the unbelievably low prices. The store features all the hottest jewelry trends such as geometric pieces, metallic bibs and stone necklaces. With such affordable prices, there’s no reason you can’t cast off your apron and transform into one stylish fox!                 
5. Moddeals.com  If you love looking feminine and  polished, moddeals is your ultimate choice. At the low cost of $10, you can find tons of trendy apparel to fit your budgeting and fashion needs. The store offers a variety of looks to fit  every woman’s unique style. Whether you’re a free spirited wife, a cheerful mommy or a sassy woman, this online store has it all!
For women looking for flattering, yet fashionable pants, you don’t need to look any further! Moddeals feature lots of easy-to-wear options that are both comfortable and affordable. You can choose from cutting-edge styles like animal-print skinny cut, tapered trousers, patterned wide-legs or metallic crop pants. Each piece is designed to bring out your confidence and make you feel hot. 
Moddeals  is also known for their beautiful blouses, which can add elegance to your ensemble. As the pieces are well-designed and comfortable, it’s easy to put outfits together in no time. Moddeals also offers an excellent selection of active wear for women who love to work out. You can choose from different styles such as cozy sweats or fitted yoga pants to suit your exercise needs.  Simply throw on a pair of these puppies, and you’ll feel great giving a warm “welcome home” to your hubby.
Rachel Esco, a stylish Arts & Culture writer, is known for her witty and flavourful articles on entertainment, lifestyle and culture. You can follow her via her fashion, beauty and dating website Ladies World.

Easy ways to use crafting with your kids as bonding time

 Guest Post
There is something about sitting around the table doing crafts with your children that is so great for bonding. Just having mom and dad sit down to play with them makes the children feel loved and special. Some adults like to do crafts too so it is no big deal, but there are many adults who are not fans and would rather avoid it. Even if you are not a fan, I believe you will find it enjoyable. It is important for them to explore their creativity when they are small and it really helps their imaginations and gives them encouragement to consider other areas of study.
There are many neat and easy arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids. The craft stores and dollar stores are full of craft supplies so it does not have to cost a fortune. 
1. Craft Sticks – You can buy a large package of craft sticks for basically pennies and make many neat projects from that one package. All you need is some glue, some magic markers or crayons, and imagination. You can create houses, cars, chairs, tables, jewelry boxes, etc, the possibilities are endless. You can decorate with beads, buttons, or jewels to design something to give as a gift or to keep. Craft sticks make nice picture frames for school pictures from your child to grandparents or even Christmas decorations for the tree. You can even create a bird feeder or bird house for the birds that come to visit your yard.
2. Nature – Some other items that are great to use for crafts are items from nature. Take a walk with your kids and pick up beautiful leaves, interesting sticks, or soft green moss. Then use those things to make a collage or use your craft sticks and make a fireplace with a crackling fire and moss on the mantle. Another great thing to do with leaves is to put them under your paper and use a crayon to cover them with color and bring out the imprint of the leaf. Most children love watching the imprint of the leaf appear right before their eyes like magic!
3. Paper Plates– Paper plates can be used to make cute vases for wild flowers or to draw faces on and cut out the eyes for masks. There are all kinds of things to be made out of inexpensive paper plates. You can make bunnies for Easter, banjos, turkeys for Thanksgiving, hats, or even birds. How about making teepees out of the plates and log cabins out of craft sticks and creating an entire village? Using construction paper or colored tissue paper you can add wings to your birds, make flowers for your hats, or grass around the teepees, the possibilities are practically endless.
4. Bead, Buttons and Bags– Beads and buttons are a lot of fun to make crafts out of. Your kids can string the beads or buttons on plain string or elastic for jewelry. Another great craft item that is mere pennies is small paper bags. They are perfect to use for making hand puppets. The faces can be made with markers or use the buttons for the eyes and the nose and beads for the mouth. You can add hair with yarn or strips of construction paper and even ears if you would like. 
5. Baking Fun – Kids also love baking cookies, cupcakes, or cakes and this can be a wonderful family activity. Sugar cookies are a lot of fun because you can roll them out and use cookies cutters just like with play dough. And then the decoration ideas are endless. You can use M&M’s, raisins, nuts, sprinkles, plain sugar, colored sugar, cinnamon candies, or even leave them plain and then ice them. The icing is just powdered sugar and food coloring with a little milk to get to the right consistency. And the best part of making cookies is that you get to eat them when they are done! Rice Krispie Treats are easy and fun to make as well and you can mold them in to different shapes if you would like.
There are many ways to enjoy time with your children doing crafts or baking together. It is a wonderful way to spend a rainy day or to keep your children sitting down and happy instead of running around and bored. They will feel loved when you take the time to sit down and spend time being creative with them.
Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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How to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy

Guest Post
Whether it’s your first or your third, pregnancy is an

exciting time for you and your family. There are a lot of changes going on in

your body to prepare it for the delivery of new life. As part of this, your

body has an increased amount of blood flow, which is why you have a higher

chance of developing varicose veins during pregnancy.
However, there are a few things that you can do to prevent

varicose veins during pregnancy:
1. Create healthy

Healthy habits help to prevent varicose veins, and promote

good health all around for you and your baby. Make sure you are eating a

balanced diet with substantial vitamin C, as it helps promote good blood flow.
In addition, exercise each day. Cycling, swimming and

walking are low-impact exercises that help move blood through your veins.
2. Invest in

compression socks.
Compression socks provide constriction to your legs, where

varicose veins are most likely to develop. This tight fit can help to promote

blood flow to prevent blood from pooling in your veins, which causes varicose

veins to form.
3. Dress smart.
While compression socks are recommended, other tight-fitting

clothing is not. Instead, make sure you are wearing loose-fitting apparel.

Wearing high heels while you are pregnant is also not recommended, as it can

result in circulation issues. Avoiding both of these types of clothing will

make you and baby more comfortable during your nine months.
4. Pay attention to

your legs.
Whether you stand or sit for a long period of time, it can

have the same effect on your legs. A stagnant position can lead to blood

pooling in your veins. Make sure you are moving around throughout the day and

spending time elevating your legs as well. Propping your legs on a chair or

stool can help to promote good circulation. Add ankle flexes for extra blood

flow benefits.
5. Avoid heavy

Lifting heavy objects while you are pregnant can be

challenging, resulting in straining. This straining can increase vein

visibility and your chance of forming varicose veins.
After pregnancy, the appearance of varicose veins may

diminish. However, you may want to consider consulting a medical professional

for treatment. There are several treatment options available and a doctor can

help you determine what works best for you. If varicose veins are left

untreated, they can lead to health complications that can be life threatening.

Dr. Yan Katsnelson has more than 20 years of experience in

surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases and currently practices at
USA Vein

. He specializes in non-surgical treatment of vein disease to

improve and enhance the lives of his patients.

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