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Haloween 2021


When we think of Halloween-level ambiance, we immediately think of turning the lights down low and sparking a few candles to get just the right creepy vibe. And with these Halloween candles, you can truly choose how ghoulish you want to get.

Are you into the theatrical side of the season, looking for a color-changing candle that melts into a pool of blood-red wax? Do you prefer a refined, subtle vibe, using tapers, tea lights, and sculptural shapes to set the mood? Or are you purely interested in enjoying the rich scent of the autumn season, with its olfactory reminder of all the macabre celebrations in store?

No matter your spooky preference, these are 23 standout Halloween candles — all available from makers and small businesses on Etsy — that’ll light up the witching season.

Skull Candle Holder

Human Brain Candle in Skull Candle Holder


This two-piece Halloween candle is for die-hards only. Choose the colors for both the brain and skull and the seller will craft it just for you. Just make sure you allow some time for delivery.
Eyeball Candles

Eyeball Floating Halloween Candles


A pool full of bloodshot-red fiery eyeballs will definitely make your guests do a double-take!  These floating candles come in a set of three, and you can take a cue from the seller and fill a glass bowl with water and red food coloring to really amplify the look.
Skeleton Candle

Small Skeleton Beeswax Candles


This skeleton candle is for the sensitive souls out there. Available in a pair, this dainty 3-inch piece displays incredible detail and is touted by reviewers for its beautiful look.

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