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Meet the Most Fertile Woman in The World, 39 and Mom to 38 Children


Mariam Nabatanzi is being called “the most fertile woman” in the world because despite using various forms of birth control over the years, the 39-year old managed to conceive and give birth to 38 children.

There is a scientific term for what the Ugandan woman undergoes. She “hyper ovulates” meaning that each time she gets pregnant, her body releases multiple eggs so she gave birth to multiple sets of twins, triplets and quadruplets.

She almost died from complications once but she says she has tried birth control pills,  the vaginal ring, hormonal injections but she almost died taking them so she gave up.

Nabatanzi supports all of her children by doing odd jobs in her  village of Kabimbiri near her home. All the kids have the same dad, who, sadly, is an absentee father.  The true super mom refers to her many children as “a blessing, not a burden.”

And she actually gave birth to 44 children but 6 of them are deceased, perhaps died in child birth or shortly thereafter.

Check out this video about her story below:

h/t: bckonline