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Moms’ Taylor Swift parody pokes at women-targeted weight-loss crazes (VIDEO)

As a mom over 40, I can certainly relate to the struggles of many women out there who are aging and finding it harder and harder to stay fit and healthy. To make it work, we have to shed all of our old habits and adopt new ones for life. Ugh! That’s so hard to do.

But that is why I could totally relate to Laughing Moms by Elisha found Eden‘s latest parody video, “New Lifestyle” off of Taylor Swift’s “Style.”

It’s also a great video to watch because there is a message at the end promoting Lyme disease awareness.


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10 Hilarious #BabyEyebrows Photos to make you smile

It’s a social media trend; to pencil in eyebrows on your baby and share the image in Facebook and Instagram and other social sharing sites. The photos are quite funny. 
You carry them in your womb for 40 weeks and we suppose you might as well get a good chuckle out of how hilarious he or she will look when doing natural baby expressions accented with painted on brows!
Here are a pick of our faves. Would you do this to your baby and risk him turning into a meme? ha!

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/20/baby-eyebrowing-most-fun-_n_5358859.html





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That newest hilarious kid meme & 9 more to add to the collection

We were just blogging the other day about people turning your kid into a meme and lo and behold some guy on Reddit took a photo a Facebook friend posted of his son and asked his Reddit pals to turn it into a meme. You have to admit a photo of a kid talking on a toy phone while eating his porridge for breakfast is a meme waiting to happen. Our favorite one, created by Reddit user, as posted on Mashable is above.
Here are 9 other tried and true and tested Kids who’ve been memefied for a while now and have made their rounds on the blogs, the Tumblrs and the Facebook and what not. 
Add these to our popular post about hilarious kid memes from 2012 you can find HERE!


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Saturday Humor: That “Reason My Son is Crying” Tumblr is HILARIOUS!

The Tumblr website “Why my kid is crying”(http://www.reasonsmysoniscrying.com/) is a hilarious collection of photos parents send in of their kid crying with an explanation for the crying. It started as one parent’s archive and has since blossomed into a communal home for all delirious for no good reason photos. 
It’s funny because many times the reasons are kid-iculous!
Check out a few of my favorite scrubbed from ThemetaPicture.com’s post of their faves from this site!
h/t my friend Monique on Facebook